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  1. Yay Chris update! great drawings! Interesting update about the companions, honestly I'd be 100% ok with the update just telling us itll be like the PS:T companions or the good KotOR2 ones.
  2. YES! I'm lovin' the paladin...pretty much exactly what I wanted The combo of passive and active buffs to allies, with some "healing" magic and close combat ability sounds perfect so far The Orlans look interesting as well great update
  3. Wow, fantastic update today :D Also the Vailian Republics dudes look fancy as hell and I love it.
  4. Fantastic update! This looks so amazing, can't wait to see more but, first I'll have to watch it again like a dozen more times
  5. Glad too see an update today, nice face paint, all the armor stuff is really interesting to think about, but I'm not sure if there is one real perfect answer for how to do that, maybe if armor is somehow tied to souls you can find a way to make the mechanics work like you want them. Congratulations on the baby Darren! gl hf Obsidian
  6. In my mind Scorchy's LP is for LPs what 2001: A Space Odyssey is for sci-fi movies. Other Kotor 2 LPs should exist though, Kotor 2 is such an amazing game second only to MGS3 in my mind (yes I actually like it more than PS:T despite it not being as "good" as PS:T) that is way to underrated to most people, and this LP is pretty good so far. At least your playing with the restoration mod, and I think you should incorporate things about the Revan book into the LP proper when it's no longer a huge spoiler. I didn't hate the book, but considering I have forcefully made myself remember it in a way that it doesn't contradict the entirety of Kotor 2 I didn't read that real book I guess. The ending felt very not-bioware and I think that was the holdover from the cancelled Kotor 3 Chris Avellone started working on. Good job so far, I'll be reading it for sure.
  7. Weresharks would be pretty cool and unique I think, but one kind of monster that needs to be in more games would be The Thing, like the John Carpenter movie Thing, that would certainly offer cool and interesting quest opportunities. If that's not in the game, I'll figure how to mod PE and put it in myself.
  8. My favorite quest has to be Naked Snake's personal,unwritten quest to eat every animal he could find in MGS3. In actuality though the Handmaiden "quests" in Kotor 2 where you spar with her, it had some pretty cool rewards, and made her one of my favorite characters in that game.
  9. Planescape: Torment! Even though Kotor 2 is truly my favorite RPG I feel PS:T has more to teach the future generations than any game pretty much ever.
  10. Sure, but I think the re-use of Jim Cummings would be almost a given. The re-use of David Warner is highly unlikely. What about Cam Clarke? He voiced so many people in Baldur's gate (including almost all the of the PC male voice options) I just can't Imagine an IE style game without his amazing voice being in it.
  11. Glad to see an update, I was freaking out earlier because I had some pledge issues. I think I got them all sorted out, and i sent a few emails about it just to make sure my pledge got through and all that, if it still didn't work I had no clue what I'd do. Can't wait for the game tho, I plan to follow as much as i can, you guys at Obsidian are fantastic.
  12. It's way too early to tell, but the potential is certainly there, most likely it will change "true RPGs" and we should see some more old style RPGs in addition to the Mass Effects and Skyrims...which would be fantastic if you ask me.
  13. Hey Obsidian, PayPal is just not working, I'm trying as hard as I can to get it working...I'm very sorry, I hope I can get it working before the PayPal closes...
  14. I'm extremely excited for this game, i pledged $268, but this morning kickstarter randomly cancelled my pledge and I cannot redo it there, I emailed Obsidian about it but they have yet to respond...would anyone have any advice for what I should do?
  15. Awesome lore update! Really interesting way of looking a life in death in a game, I can see really great storytelling and philosophic points because of this dynamic, like PS:T or Kotor 2. Looking forward to watching D&D tonight, gl hf Obsidian!
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