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  1. I would want it developed by Bethesda :D When I say this, though, by KotOR-like I mean RPG. I love KotOR as well as Morrowind/Oblivion, but it would be interesting to see a SW with that open-ended style.
  2. ROFL Some of the newer things the EU has come beat even that... but a good one indeed! True indeed, but I thought that one particularly relevant given the food crisis.
  3. I think that there is no reason to believe that Revan is not coming back. It is possible that he's still alive - in fact, given the fact that they explicitly mention his lack of return and his being as powerful as he was - it seems likely that BioWare plans on introducing him to the story.
  4. This MMO does not bother me as I thought it would. It doesn't really encroach upon KotOR's territory (great Jedi quest etc) whilst allowing opportunities that KotOR didn't (being a soldier, etc)
  5. You know that sniggy hasn't been logged on for like 3 years? Sniggy? Sorry. Different slang 'round these parts.
  6. did you go look at it? link to kissing bastilla: Wow. lol This is the type of thing that creates the stigma associated with being a Star Wars geek. I'm unabashedly one, but I can see why someone would shy away from the moniker.
  7. Are you a necromancer? Why are you trying to raise dead threads? Leave them in peace.
  8. I don't think anyone was wondering - it was kinda obvious lol
  9. Wrong. Although I don't love him in a big romantic way...and I initially found him irritating...but he grew on me and eventually my Kotor2 group would always consist of Atton and Disciple. Mine would have Disciple as well, but simply because I always used Jedi.
  10. It was meant to show how even the most steadfast adherent to Jedi teachings was susceptible to the dark side if that adherence was blind faith. She was covering up her own curiosities by dealing in absolutes. I don't know what you're referring to here. The humor of Bastila was in her arrogance and lack of humor - the PC can get under her skin, which is quite amusing.
  11. I'm currently toward the end of my first KotOR series playthrough in years as well and I think you've got it all just about right.
  12. Imagine if they also got the license for the Jade Empire engine and combined the two game engines...
  13. Oh, alright. I thought that Wookies could not be Force-sensitive but I appear to have been mistaken.
  14. There's no such thing as a Wookie Jedi. Well, Rodians and Gammoreans are well-known for working under gangsters so they will undoubtably be present but I agree about incorporating other NPC races. It's a Jedi skill, they acquire the speech from the person speaking by using the Force. A training saber is a stun weapon used in the Jedi temple for Padawans to build up coordination. It would not do any real damage and thus would only be for show. I like this idea but I think that, while they should begin lightsaber training by sparring with the PC using a non-lethal training saber, the quest should culminate in the NPC finding the parts and crystal necessary and assembling his or her own saber. I think Jedi should be able to construct a saber whenever, as long as the have the crystal and parts - also, that this saber is uniquely usable by the Jedi who made it. This would tie in to the bond Jedi have with the force through their sabers.
  15. You're joking, right? You DO realize that one particular romance changed the course of the galaxy, don't you?
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