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  1. I'll come right out and say whoever wrote this terrible copy should find a new job. This is the equivalent of an unedited self-published novel on Amazon.
  2. Is it too late? Really, after a long fought battle it would be nice to have an option to slap my companion on the fantasy buttocks and grunt, "You da man." I imagine the ensuing return text would be suitably bromantic... If this is not possible for PE at release, perhaps some (free?) bromance DLC. Or at least serious consideration for PE2. Anyone else hoping for this?
  3. The earlier poster that mentioned managed expectations as the key to enjoying this game is exactly right. I'm expecting a decent game in the spirit of the BG series, that plays at least similarly to it. I'm expecting the content to be well thought out, creative and nicely implemented. I'm NOT expecting 80-100 hours ala BG2. Fact is, they raised a lot of money but they didn't raise a LOT of money, ya know?
  4. Perhaps Disney wants an old school isometric Star Wars rpg. =P
  5. LOL Why is someone (or multiple someones) who apparently hated the IE games, and hate that this game is a spiritual successor to the IE games, even here? If there is a game announced that I know I will not like, I don't generally wander over... create a forum account... and well I suppose in this case it would be push the bomb release lever.
  6. To be honest, if OE follows all the advice in this thread, there won't be much of a game... "Ok guys, we need a boss for this dungeon level." "No bosses, the community thinks they are cliche'd." "No bosses? Ok... How about... hmmm... what kind of game are we making again?" "We don't know." The End.
  7. There was this rpg I played years ago, I don't remember much about the PC except I was yellow, kind of round (a bit fat maybe) and had a large mouth. There were these ghosts chasing me, and I ran around this maze-like location trying to avoid them. The real hook though, the thing that made this quest different and memorable were these strange pills you'd find in out of the way corners. Eating one of these pills transformed you into some kind of ghost eater, and for a moment the tables were turned. I think it must have taken place in a mad scientist's laboratory.
  8. I'd like my psionicist-type PC to be protected by a mental force field. She'd go buck naked, and her melee weapon would be a day old turkey leg (with a bite taken out). Should I post pics for dev inspiration?
  9. This quote reaffirms every reason I chose to participate in OE's Kickstarter.
  10. It seems that a game that will probably have expansions (or at least one expansion) and maybe some kind of dlc in between (just speculation, don't shoot me lol), might benefit from a "credit roll" upon completion of the game then a dump back to the world to finish side quests, explore, be able to take advantage of expansion/dlc content, etc.
  11. I thought I had read that while it will be a custom system, they will be using the basic gameplay of 3E/3.5 as inspiration. If this is true then knowing how those editions of D&D worked, while not at all necessary, would probably allow you to learn the system a bit quicker.
  12. I think that in a game with unlimited random encounters, it can be OK to have characters earned their own XP. It's simply a matter of "taking them out for a spin" to close some of that gap. However, in games where most of your battles are set piece encounters, and you have a more or less finite number of XP you are able to gain during a course of play, it makes - imo - more sense to have some sort of peripheral xp gain for unpartied characters. Full or partial can be argued in many directions, but it helps keep unpartied characters from quickly becoming permanently crippled.
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