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  1. Got a call from 'the company', ostensibly wherever it was that I worked who were in need of my login information a few days ago. Was unable to get him to specify where it was that I worked and where he was calling from. Instead I was put on hold for 'Microsoft support'. Surprisingly they wanted the same thing. How do these idiots ever make any money. Never underestimate the technical ineptitude of grandma. Anyways got snowed in today so I remoted into work and attempted to be somewhat productive. Took periodic breaks to do the neighborly thing and shovel the walk leading from my apartment.
  2. Started playing BG:EE as I never finished BG so long ago. It made me remember how much I disliked AD&D's ruleset, enhancements are pretty good however.
  3. I've been reading up on Node.JS lately, about to start a personal project with it as the server side architecture. Should be fun. I'm going to build up more experience and start job hunting for web development opportunities.
  4. I emailed a recruiter for a company that I interviewed with a couple weeks ago (that a close IRL friend works at). Well did I make the cut or not?! Also it's been quite a while since I posted here, how're you all doing?
  5. End of an era. I hope he continues to write/design for cRPGs and I wish him the best of luck in whatever he decides to do.
  6. These decisions to replace local tech workers with cheap foreign labor tend to be reversed a couple years later when the "talent" turns out to lack the advertised skills and project managers start getting fired for missed deadlines. It used to happen a lot in the early 2000's, nothing new here.
  7. Atmosphere and level design are Bethesda's strong suit. The less words that are used, the better their stories tend to be. It baffles me to no end how the same studio that produces the TES series (which have mountains of lore and backstories) can't seem to write a compelling or (at times) even coherent main plot.
  8. I'm wondering why they're going with UE4 instead of Unity like the previous kickstarted games. Not sure if I'll be backing this as I have no experience with any of the Bard's Tale games.
  9. Yeah that was a good game, personally I'm still glad to see that Chelsea came first in the premier league.
  10. Yes and no. Where they couldn't feasibly sell in-game currency for themselves (due to balance or fan backlash) they seem to just lower the real-money value by making it easier to obtain in-game.
  11. Please don't let Deus Ex end up like Thie4f and absolution. I still don't understand how a studio that made one of my favorite games of the past decade pump out two mediocre titles.
  12. This whole post, especially the Isis and nazi comparison.
  13. Something something patriarchy. Radfem bloggers don't have the drive or mental capacity to pull off any act of terrorism.
  14. A lot of people sponsored FemFreq a few years ago, doesn't mean they agree with her or are satisfied with how the resulting videos have turned out.
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