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  1. You are right. My memory betrays me, and I apologize for that. Still, it's been years since my last playthrough and I would like to point out that using PST in my avatar and banner doesn't mean I think it's the best and most perfect thing out there and everything it did should work for me in different game. Also that still doesn't chance my point about some descriptions being repetitive and useless. Your example from PST seems ok and actually tells you something about character you are talking to, something which I can't honestly say about PoE or quite possibly about much of the dialogue i
  2. No comment. You didn't read my post through with thought, did you? PST kind of verifes my point as it used description in very practical manner to counter inabilities of the engine. Lots of strange stuff was going on and devs couldn't show it to us in any other way. In PoE much of description is just stating obvious casual everyday things and they don't add anything to the stuff we can already tell by reading the dialogue.
  3. Gameplay aspects of the beta have been discussed pretty thoroughly, but most I have seen said about dialogue is that it's great. While dialogue itself is indeed great in the beta, there is a small hinderance I find somewhat annoying: It's useless and repetitive descriptions during conversations. Describing situation is necessary at the beginning of dialogue, when you need to know who you're talking to and if there are some specific details about their appearance or environment that you want to press in following conversation. It's also necessary when you are supposed to see, hear or otherw
  4. To be honest I'm quite concerned about the soundtrack too. I understand it's still in unfinished and unpolished state in the beta, but it's generic and there is no question about that. Maybe it will be awesome in final game and maybe they still have the best pieces in reserve, but this criticism is for the beta and what we have heard so far. For me best examples of some brilliant soundtracks from recent RPGs are The Witcher and Witcher 2 OSTs and Divinity: Original Sin. Those OSTs really add something to the game's atmosphere and personality and aren't afraid to take some risks and explore
  5. That's weird, because I think UI elements are always there just to break immersion. The more stylized they are, the more you are detached and distracted from actual handcrafted environments, so two things mentioned in this option are pretty much in direct conflict with each other. You can't merge something like selection circle in environment or it will lose it's entire point. For me this is mostly question of practicality: The circles have to be striking enough to give you enough information on what's going on, but still be as subtle as possible. I think original IE engine circles were pe
  6. Actually you can get Unreal 4 for 19$/month and 5 % cut from profits as simple standard subscription and I have heard only good things about it's usability. Also using Unreal Engine doesn't mean you have to make AAA quality game with it. It just has been too expensive and too much hassle for indie developers so far and that's part of the reason why Unity hit the jackpot with their engine. I'm glad Epic and Crytek smelled the money Unity is making and jumped on the indie bandwagon with reasonable pricing. Little competition is never bad.
  7. All aforementioned bugs observed first hand by yours truly in various games over my years of gaming. Few of them actually in GTA IV featuring that Euphoria engine of yours. Didn't look quite as good in action as on that promo video though. But yeah, well done ragdolls like Euphoria are awesome and I don't mind them in action games like GTA, where you run around stumbling at other people, getting hit by cars and falling off helicopters. That's still probably not something you will be doing a lot in PoE...
  8. I must admit I had forgotten some of The Mountain's best moments. I'll add him to my list, even if he is in constant pain and on top of that most of the time on drugs. I also agree that Slaver's Bay could have been better as more morally greyish, instead of society of outright ***holeness. But still my point never was to revise list of everyones sins. They are all bad people of course, but still I find every one of them interesting and understandable as far as fictional characters in fictional world go and few wild cards like Joffrey, Ramsay and the Mountain add their own flavors and surpr
  9. I understand this viewpoint, but for me only real ***holes of the series are Joffrey and Ramsay. They are vile just for fun, while others usually have some reasons behind their deeds, be it greed, self-preservation, old grudges, lust for power, etc. Even Cersei gets some sympathy from me as she just happens to be bad combination of stupidity, pride, jealousy and paranoia, which in a way makes her not responsible for her actions. She's just lost in a game that's bigger than she can handle and aforementioned qualities make her incapable of realizing her true situation. I often feel bad for her e
  10. @Elerond, PrimeJunta Traditional Finnish thread hijack. Non-Finnish users surely appreciate these memories. But just one more from Chinatown: "Lousy cold I can't seem to shake." --> "En voi kätellä flunssan takia." Lucky mistake as that actually makes sense.
  11. Other: I'm Finnish and I don't want Obsidian to waste resources to bring me localization I won't be using. I also doubt localization would bring any more potential buyers for PoE as here in Finland everyone really into this kind of games already has to understand English well enough to survive without translation. Dubbing by Finnish actors would also be pretty much my worst nightmare. (Agapio Racing Team, never forget!)
  12. @PimeJunta That Wiki quote was very interesting, but leaves lots of things still under interpretation. ASoIaF could be classified either way, because even if some could say it's aiming for realistic world where unnatural things start to occur, the world still has strong roots in high fantasy, which just has been sleeping for a long time and is now waking once again. This is why I'm generally against all genre specifications. They just never are specific enough. They may point you at right shelf in library or bookstore, but IMO they should be left there and enjoy or hate the book by it's own m
  13. It might be everyone's just more or less trolling on this thread right now, but I still find it pointless to say things like "I want the combat to be better than DA:O", "I'm going to be disappointed if it's not at least five times better" or "it's ok if it's equal to DA:O." How do you define that kind of stuff? What does it even mean or is it just attempt to mask personal preference as some kind of fact? All I can say on the subject is that I don't want PoE combat to be like DA:O. It was good system and I enjoyed playing with it a lot, but now I simply want something different more along t
  14. I don't think ragdolls would be good idea for PoE. I'm no developer, but I'm pretty sure making the effect work well with character models and smashing every ridiculous physics bug (breaking the immersion since the release of Source Engine) would not be such an easy job as some might think. I think I can do without weightless corpses stuck inside objects, falling of the map, launching randomly in the air from slight touch, getting stuck into my characters leg and being dragged around the area... The more I think about it the worse it sounds. Of course I don't know how good is Unity's support f
  15. Will it be possible to move those individual elements around on screen or do we have other options regarding the UI placement? For example can I move portraits on a vertical column on either side of the screen and can I change size of UI elements? Design sounds nice as it is and option to have solid background surely makes lot of people happy, but more options are always more options.
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