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  1. Cool; I wish my old PnP group wasn't scattered across the globe so I could try my hand at GMing. Yeah, combat appears to move relatively quickly (relative to other GW RP games, such as Inquisitor, anyway). I've come to really hate the career paths, though there is an alternative "Open" system at Dark Reign ( http://vidzup.com/house-rules/dark-heresy-...l-system-2.html ). Why aren't you playing, J.E. ? Not a fan of the Warhammer 40k universe?
  2. Has anyone had a chance to try it out? I'm leafing through the rulebook at the moment; looks interesting but the career paths seem like an odd design decision versus a more open-ended character design model. The talents have pre-requisites and restrictions, so why further restrict character progression with "career paths"? Any thoughts?
  3. That's strange. Have you played with the native monitor settings at all, e.g. changed the aspect ratio (16:9, 10, etc.), refresh rate and so on. Also, just to be sure, which windows power/energy saver settings are you using?
  4. Absolutely on regression, and yeah I'm sure it was sparked by economic factors. General question: does anyone else find the D&D minis as poorly made, uninspired and well, crappy as I do? Sure there are a few exceptions, but compared to other minis on the market - yikes! I wouldn't spend money on those POS'.
  5. With the advent of 4.0, D&D seems to have shifted its focus almost entirely to that of combat - it's become a miniature-based skirmish game. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, just that I already have plenty of great minis-based skirmish games (Necromunda, Mordheim, etc.) and therefore have zero interest in 4.0.
  6. Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Interstate 76 On the tabletop: Necromunda RPG!
  7. O! The ravages of time.... Though he seems to have managed to hold on to the same hair-cut bowl for over a decade!
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