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  1. I love cooking and eating it, and those descriptions always get me hungry. Although, since I am playing on normal, food and potions are mostly useless. I could easily do without them.
  2. There is even more: if you come back to areas you explored previously, there will be new content (which really surprised me). Some is related to bounties, some is not. For example, you can find a person whom you freed from Raedric's dungeon.
  3. I hope it isn't not required to finish the base game to start the expansion, because I don't really want to go beyond Twin Elms again.
  4. I want to get out of Dyrwood. This setting just doesn't appeal to me. Maybe Vailian Republics, Rauatai or Deadfire Archipelago, some place with pirates.
  5. This makes me sad. Good luck to Chris wherever he goes. He wasn't involved much with PoE (I think he only wrote Durance and Grieving Mother), so him leaving won't hurt expansion. Also, he could already did his part.
  6. You are expecting too much from this game. I once created a paladin who is from Old Vailia and expected Pallegina to react somehow. How naive of me
  7. I have only one question about the expansion: when? Yeah, but I would prefer Deadfire Archipelago or Rauatai.
  8. Stealth is good for scouting and for stealing. Unfortunately, there is not much to steal (also because NPCs detect your really fast even if your stealth is very high). Say what you want about stealth in IE games, but it was more fun.
  9. No, the locked door in the dungeon just leads upstairs.
  10. You have to kill priest and archmage first, then deal with the armored knights. On Normal difficulty, it isn't really that difficult. And then exit via the main door - Kolsc should appear and thank you for getting rid of Raedric for him.
  11. You can walk during the cutscenes, though. So it is already in.
  12. We asked for it during the beta, but to no avail. Maybe the devs will listen to our pleas and add walking in the next patches (like BioWare did in DA: Inquisition).
  13. I want to walk while exploring. You know, like in Baldur's Gate: you walk slowly, enjoy beautiful scenery and listen to music and ambient sounds. Why you want to run through level in fast mode is beyond me (unless it is already explored and you have to backtrack). Why create 'beautiful environments' if you want to run through them as fast as possible?
  14. Walking was abandoned too, though I don't think it requires too much work to implement.
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