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  1. They did show day/night cycles quite a while ago but I'm hoping night will look a bit better than the usual 'blue-filter' many games use.I don't think anything's been said about weather cycles.
  2. I'm fine with both,though I'd probably prefer a MotB style expansion rather than a TotSC one. If they make more than one expansion(including the ones for sequels)I'd like some of them to be closer to PST or IWD(although in this case I'd say I'm expecting something more akin to Dark Souls rtwp edition with great atmosphere,storytelling through environs/item descriptions and dungeons connected to each other rather than linear progression)for variety's sake.
  3. I know it's not the most realistic but Ornstein's armour is so f*cking cool
  4. A question about the expansions.Not specifically the one that's been already announced but more in general,for the whole series. Will all expansions be BG-style(meaning more or less equally focused on story/quests and dungeon crawling) like the main game or will there be some heavier on either dungeon crawling like IWD or story like PST?
  5. I know the initial idea was to have a companion per class(hence the now scrapped additional stretch goals to cover the last ones) but that's not happening anymore(they're eight currently,right?).Could you tell us wich classes aren't covered,so we can create a character while avoiding class redundancy with the other party members?Or at least do you guys plan to reveal it pre-release?Or is it subject to the 'no-spoiler' policy?
  6. Can you post these new info or is it against the rules?
  7. http://sneakybastards.net/stealthreview/thief-review/
  8. So,not satisfied with harvesting brofists on the 'dex now you're harvesting likes in here too?
  9. We don't.His work on PoE is done,last I read and he didn't apply to get re-hired full time(Carrie Pattel applied for that positon instead).Same with Torment.Those who keep track of all these info probably have the links. Also romances suck.Sorry.
  10. ^However it's a bit hard to compare the difficulty of the IE games,considering how much a player could rest-abuse constantly or not.How many times(more or less) per dungeon-floor would you have to rest in those games to have a difficulty similar to PoE's?
  11. Use periapts to increase damage/defenses instead,it'll take less time than grinding.You can buy them from Fournival(the bold merchant with blonde moustaches) in Gran Soren. As far as the board quests go just accept them every now and then when you have to stop in a city anyway and forget they exist.If you complete the requirements(while doing what is actually fun:exploring,fighting the monsters you meet,main quest,side quests by NPCs,visiting dungeons),then good you get some more xps.If not it doesn't matter you'll get enough xps anyway. Otherwise I can't even imagine having fun while a
  12. ^Yeah,it's a shame to see such a cool art direction get wasted in a console only,always online,free-to-play game though... http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/12/26/ps4-exclusive-deep-down-gets-fantastic-screenshots-of-dungeons-wrath-sorrow-and-night/ http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/12/26/ps4-exclusive-deep-down-gets-a-spectacular-prologue-trailer/ Oh well there's still Dark Souls 2 http://www.worldsfactory.net/2013/12/05/dark-souls-2-screens-praise-sun-show-multiplayer
  13. Q1:Don't care about the number of attributes.Whatever works. Q2,3,4:Whatever works better to reach the design goals. Q5:This risks to be tricky to balance since faster action speed might end up making for a far too good attribute compared to the others.I'm not against it however. Q6:Sure,why not.
  14. http://www.dualshockers.com/2013/11/27/ps4-exclusive-deep-down-gets-new-pictures-showing-beautiful-and-realistic-armor-info-on-weapons/ Some more Deep Down armours.
  15. I'm fine with whatever they'll decide to do but I'd prefer if they went for either a game focused more on dungeon crawling(not gonna happen,I know)or,at least,balanced between that and quests/C&C/story like PoE/BG. I'm fine with most setting,though I'd prefer settings like Ravenloft or Dark Sun.
  16. Go Volo,GO!!! You tell 'em!!! Whatever you're discussing about.
  17. Well,you can make said leather armor look barbarian-ish.Though I don't see much of a problem if a barbarian wears something from a different culture sometimes.(EDIT:if there's a justification,like looting it in case of PC/companions or some story reason regarding other NPCs.Ofc it shouldn't be overused or the world gets inconsistent like Oblivion.Edited to point out this.I cannot into posting at late hours:/). I think it depends on wich kind of upgrade we're talking about.If it is a better armor from within the same type then go for the first two scenarios,if it's something that has been upg
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