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  1. What DA needs, is more triggers to initiate banter. However if they do that, people that aren't interested in the characters will complain about having to listen to it. It's a no-win situation. They need more banters with not just your character but with other NPCs in the party or those people you meet along your travels.
  2. Nah that was pretty c00l. What better of a place to talk about shoes, traveling down the Deep Roads.
  3. Diablo 3 of course. ES5 may be awesome like Oblivion but the Diablo series has always been a win for me.
  4. Plus its boring if you are maxed out and not even half way through the game yet. Its like whats the point of going on?
  5. I never really paid much attention to them since they really didn't pique my interest except the radiation resistance ones.
  6. Yeah PL is better in that but anything that raises that stupid level cap is win in my book.
  7. A must have! I wonder how that DRM thing is with this game.
  8. I have all the expansions for this now. Broken Steel is the best, it raises the level cap!
  9. I take it I should not hold my breath on this being released soon?
  10. Those sure look nice. Direct 11 even. Where's the hot Nividia cards at?
  11. Borrowing the internets. Some day it shall be mine again.
  12. Ewww. I have to exercise to stay in shape and keep my hot MILF body perfect. Riding bikes and walking along the trails near where I live is my daily exercise.
  13. R00fles! Glad to see you haven't lost your illogical stupidity Volo. It wouldn't be the same if you did. Go Denver!
  14. Indeed. Borrow from a friend, library or what ever.
  15. Well get a dream machine. PC are way cooler as everyone knows. Consoles suck. Actually I find turn base kinda slow now that I'm used to real time. But you have a better change of survival in TB.
  16. He needs to go to prison so he can be gang banged by the inmates.
  17. Of course. I'm too c00l to be gone forevar. Fallout 3's theme song is pretty good also.
  18. I got your ha ha right here pal!
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