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  1. Knowing how much time and ressources are spent by developers on getting achievements "right", I'd love to see them vanish once and for all. Same goes for Steam trading cards. There are people boycotting games because there are no trading cards for them. Seriously, **** off.
  2. IE Mod includes a console command that disables the display of helmets.
  3. It's enough to flank enemies with your pet. When playing solo, a melee ranger can easily tank enemies while the pet shreds them to pieces from the side.
  4. You can add this talent to your character retroactively by using IE mod. I decided against feeding Aldhelm in my first playthrough, not knowing what I'd miss. When I found out, I just did it differently in my next plathrough.
  5. I find them to be relatively flexible, especially due to the way they are dependent on their pets in order to work. - Want to play a ranged style? Use your pet as a roadblock/disabler - Want to go tanky melee? Get merciless companion and have your pet flank your enemies (the damage is really good - try it out). - Want to go DPS on your PC? Let the bear/antilope tank for you. - Need aoe damage? Take the Stag. The concept of a "tag team class" is kind of interesting in general and it plays out much differently than other classes (which is the point). If you only consider playing the
  6. If you have to get yourself to read, there's no point in doing it. Video games should be a positive experience, so if they become a chore, it's the wrong game.
  7. There is a console command to force a rest. Yup, just install IE Mod and type "rest" -> Problem solved.
  8. There are a plethora of real world concepts that are being explored in the game.
  9. I love how people keep talking down wizard tanks when they obviously haven't tried them out themselves. They work even on PotD after you've bridged the hard early game part. There are people who have actually made it work and some people still insist that it doesn't. It's quite hilarious, really.
  10. It's definitely possible, especially on Normal mode. I went for a tanky build (lots of deflection) and hatchet+shield with all the according talents. I also kitted out my wolf companion to deal more damage in general, to enemies who suffer a dot (wounding shot ftw) and be able to perform sneak attacks. My rogue would tank enemies and use wounding shot/marked prey on them, while my wolf flanked them for sneak attack.
  11. I posted all these message to understand what contributions kickstarters give to a software project, to understand the dynamic they bring to software development. And I can see quite clearly the dynamic. What I would like to note is that I have changed my mind - my suggestion to include sieges and siege craft might not be a good idea, because it might make the game too static, not dynamic enough, perhaps only assault ladders during a siege. I feel a little more danger is needs to be added to gameplay, for example the lions in the wild is exciting and fearful but the game pauses, so th
  12. I guess he'd rather scrap bows altogether because they "suck", just like "bow fans" do. Probably got shot in the buttocks when he was a kid or something.
  13. Where exactly can I find the people that are seeking employment? Are they just being added to the list of hireable people or are they actually standing around somewhere in keep?
  14. Sorry to hear that. As a fellow German, however, I can't say that I'm as disappointed with the writing as you appear to be. I think it's solid and the characters are well fleshed out. Then again, I am no backer and maybe my expectations were lower to begin with. Good luck with selling your Collector's Edition. Hopefully the next iteration will suit you better
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