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What do you wish not to see in PE

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Noober / Neeber characters. Some people found them funny. I didn't.


Challenge at higher levels devolving into just throwing larger and larger mobs at the player and nothing else.


Skills or abilities that are clearly superior to others, particularly to the point that the game seems to be inclined to make you take them in order to play.


I think I'm okay, though, on all these things (ie I doubt we'll see them).

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Removing/adding equipment from/to the main character.


This happened several times during the NWN2 OC and it was always annoying. Getting my Paladin's Nymph's Cloak +8 and Holy Adamantine Longsword +5 swapped for a Cloak of Fanciness and Ceremonial Sword of Uselessness just before a tough battle sucked big time.

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Here's a few off the top of my head:


- Warhammers the size of a man's head

- FIreworks every time I swing my sword

- Absurdly spacious sewers

- Humans being the one race that can be of any class or specialization

- Skill trees (because they only limit your choices)

- Nonsensical restrictions based on class or race (e.g. mages cannot use swords)

- Nonsensical restrictions based on ability scores (cannot touch this sword until STR goes up by one)

- Absurd differences in weapon quality and capability (Junk Iron Sword: damage 1-6, Superior Obsidian Sword: damage 6-60)

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Level scaling and experience caps. Silly humour, like pop-cultural references. Time wasted on customizable character appearance. Cut-scenes. Free movement in melee, i.e. lack of opportunity attacks. Unrealistic armor with huge shoulder pads. Unrealistic carrying capacities. No friendly fire on AoE's.




I could probably spend an hour listing all the things I don't want in PE.

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Filler Combat:


I understand this can be a bit difficult with balancing (and also that people probably have pretty different views on filler combat as well). But just... No endless dungeon sections where you just wail on enemy after enemy until your brain dribbles out your ear. I'd much rather take a much shorter game if it meant cutting down on the bullcrap combat encounters.


Quest Compass:


I'm all for journal updating, markers being put on your map when you find something out or whatever... But please, no shining arrows or breadcrumb trails that lead us to our quest destination.


Final Battle enemy rush:


This is related to the filler combat one a bit. But no humongous, several hours long enemy rush at the end where you have to fight a million minions to get the final encounter.

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No contrived decisions. I'm thinking Virmire here, where the entire situation felt forced in order to try and make you 'choose who to save' and yet no only didn't really give you a valid reason to choose one or the other beyond whether you wanted to bang them or not but that the whole situation seemed false and geared up to put you in that situation.


No bikini armour.


No forced in 'dark and edgy' stuff. When a game shovels in 'dark' and 'gritty' stuff in order to try to be mature it usually has the opposite effect. Not that dark and gritty isn't good, but when it's used to try to look mature I find it ends up feeling more like a teen fanwank fantasy. Like Morrigan was in short.


No cooldown abilities or other MMO gameplay mechanics like tanking, aggro or the holy trinity. DAO felt like an MMO at times and that was to it's detriment.


No cinematic movie approach. This is a game, I want it to be written like it's a DnD adventure, not a action film where I sit back and watch as my character is all awesome. This is the problem I have with Bioware's games, they seem more interested in being films and telling you the plot and how to act rather than letting the player steer.


No "You are the chosen one!" I understand that we are going to have a special role in the world in the game and be wanted by people because of some circumstance, but hopefully that doesn't mean that I have to save the world or am destined to save everyone from the World Eating Crotch Sniffer!

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- overly long cut-scenes

- clear best weapons

- mini-games

- quests that involve killing rats or wolves or spiders

- sewers

- lack of challenge

- a too drawn-out beginning (Mortuary, Telos)

- "epic"

- hand-holding

- grim-darkness

- space marines

- Gandalf

- lack of flavor text

- re-specs without a heavy toll

- strict linearity

- Bioware-syndrome (find 4 map pieces / magical ingredients / shards of the sword / Jedi masters / demon souls)

- spelling everything out; give me some credit

- lack of diversity in spell selection

- boring class advancement

- useless skills

- overpowered skills

- boring skills that are used twice in the entire game

- lack of skills (don't be like The Elder Scrolls 7 where they will remove most skills in favor of Fighting, Magicking and Thieving because that's easier to understand for the target audience)

- full voice acting; I can read a billion times faster than they can act, thank you

- bad voice acting, like in a Bioware game. Good voice acting: Kotor 2, PS:T, Bloodlines.

- references. easter eggs are okay but should be sparse / well hidden. No Fallout 2 please, unless it's all Vault City; praise MCA

- annoying companions, see next points

- Lawful Mc Paladin

- Annoying Thief Girl

- Emotional Mage Female That Can't Contain Her Powers

- Rugged Mercenary Who Has Seen It All

- Charming Rogue

- Obviously Secretly Evil Wizard

- Gandalf again

- children unless I can kill them

- unkillable NPCs; think Arcanum here for a positive inspiration and anything Bioware for a negative one

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Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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-Anti-technology themes. Lots of fantasy can be roughly interpreted about being the natural world (good) versus the industrial world (evil). That's mostly because a lot of fantasy writers don't pay attention to what they're writing. Or maybe they just have an obsession with rural life. Either way, it's overdone when unintended and simplistic when intended.

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Please no broad, silly humor. I've never allowed myself to say out loud or type this, but Minsc and Boo annoyed the hell out of me. I like humor, but it should be humor that makes as much sense in the game world as out of it.


No "Chosen One" protags, and please no prophecies of any sort, unless they're revealed to be nonsense.

Edited by el pinko grande
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As someone who read about Planescape:Torment and thought "Sounds Terrible", and then ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, I'm prepared to have my preconceptions on things challenged.


I think it's dangerous to just blindly list GAME WILL BE BAD IF IT HAS MORE THAN OR LESS THAN 3 BADGERS.


Which is basically what everyone is doing. If your not prepared to get out of your box - your not gonna find any new to like.


Also - anyone who didn't like Minsc and Boo has no soul.

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I do not want:

  • to be prevented by arbitrary mechanics that inhibit my ability to buy a slave if slavery is existent in the lore
  • spiky plate
  • revealing armor on female character models
  • forced black-or-white options ala Bioware
  • to be forced to use a specific companion in order to complete an objective
  • race/class combination restrictions
  • class-based aesthetic restrictions (i.e. being a necromancer and having to wear black and skulls or being a paladin and having to wear shiny white and gold armor)
  • a totally horizontal gear "progression." I'd like a rather diagonal gear progression in which new armor is better in most aspects but is similar or worse in others
  • to be prevented from romancing the same gender due to an developer oversight (i.e. SW:The Old Republic). However if the character is legitimately not interested in a same-sex relationship then that is different (( breaking the OP's rules, I know. ))

I have other things, but they are mostly just minor personal preferences and wouldn't contribute to the game's development.

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I hope they avoid streamlining. Mainstream cRPGs are streamlined for those that like that. I want this to be an oldschool title which does not feel averse to including non-streamlined mechanics such as rest, inventory management, actual death, poisons, diseases, curses, spell protections, and the like.


There are games with more simple mechanics out there. This should not be a game with simple mechanics.

Edited by Shevek
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