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  1. And thats whats this is all about, isnt it? Supporting and backing the game. Without our backing there would most likely not been a PoE game, and 20 dollar is a decent contribution.
  2. Yes, I cant hide that it is some of the physical items that made me put up aprox 600 dollar into the kickstarter. Like a signed collectors edition box! But certain other tiers too made it attractive to me, like a home, a castle and 2 large cities. And the mega 15 floor dungeons....dang, I cant wait to set my foot (and get lost) in it :D
  3. I love the game! And thats all I care about! And when someone produces games you like - and I mean really really like - then those needs to hear that praise and support two-ways - by word of praise and by my wallet! Because thats the only way there will be more such games as CRPGs in the future! And as such my 600 dollars is absolutely worth it, and would gladly pay it again! Theres lots of things that is pathetic, but being a lover of good CRPGs or the gamecompany who makes them - like Obsidian and their team - is not among of them.
  4. Investet around 600 dollar I think in total, and find it worth every penny!
  5. Sitting at work now, sleepyheaded and tired/Excaused, and wondering how to get through the workday at the office with only 30 minutes "sleep" . Calling in sick was in my thoughts, but unfornately im just too honest a man to do just that. So here i sit, with my 5th mug o' coffee of the day, extra strong, and its still 9.23 where I live. This day gonna be though. So thank you Obisian for giving me a fantastic game, and all the sleepless nights that follows with it! Well worth all the money I put into it! My score, so far: 96%
  6. Game and pre-orderpatch downloaded from GOG, but when I try to download the goodiepack it crashes my GOG downloader. Gonna give that one some time though. Got the most important part so far; the game itself. And that one is installing while i'm typing this!
  7. Great work Obsidian! I cant wait to put my hands on the good stuff! This looks like pure gold!
  8. Back in 2012 i think it was I was starved for a real classic RPG. And I mean real starved. Then a newsarticle in a national newspaper here in Norway suddenly made me aware of two things: That there was something called Kickstarter and two: Obsidian was gonna do a new, interesting game on it, named Project Eternity. The first thing that hit me was the strange project name, but knowing obsidian for their fantastic games i read it through and got very much intrigued. This was the kind of games Ive had been waiting for, for...years! This was before the release of the BG1 and BG2 enhanced enditions etc. so I didnt even have those games to spend some time with, and so, i read through the kickstarter again. Paying for a game before its even produced is for me totally alien. Something out there. Normal customer behaviour is usually you walk to the store, look for a nice game and if you find something you like, you buy it!! But i knew now that most game companies wanted to make games that did not include the kind of game i wanted. I guess its part of the time we are in and being old school game player equals being a old person dating from the stone age. I dunno how the kids today look on my computerfascinations, but CRPG is for me the real game. So I thought about giving my share to have this game realised. I wanted it! And more I read about it, the more I liked it! So I made an account with Kickstarter. The time was actually running out for me there since it took some time from i learned about it all! But that didnt stop me. Then come what should I support this game with. For every tier there where something exciting. I love many things in games, and many of those things where on high tiers. Private housing at 2 million, crafting/enchanting at 2,4m, stronghold at 3m and the chance for a 2nd big city realised itself on 3.5 million etc. First I went with 250 dollar tier, and living in Norway I gladly added another 30 dollar for shipping. And then I sat back, happily enjoying that I had supported in plans finally bringing to life a game i had been looking for, for years!! Now, back to the tiers. Along the way i had the pleasure to see that I was certainly not alone in wanting this game! Many others where too, and as the money flowed in, I saw many of these tiers reached their goals, and things I wanted dearly got within reached. I got restless. Being so late into the kickstarter I had not had the chance taking the money I shot into it into my daily spending. If I wanted to spend more money on this seemingly fabolously game I had to cut something. Thankfully it never come to that anyway, but I was able to add another 250 dollar later to the game before its time ran out completely, landing me around 500-600 dollar tier with a nice signed collectors box from my favorite game producers! The game is now straight around the corner, and I cant wait. It have been 2-3 years now in waiting, but that waiting have been a pleasure since we had the chance in following Obsidian along the way. I dont know how that have been for Obsidian. Having a bunch of fans peeking over their shoulders all the time, can be more annoying than business shareholders. People like me take more interest in having a good game than it bringing in more money. I do ofcource want it to bring in a fortune for you guys so you can make other fantastic games, but rite here, rite now, I have to say I simply cant wait for the game to go live! And having had the pleasure at following the 90 or so update mails, we surely got a good look on things with this game. And I am happy! I dont know ofcource how Obsidian will evaluate this kickstarter production for PoE but I am happy! And I hope Obsidian is too, so much that if they want to produce another CRPG they might try going all Kickstarter again. Just give us a shout first! You got my emailadress! Now, I am waiting for the 26th of march, which means in good time before my Easter vacation. I CANT WAIT! THANK YOU SO FAR TO EVERYONE WHO HAVE MADE THIS GAME POSSIBLE! I REALLY CANT WAIT!
  9. if you ask me, just as long as I get a digital copy of the game, I have no problems With waiting for the physical stuff. So my advice as a backer would be: save the postage fee, mail everything together when everything is ready to ship. TL; DR? Option 2!
  10. If its from sweden they ship the good stuff, i guess I will have it reasonably fast since Sweden is our neighbours Thanks for the answers! If anyone knows anymore I would appreciate anything you have! The curse of real life is I am not able to follow this forum as much as I would have liked, so I am not up-to-date with the latest news.
  11. Hey all,I got a few questions I wonder if anyone know more about.. I know the game hits live March 26th this year, and I see GOG and Steam have started with pre-ordering. My question is, when will Obsidian start shipping out the serial-numbers? If Not for pre-install, at least for getting ready to play the game. Also since I get a few extra copies of the game, and have promised one of them to a friend, I would like to have the SN as soon as possible to hand it over to him before the game goes live. (We are both very eager to play the game the same second its launched! Hehe..) I also wondered if anyone know when Obsidian starts shipping out the game boxes? Since I live in Norway, it will take about a week to reach me (due to customs) from its sent from US. Will they send the boxes on launchdate or in advance..? Thanks all for any info you must have!
  12. The Best praise I can give for the beta is this: I REGRET I DIDNT DONATE MOAR!!!!!!!! Obsidian rocks! And yes, thats goes without saying as the polls say! (But it never hurts telling it anyway, is there?) A question though... When will you/Obsidian start handing out keys? I got a few extra copies of the game through the donations, and some of my friends whom i have promised a copy is just as eager awaiting their copy from me as I am eager receiving the game from you! Hehehe....
  13. What I am trying to say is, I wish my characters in PoE had a bit more courtesy in their chatlines. When you go shopping and ask the shopowner to show you his wares you usually is polite about it. Otherwise he might throw you out of tripple the price! Politeness goes a long way they say. Anyway, its nothing important. I just wondered what you all thought about it. And it was not to annoy the devs piling up more things for them to change! Hehe...
  14. Just started the newly patched PoE game, and love it very much! There are still some bugs to be sorted out, but all in all this looks like a huge improvement to the game! So a huge pat on the back to the devs for a great job! Fantastic!! There is however one tiny weeny minor insignificant thing that still bugs me, if not the game, and that is the chat with Hendyna - and possibly others too - and that deals with courtesy... : When you as a player asks Hendyna to see the goods for sale you select the chatline: "Show me your wares". And to be honest, that bugs me a litte for the lack of common courtesy.... After all, it is also a situation where common courtesy is part of the trade i think; Sale! So, my question is to you all: do you think that line is OK as it is, or should the line really been something like "Show me your wares, please" ? I know theres more weightier bugs in this game, but still i feel courtesy have its role to play in conversations, and specially in a salesconversation!
  15. At the moment I am stuck in the new patch, because now I cant get through the last door at Dyrford ruins. The door leading to the Nobles daughter you been looking for. Requirement is now for lockpicking 11, but its a base 11 and my thief got a base at 9 or so, even if I pooled most of my points (33 points) into it. So I guess I am stuck. Trying to do some stuff at Lle a Rhemen too, but I cant get much anywhere there either. But that I guess is my fault and not the game mechanics.
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