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Obsidian's another unannounced title?


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This decade ends in 5 months, doesn't it? :sorcerer:

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wait there's more than one right now?


i thought it was just:


Fallout 3:NV

and _____


there are more than one ____?




and dear god would I like to see Avellone take another swing at the planescape universe.


It'd probably be better if he didn't though, the comparisons to the original would likely make the entire effort hugely unsatisfying. It's probably a game designed to take advantage of work they did on the Aliens game. so i expect a sci-fi rpg using Onyx. well, maybe hope not expect.

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KotOR 3 would be nice, y'know.

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That's a pretty short following list. Either he's a big fan of Obsidz in particular or there's something going on there. They are known to be interested in western gaming these days. Squeenix now owns Eidos and is overseeing the new Deus Ex and Thief games.


If Obsidz ends up making a Deus Ex RPG I will flip my ****.

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"Square Enix president Yoichi Wada gave a thumbs-up to the idea of a non-Japanese developed installment of his company’s flagship Final Fantasy series.


“That is one of the possible paths, but it’s not something that we would shift completely over to,” he said. “There is always a possibility that Final Fantasy could be produced with the input of our Western developers, overseen by our Japanese developers.”


Sounds a bit like the Red Eagle deal, no?

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