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  1. That is quite amusing, a halfling wizard? The only thing they are known for is picking pockets and stealing.
  2. To each their own. I feel Fallout 3 should not be made. It's been too long between sequels and I do not favor the idea of strangers to the game series to work on it. A terrible shame that BIS and Interplay bit the dust. I would have looked forward to this game from them.
  3. Pizza! The best food ever invented. One bite and you can't stop eating it.
  4. Who watches this show? I just watched the four hour long season opener and it was great. I am curious to see who else likes it.
  5. Aliens. I love this movie and it's enticing soundtrack.
  6. Not that I am aware of. I browse the modding sites and had not seen this.
  7. The Champ, he's such a cute little guy. I think he cheats though. It must be that special card he has on him.
  8. I enjoyed the forest parts of Dxun. You get to enjoy the great out doors, see the wonderful flora and fauna, and you get to see where the Mandolarian Wars started.
  9. G0T0 was quite dull and useless as a character. He never left the Ebon Hawk. I had more useful npcs to put to good use in the game.
  10. Revan was the best sith lords of this era. She had the power, the army and the means to bend others wills to her own. She destroyed the Madolorians and brought them down to their knees. They never were the same after the war. Such greatness was Revan.
  11. That saved game file may be corrupted. You will have to try a previous saved game or start a new one.
  12. Bloodlines. Love the game. It has a great story, quests are good, character creation and leveling up is some of the best there is. The sound track and music are grade A excellence.
  13. Good games of mine. VtM Bloodlines Kotor 1 and 2 Morrowind Guildwars Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 Icewind Dale Fallout 1 and 2 Dungeon Siege Half-Life 2
  14. VtM was one of the best things released by WoD. Great RPG computer games, game settings and excellent books that follow in the VtM world.
  15. The collected works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  16. Seeing men in tight spandex, makes me gag. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. You are what you eat after all. More exercise and a healthy diet will lead to a longer life and less medical bills.
  17. I have a thing for elves, drow in particular. As for rule sets goes, I favor AD&D rules since I was brought up on those. Third edition is ok in some areas but it's something I would rather not use. We use AD&D rules with a few modifications to it.
  18. You may have to uninstall the game, reinstall it and run it without mods. Start a new game not from a previous saved since that could be corrupted.
  19. Giving out more details on what you were doing when that error occured would be helpful.
  20. The comapny will most likely release information to the public when they feel the need to release such information. What J.E said about keeping things secret is a valid point. True?
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