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  1. Aerie , a lovable elf mage with a great personality On a similar note also, Merrill from Dragon Age 2 for similar reasons. Virgil from Arcanum, a great helper character who had his own demons. Minsc from Baldurs Gate, a great warrior with a nutty personality that provided the odd laugh. And finally Gar from Arcanum, I was going to kill him for being an Orc even an intelligent one, but without spoiling anything, he turns out far more interesting.
  2. Since there is only one voted I put it in for the sheer scope of dialogue possibilities and subjects, but what makes Arcanum great to me at least, was the sheer scale of the game one that had a rich setting that, offered a large variety of character builds with choice and consequence game play. Even at the time I didnt mind Arcanum rather muddish looking graphics everything else was great, well maybe not the combat but youl could smash every orc to pieces.
  3. Definitly an old school game (with turtles you can ride which is interesting),the video is funny and it seems almost incredible that its been in the making for 17 years! but why the whole cave painting bit?
  4. I feel the orcs should be the classical evil creatures they have always been, evil creatures fit only to be dangerous foes to the player and defeated as such Sure there should be different factions of them but their unifying strand would be how evil they are , I believe thats how it was done in Icewind dale games and most other good games.
  5. I really like playing as a mighty paladin smiting evil creatures, Im indifferent towards a bard though , it never struck me as a class that I wanted to be but more classes the better!
  6. its sad to see the kickstarter progress stall on this one, I wander if its due to other projects going on with kickstarter leaving people strapped for cash. A real shame though nexus the jupiter incident had the best explosions in a computer game , the ship would lose control and keel over with a voice saying 'warning ship being evacuated' and then the explosion would actually send wreckage spiraling away in all directions - so immersive. It was brilliant, it was art, but the slow kickstarter for the sequel doesnt leave much hope for a sequel.
  7. Hordes of creatures that you can cut to pieces with ease just like in neverwinter nights
  8. I voted that all ammunition should be limited, it would make combat alittle more exciting knowing that your archers might run of arrows and need to switch to a sidearm (dagger or such like) and having infinite anything to me, would damage immersion. (carrying infinite arrows!)
  9. Interesting points you make, perhaps I am mistaken about the Yumi types of bow being best in its class (for bows) and plate armour seems to have..worked , it seems strange because historically in some battles plate armour seemed just silly and offered no protecton (like at agincourt?) and its entered mainstream that arrows overcome armour in a single shot making the former worthless. (and weighty not to mention pricey too) That is a good point though loladanee the archers capable of quickly notching and loosing arrows with great acuracy and power should be reserved for those players that have actually invested alot of time grinding and getting experience/skill points for those skills, but the power of the bow i feel should be largely independant of the chracters skill in archery say (as in its the bow/weapon itself), maybe effected slightly by strength of character with drawing bow? (maybe draw the bow string back further?) So perhaps a good archer not only has the experience invested but needs high strength attribute to determine draw speed, maybe also endurance so you can keep notching arrows and firing without tiring and a element of dexterity/speed to actually reload quickly. And then skill points in archery itself so as to be accurate with the bow and arrow, the damage of the shot mostly influence by the bows statistics? - and arrow type acid/fire/explosive/armour piercing etc
  10. Pledged on Nexus 2 kickstarter, really enjoyed the first nexus game, I hope they make their 650k target
  11. Hello all I was trying to see Dredd but it got pulled from cinemas near me, which was..terrible , but I did get to see 'looper' which was pretty good, but when i left the theatre i couldnt help but think, it was rather...'adult' for a 15 rated certificate film, and Dredd is a 18. for those who have seen Dredd and Looper how does the 'adult/gore' level of the two actually compare? (no specific spoilers or anything needed) Im saddened that i couldnt get the chance to see Dredd at cinemas and even more so to hear the film is bombing hard and trying to work out why it went wrong for Dredd.
  12. Hello all Something struck me during my everyday routine, in Project Eternity how powerful will bows and arrows actually be? Historically they were the most powerful weapons of their day, think of the battles of agincourt and crecy, or the mongol conquests, the hunnic warriors and japanese samurai. Potent powerful weapons, the arrows fired from bows would pierce and go through platemailed armour like a bullet through tissue paper. As such shouldnt bows like say the long bow or the Japanese 'Yumi' bows be considered the best not only in class? (certainly the japanese Yumi bow which like the japanese katana is the best in class for swords historical fact) but also the best weapons in game? Now i understand its a game and there will be firearms which will be more powerful, well the 'upper end' firearms, maybe the Primitive machine gun and a magically imbued gun but for the most part, bows and arrows should be the best of the best. Allow me to set the scene Me and my companion are walking through a forest and decide to walk off the trotted path, eventually we actually uncover a small clearing, it would appear a orc family has infested the area set up a new home there, the area would be beautiful without it. Two Orc'ish males are tending to some small farm plants and a orc female is walking back from a small river that runs alongside their house with a bucket of water. Notching an arrow I decide to put her out of her misery and fire, the arrow that strikes isnt struck as a 'critical' hit but as a normal shot, to reflect the power of a devestating arrow fired from a standard bow , the arrow punches cleanly through the bucket and her,she goes flying back into the river obviously dead. The two orc males then realise that their female companion (whatever counterpart to standard family, mother sister wife etc it doesnt matter) has been slained and react in the only manner that evil creatures know how, and attack. But again to reflect the awesome power the bow and arrow, i notch two arrows in quick succession and fire them , one arrow kills each mighty orc and they collapse in their little farm yard havent been able to take more than three steps- THATS how quick an archer could notch and fire arrows. I then proceed to clear the house by notching a 'explosive arrow' (just example sake) and fire through the window, the back half of the log cabin is blown up and it slowly begins to collapse and burn as my companion who wasnt an archer but a platemail wearing swordsman (thus terribly encumbered) should say some banter like 'give me a chance' - notihng too corny but with some humour. so thats set the scene for how the game should *feel* when you're using a bow and arrow. Now I said earlier that historically bows and arrows were mighty weapons - the real game changers in battles, well in fantasy they are also correctly displayed as exceptionally powerful weapons - think Lord of the Rings here when the elven archers can take down any armoured orc warrior with just a SINGLE arrow from their short bows and when they fire in volley's they kill tremendous amounts of foes Furthermore it would be interesting to see some custom or unique arrows, i believe in the older infinity engine games they had 'flame arrows' and 'acid arrows' , there should also be explosive arrows. so i think that covers why Bows and arrows SHOULD be the best weapons in Project Eternity but another question or rather suggestion i would have would be, how damaging to how quick they should be? (the 'DPS' if you will) im off the belief (as ive set out to explain during this post) that the bow and arrow should be both high damaging and quick thus exceptionally high DPS values on the weapons itself. (even though its likely at this point that the 'DPS' value will be hidden none the less these should be the most powerful items) As a small side issue, as expressed in another topic, id hope that the 'look' of the bows and arrows was more realistic, a slight artistic flare for the fantasy setting but nothing that was to far fetched that would hurt the immersion and overall feel of the game.
  13. i would throw in that I prefer more realistic looking weapons, maybe some artistic flare since this is fantasy but nothing of insane proportions like the god awful sword in that first picture.
  14. i voted no im happy with what Obsidian can do - especially after playing New Vegas, i dont think there needs to be multiplayer or romancing. Although Jarmo makes a good point, it would be nice if the DVD will include a DRM free (no steam) copy of the actual game.
  15. References to modern movies etc Having to repair weapons too often (I liked new vegas but the rate that you had to repair was abit much) Anything that damages the immersion
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