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  1. If M$ buy Activision/Blizzard, that's checkmate MS. There is no way that MS would just buy Acti. Diablo, Warcraft and Starcraft would be major exclusives to them and give them market penetration in Asia, something the xbox still doesn't have. You would also have no more Diablo/WC/SC on Apple OS. Still I don't think MS would fork out this much cash, I don't think they are sure that the next gen of console will be a money maker. I'm not sure core gamers and Mac users overlap to any great extent in Asia. Diablo III for example still haven't got a localized Korean or Chinese OSX client (us.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-system-requirements) and I think the same applies for WoW. With minimal efforts, Blizzard can make localized Mac clients available for two of its biggest markets. The fact it hasn't done so shows there's little demand for them. It makes no sense for Microsoft to spend billions of dollars on Blizzard just to prevent potential OSX releases. As for synergies between Blizzard and Xbox, it's unproven as Blizzard has yet to make a splash on the console market. We still don't know whether a console Diablo III is coming, and I just don't think the prospect of playing Diablo or WoW (with controllers!) will convince a console gamer to choose the next Xbox over the next Playstation (whereas the next CoD might).
  2. I think Vivendi's best bet is to split Activision and Blizzard. These two companies never had any synergies anyway. Activision then can be sold to, say, Microsoft and Blizzard to some Chinese or Korean online gaming company. Microsoft would presumably find little strategic value in Blizzard, same applies for MMO companies with regard to Activision. Breaking up the unholy marriage will help unlock values in both, IMO.
  3. As distasteful as they may sound, pills made from human flesh are more common than people realises. There is a recent article on WaPo about placenta pills. 'If all this sounds a bit too cannibalistic, there are
  4. Even without the language barrier, communications are likely to go wrong unless there are shared cultural and social contexts between the parties. Greater ease of communication without shared background may simply create more opportunities for prejudice and misunderstanding, e.g. the uproar over necrophilia law in Egypt.
  5. All these talks of China annexing North Korea make no sense to me at all. Isn't the purpose of North Korea (for China) a buffer zone between Northeastern China and U.S. forces in South Korea? Annexing North Korea would be like tearing down walls of your house because you want more space. It's patently stupid. Besides, I see no reason why any country other than South Korea would want to take over North with its 20 million starving population brainwashed into believing they're the noblest race on earth with purest blood.
  6. Now I know what I'm getting for the holidays
  7. Hand powered grass juicer. I've heard grass is really nutritious once made into a digestible form.
  8. I was just reminded Jon Van Caneghem is at the helm of this new 'BioWare' studio. So EA got the father of M&M together with BioWare and somehow decided they should be making a C&C sequel
  9. I'd argue that New Vegas was alright (if just barely) despite assets and HORRIBLE Gamebryo engine. Buggy engine (meaning that Obsidian couldn't fix certain issues even if they wanted to), terrible animations, constricted ruleset, suboptimal shooting and melee mechanics, VAT issues, sound problems, scripting problems... Sure, environment assets are ok (as they are in Skyrim too) but still way behind the Rockstars RAGE engine or Cryteks engine(s). There's huge improvement from Oblivion to Skyrim, but no way Bethesda's stuff is state of the art (sand box or not). I'm not sure about the engine. The only RAGE engine game I've played (GTA IV PC) has truly horrible loading time comparing to a fully modded Oblivion, and has its fair share of crashes and freezes too. When taken into account the massive budget a GTA game has, I'm a lot less willing to forgive Rockstars on this. I think the Bethesda engines are nothing short of remarkable when dealing with massive contents. The only other games with comparable amount of custom contents are Sims 2/Sims 3 (at least these are all I'm aware of), and I can usually finish half a chapter of a novel while waiting for my modded and CC'ed Sims 3 to load (Yes I play Sims 3, one has to admit Sims are what make pc gaming cool. Either that or FarmVille). Although to be fair Sims 3 is very stable once it finally loads.
  10. RPG+RTS? I wonder if it will be like Spellforce, or maybe EA just want to get on the DotA boat?
  11. All these talks on the massive Eidos Montreal hiring and yet another new Bioware studio make me wonder why Bethesda still has this single pipeline, three years per game development cycle. It's positively antique now and I have problems thinking of another AAA studio with the same strategy. Epic may be an example but they have such a major engine development component it should be counted as a second pipeline.
  12. So Australia gets to sell more uranium and hosting U.S. soldiers could be a rather lucrative business. Sounds like a windfall to me.
  13. This has nothing to do with any potential film or game, but I was reading this Destructiod article on Final Fantasy the other day and it sums up perfectly what I felt about where Drizzt had been going since the Hunter books. http://www.destructoid.com/final-fantasy-o...ut-192700.phtml
  14. I had always wanted a Duckula RPG in the Ravenloft setting. Definitely has the potential to be a masterpiece of Gothic-poultry existentialism.
  15. I thought Carbine was a NCSoft studio from the very beginning?
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