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  1. Whatever gets the job done aye? Chemical, biological, guns, knives, nuclear devices etc. Churchill was a great leader, what his country at that time. He even kept a stiff upper lip when he had to meet that Red Stalin. Now that was a fellow who gave a meaning to mass killings, even ran circles around what Hitler did.
  2. Still recovering from yesterday. All the visitations to relatives houses and in laws is enough to make one insane.
  3. Volo knows nothing about facts. Well he did say SoZ was sucky and indeed it was a black stain against Obsidian.
  4. You must be lucky. I and many others at the Bethy board seem to have a decent amount of crashes with this lovely game.
  5. Wicker burning. Good old Pagan holidays
  6. While you boys are making FONV, make sure you do some tinkering with the game engine, like make it more stable. Fallout 3 is crash worthy like the old Fallout games, well its double of the old games but it still follows in the tradition of being buggy.
  7. FWE, FOOK so many good overhaul mods out there.
  8. Ogre has no nads. Nice green sword. I prefer the ones that glow red.
  9. An evil genius is not complete with a faithful side kick cat.
  10. The Cat From Outer Space He's so cute.
  11. Another reason why religions need to die a quick death. And for those who murdered those children, a slow painful one.
  12. Silly Volo. Elves are awesome in their tree hugging ways. They're the bad asses of fantasy.
  13. Diablo 2 is one of the best games ever. But we really don't need any more patches. They tend to break custom made items and mods.
  14. Or Fallout 2s missing car trunk.
  15. That was one of the flaws with DA dwarves, where's the Scottish accent at? All dawrves have a Scottish accent. Bloody hell and bullocks to you Bioware.
  16. Not at all. My only problem is random crashes. Evil nasty crashes that force me to unplug my pc because its unresponsive. But I over look that since its not constantly and I do enjoy the F3 world.
  17. LOLZ. True but its still enjoyable, when it doesn't crash on you. Then again its following tradition of the other Fallouts.
  18. What is the point? Its a nine year old game.
  19. Fallout 2 Dragon Age Going on game three of Dragon Age. This one is a city elf.
  20. Quick development = buggy as hell game.
  21. No surprise. EA ruins anything it touches pretty much.
  22. Keep giving Material Girl jewelry and she'll like you forever. In one game at the end, she basically called me a friend. I should hope so after all I did for her.
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