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  1. I would assume it is lifted now, but bear in mind it is only 10am on the east coast of the US. Many of the people who do reviews for major outlets may not even be at work yet. Most websites with articles requires those articles to be written and locked a day before their date of posting so editors can go through them and the posting is done automatically via a scheduler. No need for anyone to be at the office...unless someone didn't enter the right time on the scheduler. Source: I wrote articles for a small webmagazine a few years back. Yeah, you usually see 10-20 reviews
  2. Does anyone know for sure when the embargo is lifted? I think I remember the PoE 1 embargo being lifted at least 2 hours before the game was released on Steam.
  3. There were two years between Baldurs Gate and Baldurs Gate 2. One year between Fallout and Fallout 2. I'm sure there is enough time.
  4. Mirror Image in BG1. Once you got that spell you suddenly went from being the weakest member of the party to being able to survive any blow as long as the spell was up.
  5. I'd love it if one of the stretch goals was a promise that one of the cities in the game would be of a scale equal to Baldurs Gate/Athkatla/Sigil. That is one of the things I miss most from the old Infinity engine games. Recent RPGs have all had such tiny towns or cities where you could only visit one of two districts (DA:O). It has been a long time since I played an RPG with an area that actually felt urban. In the late middle age / early renaissance setting they have chosen, it would actually feel really weird if there were no larger cities.
  6. I hope they let the players decide which kind of monk they want to play. European style monks in some parts of the world and oriental style monks in others parts of the world would work nice I think.
  7. I think what the Kickstarter needs is news or a stretch goal similar in size to when Avellone joined Wasteland 2. Since Avellone is already in on this one from the start... would it be possible to clone him maybe?
  8. Most of all I just want interesting dialog in the quests. Hopefully many of them (not all) will affect the world around me as well depending on if/how I complete them.
  9. Why not ask what could be done to encourage US interest? Since it seems that Europe already has a pretty large interest already.
  10. I would prefer if they release the game in spring 2014. If they aren't able to spend all their resources by then, they could release extra content or extra features in the form of expansions or patches that would be free for anyone who helped kickstart the game. I don't really care if multiplayer or mod support is there at release. It would be nice to have it in the game at some point but I don't want it to delay the release.
  11. I think he just meant that different classes have some inherent strengths and weaknesses, fit different roles better in combat. Not the MMO version of roles where you would need one tank, one healer and one dpser and probably some CC. Every set of classes should be playable as a party but need to be played differently, taking their strengths and weaknesses into account.
  12. I think one reason that there are so many Europeans here compared to Americans might be because of the average working hours / week of both areas. I think it is probably a lot more common in the US for people who grew up with the Infinity Engine games (ages 25+) to not have much time over for computer games today.
  13. Weapons that fit the lore. I'd also love it if different weapons worked very differently. A large pike, a one handed spear, a sword and a staff are all used in very different ways in combat. I hope the combat system takes this into consideration.
  14. I'll be perfectly honest here: I have some fairly big prejudices on the website based on the community. Obviously, there are a lot of people there who are fine, but I kind of feel like it creates the same kind of unsafe environment that places like 4chan "enforce". Is there any way you can sell it to me? I honestly don't want to contribute to a website like that, but it might just be I'm wrong on Reddit. Reddit is divided into different subreddits, which are like a self-contained miniforum of their own. A user can create a new subreddit whenever they want and people with similar interes
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