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  1. Ignoring the obvious archetypes that will inevitably make it in-game, I would love to see something akin to an aquamancer (or if you really want to get fancy, how about a cryomancer?) How about a fighter with telekinetic abilities to give it more of a support/crowd control roll? To be able to use his mind to push enemies away from himself when he is in danger of dying or the ability to pull enemies to himself and away from his more squishy companions. Of course, he would naturally be able to move objects within the environment. His class-specific dialogue or abilities should also have plenty of Star Wars references.
  2. 19. I've never played an RPG similar to how PS:T, the first two Fallouts, KotOR, etc. so I don't know. I have played Dragon Age but it'd be a crime to call DA my favorite based on the fact that it's the only RPG of the style that the older classics are. In light of this I'll say that Mount & Blade is my favorite RPG and hope to not get people angry at me because of it.
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