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  1. They should make the 4 mill stretch goal to ADD more 2 big cities, then we will see it going past 4 million maybe
  2. Getting damaged = getting weaker at everything else doesn't sound appealing to me. but its how it works in real life, try to get shot in the stomach and then go about your day, going to school, or working, it all becomes much harder! Yeah, in real life you also don't regenerate the organs back after being shot in the stomach.
  3. Man when I hear level scaling I think about common bandits and goblins with power armor and daedric weapons, but I bet obsidian wont do that.
  4. Just dont save man, what the hell, or hire someone to watch you, and pay him to punch you everytime you do
  5. Getting damaged = getting weaker at everything else doesn't sound appealing to me. but its how it works in real life, try to get shot in the stomach and then go about your day, going to school, or working, it all becomes much harder!
  6. Have to say the mods have been EXTREMELY lenient on this matter, I personally would've at least stopped the discussion inside the update #24 thread. Yeah lets stop discussions, I mean why would you want discussions in a forum??
  7. No. I'm not interested in a codex. I mean the forum man, RPG Codex, its a decent forum, where they discuss RPG, and hate people like me hahaha we should probably take this to PM if you want to keep going, or soon the mods will force us hahah
  8. The combat we are expecting for P:E is a hard combat, with tough enemies, and difficult tactical decisions. Its only natural that after the hard work of defeating your enemies, you get a reward, thats how it works in real life too, you work hard, you get money, you get women, you get friends. That has always been how an RPG is played, some people dont like to grind, I personally think it can be boring, but it should be rewarded, because its only natural that those who spend more time doing something, become better at it, than others who are just delivering bread to the old lady next door.
  9. not really that free, usually the rights of someone ends where the feelings of others begin, that`s a rule for most internet forums...
  10. hahaha I remember I thought it was so lame I voted "NO" just joking, I bet a lot of people who voted no thought the same.
  11. I agree bro, there's no better incentive to explore areas full of monsters that want to kill you than awarding no xp for killing them. Man, I cant wait to go through a cave full of monsters and almost kill all my party for no reason at all
  12. what if my character just wants to kill everyone, how will i get XP THen this is unnaceptable!!!
  13. dude all I`m saying is that This is the biggest bull**** ive heard here so far, not getting XP for killing stuff?? Its outrageous
  14. The point is that you may find the combat approach to be the most enjoyable one. ....just as the stealth junkies play the stealthy way because it's the most enjoyable way for them. ....just as the speech junkies play the speechy way because it's the most enjoyable way for them. If no one finds the combat solution to be the most enjoyable, then the problem is entirely nothing to do with the XP system, but because the combat mechanics turned out to be unfun and should be redesigned. about the first junkie part, that really depends on the game. The rest yeah I agree, but still its not just about fun, say you are playing a Paladin guy, and there is this evil rapist necrophile pedophile dude that eats children for breakfest cannibal too, your character would do anything to kill him, then you go kill him and you get no XP??? RPGS arent just about fun IMO, its about roleplaying a character, its like real life, you might hate to live, but you still go on, or you suicide maybe... WTTFFFF
  15. Just saying, you all are making a mistake here, this isn`t call of duty where you can kill thousand of soldiers and never get anything, an rpg since the dawn of time awarded players for their hard work(grinding for monsters for example) now if they do it in P:E in a way that if you kill monsters you get no XP, what is the point of killing them? i will just make a stealth or diplomatic build then...
  16. hahaha man I wonder if they might argue and fight during the game, that would be cool
  17. Ive noticed this in Fallout New Vegas, you faced some tough enemies, and they give very low XP points, to balance this out, like in the Deathclaw part in the cement manufacturer, there were some very small deathclaw babies, that were easy to kill, but awarded the same XP as the bigger ones.
  18. Actually, XP is an abstraction, unless you are dealing with "learn by doing" systems like the one used in Oblivion and other TES games. Yeah I know, maybe those systems are better than not getting xp for killing things :/ why change this, fallout BG 2 Torment, all had that and were great... Try to go out into the street and get into a fights, or even just join a gym(that`s safer) and challenge some people, winning or losing, your fighting skills will most likely improve, you will get confidence, I used to fear a lot getting into conflicts, after years of martial training and sparring with people, your confidence improves a lot...
  19. Also what is the big deal of making a peaceful solution to a quest, then later killing everyone? I always did that when I could in RPG`s, "degenerate gameplay" ? what the hell, isn`t the point of an rpg to be able to roleplay the character the way you want to?
  20. Best way to improve your combat skills is doing combat, if you kill something, your combat skills improve, unless its like a little kid or a little dog or a baby.
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