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  1. Anything Vampire Bloodlines Dragon Age theme is good
  2. Fallout New Vegas now that Obsidian got their heads out of their asses and got some decent patches out.
  3. Judging by the action that is going on in this forum, no one cares about the DS games. Obs should have picked up a better game series, like NWN3, BG3, Kotor3, something people would rather play.
  4. They have an Q&A team? Sure fooled the hell out of me. Obsidian is starting to go down the drain when it comes to games.
  5. That's too bad. He was an all right kinda guy even though he didn't like my Broncos. I'm not liking them right now either. Hades, now Kelverin, who's next? They go in threes.
  6. Is Diablo 3 coming out in 2011? If so that is the only game I would buy. They don't make good games any more.
  7. The whole game is a bug. When are you going to get this fixed?
  8. Me has hacked characters, which you probably wouldn't like.
  9. Guess I'll reinstall Vampire Bloodlines. I'll go beat the werewolf. For you Hades!
  10. What the hell? No way it can't be true. OMG that I can't believe this. He's too young to die. I always considered him a friend on here, I even talked him into staying when he was about to leave here forever. He could be a pain at times but he was never down right spiteful or hurtful to anyone. He was one of the few good pals that I have on here, he was one of those who was the life of the party. Damn it this has to be a bad joke or one of his phases of using another name. This is so sad.
  11. 5 of these activists died of head shots, at point blank range. Sounds like an execution to me. Isarealis editing footage, editing pictures, sounds like a group of people trying to prove their innocence. Yeah I got your foot in mouth right here pal.
  12. No bugs? Its standard BIS/Obisidian to release a game littered with bugs since they don't have a Q&A department. That's what game buyers are for.
  13. True. I in no way support terrorist type actions be it an underground unit or a state. But in the end its the inoccent civilians who have to suffer. Bulldozing houses whether people are inside or not or piracy on the high seas are not good examples of a country trying to bring peace to the Middle East.
  14. Anything that idiot touches stinks of dung. Having something put into the game that makes fun of that moron and his movie would be great fun.
  15. It may be fun for a brief moment but I prefer the ruined larger city type of play world. New Reno in Fallout 2 was fine for a while but got bored quickly.
  16. I missed that thread, a shame really. The Israeli oppression of Palestinians is just incredible. This act of piracy in international waters is just unreal. Of course the USA is taking the "China" stance when it comes to their so called buddys. No can't condemn them even though most of the world is. The USA has to look at the facts and other BS before they can offer an opinion. We could have looked good to the Arab world by condemning Israel but no we can't do that. A lost oppurtunity. We and China have something in common. We have a little buddy that most of the world dislikes but we don't do anything to them for causing unneeded conflicts or unjustified actions.
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