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  1. I would want it developed by Bethesda :D When I say this, though, by KotOR-like I mean RPG. I love KotOR as well as Morrowind/Oblivion, but it would be interesting to see a SW with that open-ended style.
  2. ROFL Some of the newer things the EU has come beat even that... but a good one indeed! True indeed, but I thought that one particularly relevant given the food crisis.
  3. I think that there is no reason to believe that Revan is not coming back. It is possible that he's still alive - in fact, given the fact that they explicitly mention his lack of return and his being as powerful as he was - it seems likely that BioWare plans on introducing him to the story.
  4. This MMO does not bother me as I thought it would. It doesn't really encroach upon KotOR's territory (great Jedi quest etc) whilst allowing opportunities that KotOR didn't (being a soldier, etc)
  5. You know that sniggy hasn't been logged on for like 3 years? Sniggy? Sorry. Different slang 'round these parts.
  6. did you go look at it? link to kissing bastilla: Wow. lol This is the type of thing that creates the stigma associated with being a Star Wars geek. I'm unabashedly one, but I can see why someone would shy away from the moniker.
  7. Are you a necromancer? Why are you trying to raise dead threads? Leave them in peace.
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