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  1. Bethsoft is Booty hurt about Obsidian coming back into development... Obsidian needs to punch Bethsoft in the face. It isn't just one platform -- It is all xbox, PS3, and PC that have the same glitches. QA team of Bethsoft needs to be reamed with large foreign objects. Then fired--- From a canon and into the sun.
  2. I remember reading a Magazine about Bethsoft being angry when Obsidian(http://www.obsidianent.com/ ) was coming back into the picture of New Vegas: to perfect the game design... Which the former developer of Fallout, Obsidian, just worked behind the curtains in Fallout3... The problem I have is simple--of like many other users complaining -- Why did Bethsoft's QA team do a crappy job reviewing the New Vegas?? I for one, think it was done on purpose. The magazine article I read, [Gameinformer, IGN, and few other no-name places were whining about Obsidian coming back] talked about how Obsidian should leave the game to Bethsoft... I imagine they were not aware that Obsidian worked mainly on Fallout3's story, and not much of the core components. Then New Vegas is released with a ton of bugs and Obsidian placed some development inside the game. Previously, Fallout3 had some bugs but not missing peices in the map; there wasn't any floating rocks; consistent lockups of the console; more bugs were removed from all versions(PS3, Xbox, and PC) before release. Then you get New Vegas where it locks up after an hour on EVERY version -- WTF?!?!! @Bethsoft -- Really...? You pissy about Obsidian coming back, so you going to do piss poor on the new title? Its really sad, I mean -- Fallout is getting Bethsoft money--why even do such a crap job? Its the QA department to fix and spot bugs... I think Obsidian should punch some of those QA people right in the face. Just walk up **BAP**. I've been playing Fallout3 some... Just going over the story examining world detail... I haven't found floating rocks or constant lockups... An it just pisses me off... It is hard to imagine that two developers would try to get the other to mess up -- WHEN THEY ARE WORKING ON THE SAME TITLE... But I just can't figure out what, else it would be... I've read reviews about PC versions, I have a PS3 version, and my friend has an Xbox version... Same bugs but it still hasn't tarnished the game at all. With those numerous of no-name video game websites blogs I've read and the magazine article -- I over looked... I am in the conclusion Bethsoft is booty hurt about Obsidian coming back and thats why the audience has to suffer, because a bunch of whiny Bethsoft devs are angry... And need to be PUNCHED IN THE FACE Thank you for reading my theory of why New Vegas is riddled with Bugs on all versions!
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