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What types of weapons would you like to see in game?

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If the lore allows it:


- Bladed whips. A cross between swords and whips, essentially a sword split in several pieces held together by a chain or metal thread.

- Most kinds of polearms, but what i would really like to see is something akin to the Chinese Guan Dao (*1) and the Japanese Chidori Jumonji Yari (*2).

- If you make uniques you could make them out of parts from fallen boss-monsters such as dragon-bone, teeth etc.

- Something ive never seen in an rpg is semi-organic weapons, a weapon enhanced by a physical entity attached to it. A known example of that is the soul edge from the soul calibur series.







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In light of other threads, my female warriors will specialize in barbed boob spikes.


She'll be a practitioner of "Hug-Fu"

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We already know that bomb type weapons exist in the game since Sawyer stated that Godhammer Citadel was hit by one. Besides if there is black powder I don't see why these wouldn't exist. Maybe there will even be a grenadier type class?



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