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  1. Good point about the spear/shield. Most of the time it seems games focus on the heavier long-spear I guess. Weren't spears used with shields typically of the shorter versions, aka javelin type spears? Come to think of it, slightly off-topic, it might be interesting to have javelins in the game as another ranged option with bows and slingshots. Throwing axes too. Don't know if that would start to be unwieldy or too much work, however. Shields with spears was extremely common in actual history. This was mainly because spears could be made out of wood, and were thus more available to equip an army with, especially when the techniques of making swords were still far from perfect. Yes. I was looking at price comparisons before and in modern day US$ a sword could cost as much as $40,000 or more in middle ages England. A spear on the other hand maybe a couple grand or less. Also spears were used as slashing weapons. Some people make it sound as if you can only poke people with them when really they were used as both. I know if I got throw into some kind of one on one fight as was given the choice spear/shield or sword/shield I'd take the spear. A sword is a status symbol. Of course some people carried small swords or large knives in addition to spears. A seax for example in AS England. If your spear got stuck in something or broke you would want back up. I think a axe was more likely back up though because it could be used to hack away at a shield. At any rate though the point is not which is most effective between a spear and a sword but the fact that people did fight with a spear and shield so why not allow it instead if just having two-handed spears.
  2. The description sounds like there was above ground stuff too.
  3. Actually spear and shield was used in shield walls and in personal combat during the middle ages. Swords were expensive and relatively few people had them.The spear remained the dominate weapon until firearms improved during the Renaissance. ' The vikings, for instance, although often portrayed with axe or sword in hand, were armed mostly with spears, as were their Anglo-Saxon, Irish, or continental contemporaries.' https://en.wikipedia...ean_Middle_Ages ----yeah, I know, Wikipedia... Eh, that copy-paste quote came out odd.
  4. If a spear is too big to wield in one hand isn't it really a pike or a lance at that point? Well lances are one-handed but while mounted. I'd like to see the spear and shield combo myself.
  5. They're called paladins. There are no paladins in PE.
  6. I'm just not a fan of them in fantasy games. I would also prefer a Templar/Hospitaller type monks.
  7. Doesn't gun chick have a jewel embedded in her armor in the concept art? Maybe she is using that to channel her soul power or something? Martial arts monks *sigh*. The wallpaper is a nice little glimpse into the world though. Also I take it that dwarves are not going to be all stocky in this world? Or maybe just the females won't? She just looks like a short human.
  8. I'm a sword and shield kind of player myself usually. The thing about spears though is that they were used in conjunction with a shield for ages. Games always tend to treat them as two-handed weapons only though. I think it is because weapons in most games only fall into two categories of either one- or two-handed. I like to see spears treat as optionally using it either way. Perhaps one-handed with a shield you do less damage with it but you have the extra protection but then you could drop your shield and wield the spear with both hands for more powerful thrust. Same could be done with bastard swords also.
  9. Don't ereaders read PDFs just fine? I have a BN NC that does but I am running a custom rom on it so I guess that might be why.
  10. There was never a confirmation that the collectors edition will be a dvd case, the (vague) confirmation was for the NORMAL edition at the $65 tier. Most collectors editions are cardboxes with a lot of stuff in it and among that another, smaller plastic box for the dvd. If that is an arguement for you to lower your pledge.... You're right that it does specify the $65 tier but I guess I would like some official word on the CE. A big box would be nice for the collection which is the only reason I would want it. I don't plan to play off the actual disc itself. I'll just use the DL copy for that. I'm also not interested if it is just one of those cardboard sleeves that slide over a dvd case.
  11. That same argument should be used in the arms and armor thread. 'Reality' seems to be applied inconsistently by people. No boob armor or chain mail bikinis because that isn't realistic! Women not as strong as men? Who cares if that is the case in the real world. This is a game!
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