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  1. I'm in Texas and I'm still showing Shipping Soon. The tracking number says it hasn't even reached the post office yet.
  2. So, just to be sure, we get two physical keys and one digital? Interesting. Thanks for the answer!
  3. Hello, I've looked and looked but I couldn't find any solid information. I have the $140 reward from the Kickstarter and I am supposed to have gotten 3 keys total. One is listed under the Royal Tier under the backer portal, but where are the other two located?
  4. But at 2.6million we can cherrypick companions so I think you can count on getting whatever kind of companion you want.
  5. There's nothing realistic about shooting fireballs out of a wooden stick. If you want realistic armor, then guess what. Robes should burn to ashes the moment it gets hit by a fireball, and a warrior should get fried to death when his metal armor gets hit by a lightning bolt. Video game and realism don't mix. It's magic. Ain't gotta explain ****. However, physical combat between two people who are not magic users should be as close to realistic as possible. That being the case a fight between a female with boobplate and a female with normalplate, each with identical stats, w
  6. I want a technocratic government somewhere but I doubt it will happen. It's where scholars, scientists, physicians, etc. are in charge of governing the country. However I can settle with a "magocracy" because it's close enough.
  7. I want to be able to kill children and own slaves, something that hasn't come native in any other RPG I have seen without the aid of mods.
  8. If it affects me, it should affect NPCs and companions as well. There's no reason that your character is the only person in the entire world that gets hungry, thirsty, and sleepy or suffers wounds or can get sick.
  9. Well, this definitely would be interesting. The idea of being able to battle my protagonist's group against my friend's sounds like fun. Of course, the game would naturally not be balanced around this and all balancing decisions would be based on the single-player experience. The pause function would be replaced with a "slow" that both players have to turn on in order to activate. Similar to how the Total War games handle multiplayer. Edit: No, it doesn't have to be "tacked on."
  10. I do not want: to be prevented by arbitrary mechanics that inhibit my ability to buy a slave if slavery is existent in the lore spiky plate revealing armor on female character models forced black-or-white options ala Bioware to be forced to use a specific companion in order to complete an objective race/class combination restrictions class-based aesthetic restrictions (i.e. being a necromancer and having to wear black and skulls or being a paladin and having to wear shiny white and gold armor) a totally horizontal gear "progression." I'd like a rather diagonal gear progression in whi
  11. "Black powder firearms are of the single-shot wheellock variety. Largely considered complex curiosities, these weapons are not employed extensively by military forces. Their long reload times are considered a liability in battles against foes that are too monstrous to drop with a single volley, foes that fly or move at high speed, and foes that have the power of invisibility. Despite this, some individuals do employ firearms for one specific purpose: close range penetration of the arcane veil, a standard magical defense employed by wizards. The arcane veil is powerful, but it does not react we
  12. So simply give spellcasters (or a profession, but I will use spellcaster for ease of argument) the ability to take magical properties of an item, but not the physical properties (i.e. armor rating, weight, appearance etc.), and then transplant those effects onto a new item. But in order to do that the new item needs to either A) have no magical effects on them or B) have the magical effects removed by either the same skill or a different one. It is a perfect compromise that won't clutter your UI. You can chose to have your spellcaster invest in this spell or not. It also would prevent you
  13. I would actually love something that is similar to my avatar for my wizard. A fully covering shawl and robe combination to keep the sun, the elements, and stray bits of magic from damaging the spellcaster's skin. It also has to be bright blue. Any other color simply won't do.
  14. I'm maxed out, but if I wasn't, then I would like something that I could put on my desk alongside my Navy-issue Apocalypse battleship, my Brimstone figure (who treacherously wears a New Conglomerate dogtag. He's not worthy of my VS one that I wear), and my LEGO Fury-class Sith Interceptor. Since I have pledged $140, the figure would have to be included at any pledge tier from $140.01 to ~ $170. I would consider scraping up the funds to bump my pledge amount if a figurine/statuette was included.
  15. So something similar to the Total War series of games? Where there is a pause, a slow, a normal, a fast, and a doublefast option for gameplay speed? In this case I suppose you could scrap the double fast in favor of a few more slower options, but a slider would be ideal if it were integrated anyways. Starwars was the name of the poster who gave the OP the idea for the thread. The Old Republic was never mentioned. >.> Edit: I also wholeheartedly agree with the OP. The DAO feature was a godsend and I would love for something like it to make an appearance in Project Eternity.
  16. Agreed. I've never read any of his works but I'm really glad I decided to pledge $140 now. Anyone have any suggestions for his previous works? Does he have books that I could buy?
  17. Loving the art! Going to use it to try and get some more of my Internet buddies interested into backing the game. Can't wait to see how much is funded due to the promise of localization so hopefully these new backers will hasten our progress to the 2.2 million mark. I want to see what is at 2.4 million and beyond.
  18. I don't want any sort of alignment system in this game. Luckily we have confirmation that there won't be. Hopefully my relationship with a faction won't hinge on completely black-or-white choices either. I'd love for every major decision is somewhere in the 50% gray area where no path you take is the "lawful good" or "chaotic evil" road.
  19. Why do people here think that multiplayer would be "tacked on" if it was included as a stretch goal? If Obsidian has enough time to include native Linux support in with the game, they have time to polish out a competent co-operative experience to go along with the single-player mode. I do not understand how the inclusion of co-op could suddenly diminish the quality of the singleplayer campaign aside from the time and money it takes to implement it. The game is still in extraordinarily early stages of development and they could add a well done co-op without having to backtrack or sacrif
  20. Kind of like in Mount & Blade? If an enemy is knocked out but not killed you can take them as a prisoner and sell them to ransom brokers. The higher level of soldier you captured meant the more money that was paid out to you. You could also try to recruit these prisoners into your warband but I highly doubt you would be able to do that in Project Eternity. Although I am also fairly certain that you wouldn't be able to capture bosses or creatures that aren't sentient.
  21. If slavery is in the game, I want the ability to have slaves. I want them to labor in my player-owned house (when we reach the goal, which we will) to keep it clean and tidy for their master. If my character has the gold, what is stopping him/her from buying a slave?
  22. I do not want a race or class-specific house. I want to be able to customize the look and feel of it so that I can grow attached to it. If my chosen race or class has a terrible looking house or choices of houses I wouldn't feel much connection with it and generally only use it as an item trove to store my crap and a cheap hotel to stash unwanted companions. It's not a home if you can't stand to even look at it. I'd be happy with any system that doesn't arbitrarily decide what kind of house you get to live in based on race or chosen method of murdering people.
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