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  1. oh man, haven't been on here in 6 years lol, playing THPS1+2 and Vermintide 2.
  2. To anyone who has played both Grim Dawn and Path of Exile How are they similar, how are they different, which is more worth playing? Much obliged!
  3. i'm currently playing a mix of path of exile and titanfall. titanfall is pretty fun, but the last competitive shooter i played was Battlefield 2 when it was new, and that was a few years ago now, so it might just be fun because its a genre I don't normally play much of. running around the levels is pretty fun all on its own; it plays kind of like Mirrors Edge mixed with Call of Duty:MW and T-Mek I wish Fahrenheit had an option to play without the QTE's. Dear Esther would have been a much worse experience if you had to constantly suffer through QTE's in order to continue strollin
  4. I think i'd rather see a game where the soldier comes out as gay and the other characters respond with "dude who cares we have more important things to worry about than who you banged last week"
  5. varric was the only character i liked in DA2. Anders was just awful. not as bad as the spanish kid from DA1, that character was an embarassment to humankind (i think he was an elf, but i'm going out on a limb and assuming that a human wrote the character)
  6. sensible folk will wait for all eps to be released before playing walking dead season 2
  7. nothing i've backed has been released yet, but i thought shadowrun returns was a pretty decent game. waiting on Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2 and Numenera
  8. the fade was fine on my first play through, but on later playthroughs its about as compelling as the nwn oc - in other words, as fun as watching paint dry .... from the sanguine ashes of nyarlathotep I summon theeeeee!!!!! ...... *waits patiently for volourn*
  9. which makes it the most realistic assassins creed ever lol
  10. project eternity wasteland 2 dark souls 2 stick of truth witcher 3 dragon age 3 diablo 3 expansion 1 looks like its going to be a good year in 2014 except PE won't be out until 2015 because obsidian
  11. just shove them in the stash, thats what i did. never ended up using most of them, but at least i had them around if i needed them
  12. i love this game! (the game of naming your favorite FF titles...) FF7 FF6 FF8 FF9 FFXII FFX the top 4 change spots depending on the day you ask me...
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