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  1. Well thanks for the advice guys. Considering how RAM hungry you say W7 is I think I'll stick to XP on this machine. But its good that everything works on Win7 after the Vista horror stories.
  2. Runaway games are good. Best part about them are the graphics and fun characters. Puzzles can be stupid and illogical, but not terribly so. They're not too hard to complete. Overall, they're worth the time and the money on GOG.
  3. I agree with that review. The Witcher was the first significant (in a genre developing way) game since the end of the infinity engine games. The cues other companies, Bioware in particular take from it are obvious. The sequel looks poised to take things even further, cementing CD Projekt as the next big name in RPG gaming.
  4. I don't know what it was exactly, but I found Oblivion very dull to explore too. It was (at the time) all pretty & shiny but something was missing. I'm not sure if it was repetitiveness or just a sense of generic, empty blandness to the overall "look". Grass, trees, running through a town. At any rate the exploration boredom is the main reason I didn't get terribly far into that game. I kept trying but after a few hours I was bored. Another reason to buy Skyrim for me is curiosity about the new engine & of course any modding tools/abilities. Hope it's like FNV where any small thi
  5. I uninstalled XP x64 after two days because half of my programs refused to work on it.
  6. Since we have a real elite bunch of gamers here that play just about everything I was wondering whether I should switch to Win 7 on my next reinstall. I have XP on which, as everyone knows, just about everything works well. What's Win7 like with older game compatibility, crashing and other issues? I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300, 2 Gig RAM with an ATI Radeon HD 3800 series card so I'm not getting anything from the Dx10/11/whatever graphical improvements that run under W7. Is it worth it?
  7. I stalled out at level 8 when the story dried up and my only option was to grind enemies/instance missions.. either way this game doesn't take long to show that it's still a MMO at heart. Unfortunately there wasn't anything to do except combat. It features open PVP which isn't my cup of tea but if that's something your looking for you'll probably enjoy it more than I did. Does that mean that you reached the end of the storyline or that it wasn't all available on the beta.
  8. Except you can run Portal 2 and Starcraft 2 on my 5 year old pc on max settings. I'm not complaining I'm just saying I'd have to throw down a couple of hundred euros to play the Witcher, Crysis 2 and not much else.
  9. Just found out about this now. http://blackprophecy.com/index.php?id=67 Looks real good. Its an MMO space combat sim, action and story oriented. High production values, free to play. Currently in beta. You can sign up and get your download. I'm currently downloading.
  10. Perhaps not hard, just harder. I've only played the Wing Commander games and their combat is very easy by comparison. I'm going to try Freespace 2 after I'm done with I-War 2. Just wondering whether to get Freespace 1 first.
  11. That's one game I have always wanted to try. Only thing that is stopping me now are the really outdated graphics, I've been spoiled by FreeSpace 2's SCP mod. Playing: - World of Tanks and Minecraft, still and probably for months to come. - Ordered DA2 for 12.5
  12. I doubt that's going to happen any time soon. PC gaming has become very uneconomical considering that you're buying hardware for the 3 PC games a year that are worth playing. Everything else are either cheaply produced niche title or console ports that can be run even on my dated rig.
  13. I-War 2, still. This game is looooooooooong.
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