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  1. I have a copy of the game and its pretty fun but the stupid physx drivers gone crazy and made everything not working right so i had to stop playing until they fix it o.o;;;
  2. I'm playing "the Big next thing"it's an adventure game that's so funny like a classic king quest game but made by a Spanish developer and the voice acting is pretty good...X3...I just can't put it down...o.o;;;
  3. Still kinda Green at Warhammer 40k Paper and pen edition. Tooo bad you guys just can't make one on the forum and play together o3o...so we can all sit down a read your adventures XP....
  4. It sounds pretty neat...I doubt that we won't get any cars to ride in but when it comes to DLC it will be back o.o;;;
  5. I heard that it will be based on the classic and the new rules as well...And you don't hafta play as vampires but just the races that they released the roleplaying books for. I just don't know if the game is gonna popular or another mmorpg that died from WOW or something o.o;;;
  6. Hey guys guess what I heard that the creators of Eve Online are actually working on a mmorpg that is totally based on Vampire the Masqureade and many tabletop rpg game books that white wolf publishing made and from. The vids that they made for the game is pretty kewl. Would anyone wanna play this style of rpg at all and would they want to? I wonder when the darn thing is coming out. I hope that the game will have a way to play it free o.o;;; than buying a monthly subscription or paying for one o.o;;;;
  7. O.o;;; Fallout 3 is not bad to explore but Oblivion lack tasted in exploring but the game is fun though...And i totally hated the lock picking in oblivion but loved the one that they introduced in fallout 3 and nv besides that its not that bad...
  8. Whoa kewl...o3o...Hey did u noticed the last patch did some work on the models of the characters and rendering the skins not working right at all and will they be fix in the later update? Just wondering because i got a aweshum skin and well it looks weird o.o;;; when you play it. I thought it was a bug but when you start playing it you noticed alot of changes on the characters and stuff o.o;;; I hope that they get fix soon o3o
  9. I know I can run it on my system...So far i can run any games on my PC but just not Gothic 4, the weird part is that i can managed to get it running on a earlier build but when it finally got updated they broke it and refused to make another patch to fix it... I hope that it never comes to that you know o.o;;; I feel deeply but cheer up eventually grab a new computer and then you will be able to play it if you have the cash that is... Oh yeah the first Impression on the game is really aweshum o3o!!
  10. It happens...They maybe referring to the first release not the releases though...I wonder why
  11. Yeah...and I do own a copy of Alpha Protocol as well o.o;;;
  12. Team Effort...That I would go by o.o;;;
  13. Oh wow...I just found out that Vampire the masquerade is becoming a mmo soon and that would be really interested by the way. Ooooh who has a copy of Gothic 4 and boy that game totally suxed like they managed to bring out a new patch that totally broke the game and you can't run it on older machines and whole bunch of worms just sprouted from its corpse and a lot of people are just hammering out that company o.o;;;
  14. I was referring to the crazy fallout NV bugs dude...Your not so bright to pick it up....And you guess it wrong....man...I still wondering on what type of bugs that tombraider underground suffered when it first launched o.o you know...
  15. Does anyone still have Sunny's dogs eye bug...that one was funny X3...But i hope the next dlc will be huge and fun X3...
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