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  1. I was hoping for a real RPG they would be working on. An Action RPG? Me sad puppy.
  2. Why Vegas? Doesn't strike me as a very apocalyptic city to have fun in. That's what I liked about DC, a large city in a ruined state. Vegas would pretty much still be in one piece because no one would care to nuke it.
  3. Be a good little male and do what you are told, or no p**** for you.
  4. Thats some sexy looking armor there. that helm makes you look like a Cylon.
  5. hahaahha!!@! its good to get drunkk gain!!
  6. What a bum. I guess I'll be sticking with Lelianna. Nonsense. Leliana deserves a proper man, not some tainted box fairy. A real man wouldn't know what to do with Lelianna. A real man can go romance Zevy.
  7. Nothing wrong with wrestling. Seeing a bunch of men with big muscles is hot especially that Triple H.
  8. Just getting ready for tomorrow night. Have to keep the frig stocked up on booze.
  9. Those who state belief as fact offend me. One can percieve belief in many ways, maybe a person believes in god, and I believe in one less god than he does, or perhaps christians should accept the existence of all gods, otherwise their own is infact unjustified. GD was stating facts about his personal beliefs. I thought that was pretty clear. You really don't need to be so hung up on it. I share his opinion, and I have a lot of evidence to back up my belief in God. GD was stating he knows for a fact that God exists. Truth is he doesn't, he has faith and belief like every other god bothering self rightious ****. I wouldn't be offended if he had said, I believe that God exists. I've always loved the arguement, "The universe exists, so God must exist", it is the arguement of intellectual dullards who fear the truth, and what the truth may indeed be, nobody really knows, but those who place a belief in God, well huh, may aswell believe that rivers flow because of water sprites and fire burn because of fire sprites. *sigh* What a neat little chart. Accurate to. Human thinking went down the gutter when the church had power. Can't have free thinking sheep now can we? Islam golden age? They're still in the dark ages right now. Have to keep their women fully clothed and in their place and the rest of their sheep ignorant and intolerant to anything that is not according to Sharia Law. Right now they are doing what the christians did during the Dark Ages.
  10. Remember sheep, jesus saves! Can't have proof on something that doesn't exist. Believers are brainwashed into believing into such delusions.
  11. What a bum. I guess I'll be sticking with Lelianna.
  12. Dragon Age Batman This was a year of suck ass game developers failing to produce anything worth playing.
  13. Do the crime in another country and pay the price. You break their rules, well you have to suffer their penalty. Death for smuggling drugs is a little extreme but that's China. They probably don't suffer dope heads like the Western world does because they are over extreme in their laws.
  14. What a funny topic. Capitalism and those who believe is some mythic being. Darwin was a bright man, survival of the fittest. Only the strong survive while the weak are crushed.
  15. Shryke scores off anything that moves.
  16. Not at all. All they care about is getting the product out at the deadline whether its finished, buggy or incomplete. $ is all they care about.
  17. Especially with that dike hair cut.
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