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  1. Hi, this was a bug I ran into in RTWP mode but am running into again in TB more severely. When I enter into Cavern of Xuar Tuk-Tuk to rescue Mother Sharp-Rock, several (though not all) of the hostile xuarips are untargetable. They place in the turn order once combat starts and can make attacks against the party, but the party cannot attack them or select them in any fashion. AoE attacks don't seem to hurt them, but triggering environmental traps do. Strangely, once I've killed all targetable enemies, turn-based combat stops, but the remaining xuarips attack the party and do damage as t
  2. Can't actually remember the name of the quest, but it's the one re: getting the Eothasians / Gaunites to send food to the Gullet. Once I get the quest from the Roparu elder in the Gullet and touch base with the healer there, I head to the Sacred Stair and its temple of Gaun. The priestess there can be spoken to about starting food shipments. This is where the quest seems to be bugged. You can offer her 500 CP, but the amount is not subtracted from your coffers - you get "she bows her head, considering." or something to that effect, and the conversation ends with no resolution. This has
  3. Update: The Saru-Sichr bug looks to be an error with the item description only. Combat logs indicate that corrode damage is being applied.
  4. Hi, Thought I'd just sweep all the bugs I found into one post. Since I'm sort of far into the game, the save files are >1 MB so you'll have to use this dropbox link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/056f9v4z8vxk44g/Deadfire%20Bugs%20%28Pop%29.zip?dl=0. Also, the save files don't retain the names you give them in-game (though they do list location), so I'm not 100% sure these are the saves you need. If not, let me know. There are three big things and one little thing: 1. Took me awhile to notice, but I've a multiclassed Barbarian / Paladin (specifically Corpse Eater / Bleak Walker) and Ca
  5. To add a little more, with the whole tooltip-popping-out-of-frame UI issue on level up, in some places I've had difficulty replicating it (first mouseover will throw it out of frame, second makes it clearly visible), but I have noticed that in several places, going from one button on the skill tree to one directly below it will cause the bug, but not the other way around.
  6. Hey Pop, are you referring to the music heard here? Where are you referring to? The place I'm thinking of is the area with the entrance into the Oldwalls to the west of Lethian's Crossing.
  7. This is actually a very opportune thread... I was really hoping the Twin Rivers theme, which I think is the best track in the game, would be included in the official soundtrack, but unfortunately it isn't. Is there a place I can get this for decontextualized listening?
  8. If Matt McLean lurks these boards, let him appear so that I might strike him down for his insolence.
  9. I finished the game, and for all of the little details of the setting that were interesting, it was easily the weaker of its siblings. The promised variance ala Alpha Protocol failed to materialized, in part due to the structure of the story (it's easier to spread your wings when all your content is distributed in discrete mission-sized packets), but more because of some very questionable quest design. To wit, all of the meat of the game is in the first act. Your most significant choice is the one made at the end of it - that it's impossible to recover your faction reputation with the grou
  10. I live! Yeah, I thought it might be considering the Oldwalls entrance in Lethian's Crossing is right there, but no dice. The Lethian's Crossing song isn't it either.
  11. I really wanted an outside-the-game copy of the track that plays in Twin Rivers, but it's not part of the official soundtrack? That's the best song, what gives Obsidian.
  12. Kicked me going from Elm's Reach to Hearthsong. Don't know if it can be replicated, but here's the save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4bpknhfgveujjzt/934e3196-998b-479c-8f6c-5b8a13464637%20autosave_2.savegame?dl=0 Output file is attached. output_log.txt
  13. It appears that in my game, Maneha's talks with the Watcher are stuck, specifically on the instance that triggers after raiding the Iron Flail fort and meeting the Eyeless for the first time (when she reveals the memory she wants to be rid of). Every subsequent time that I've started a conversation with Maneha, this dialogue starts again (with previously chosen options dimmed, per usual), she reveals the memory again, etc. At first I wondered if it wasn't intentional, but then I brought her to Twin Elms for the first time and upon approaching the bridge to the building where the Gods are s
  14. Looks like there were indeed some files to be replaced. I haven't had a CTD in the last few days but on two occasions I had area load hiccups - by which I mean, I'll move from one area to another and instead of getting a CTD, the game will revert to the title screen. The latest save on file will be the last one before moving between areas. Seems like a different issue and one that isn't as frequently or severely irritating.
  15. Since the installation of the 3.01 patch, I've experienced fairly frequent CTDs when saving. For the most part, this has happened immediately after area load, but it's happened a few times when quicksaving as well. There appears to be no rhyme or reason to the crashes and no patterns in terms of area or the like. I've uploaded a .zip file containing the error folder's contents to this post. A link to my most recent successful save is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/apdd5off9lgguv1/f6532dfa-965d-4d6c-9195-2facfa441cef%20autosave_1.savegame?dl=0 I'm running PoE from an SSD on Windows 10
  16. I've been running a Bleak Walker with the new AI packages activated within my party. I recently noticed that when the Paladin's AI (as applied to abilities, not auto-attack) is set to "Aggressive" and the paladin is sneaking, launching a first attack on an enemy automatically applies Flames Of Devotion to the attack, but not in the way it's supposed to. When you set the paladin to attack in a normal fashion from concealment, the blue flame effect of Flames of Devotion activates on the character immediately (which is unusual, since it appears normally only when the blow is struck) and the a
  17. Looks like we'll have to take Josh's word for it, cuz that attachment seems to be locked behind forum permissions
  18. This one was easy to miss - laid a Hail of Darts trap for a troll beneath the gorge ruins. The game doesn't know what the trap effect is. I'll test it out and see if other traps have this problem. The ones that the party can set off in the Skaen Temple seem fine.
  19. Missing string in the new build ( - under "Game" in the options menu, below Quest Updates toggle and above Tooltip Delay slider, I'm getting a toggle called *Missing hui 1881*
  20. Ah, should have mucked around with the options more, probably would have stumbled over the remedy myself. Glad to hear it's been fixed!
  21. Most games with physical media versions "go gold" (ie have a working build sent to pressing plants) about two months before game launch, and since Obsidz are professionals I wouldn't be surprised if that's already happened with PoE. I'd think they'd treat it as they would any retail game - physical editions produced, in place and ready to be played by launch day. It will depend on when production on the physical stuff is completed. There may well be enough of a buffer to make sure it gets to where it needs to be in time. But then I've never had a game shipped to me from overseas.
  22. Sure thing! Sorry about the delay. Output_log is attached output_log.txt
  23. That's the first thing I did - I said so in the comment section of the report. Everything was verified, nothing had to be retrieved.
  24. I cannot seem to start a new game - The character creation system appears bugged. Without a produced savegame, I can only provide screenshots, but I can walk through what happens. 1) Load the game, click "New game" 2) After loading, there are no prompts beyond "Exit" and the character creation tabs aren't initially available. After a few minutes of waiting, the character creation tabs appear, as does the randomly determined human default character. 3) It becomes apparent that no changes made to the character stick. You can change the gender, race, class or ethnicity
  25. Savegame: http://www.upload.ee/files/4244388/GhostWeapons.savegame.html Issue reproduction: 1) Load savegame (provided above) 2) Move between first and second floor of Dracogen Inn 3) Note that items in character inventories are moving about the game world in a disembodied fashion and / or piled in a non-interactive heap on the ground. Expected behavior: Items in character inventories do not appear in game world, those displayed on character models are produced once, on said models. Comments: I first ran into the bug after saving / loading due to non-music sound cutting out entir
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