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NWN2 XP2 Storm of Zehir Wishlist


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No romance stuff, or if, then very, very optional and integrated into story line (like in MotB, where Safiya actually has a reason for her interest).

([edit to answer above question] Yeah, because we're too cool. Actually, because it is just strange if NPCs are acting attracted to a PC with Cha 8 whom they spent two battles with and who doesn't show interest in dialogues. Also, because if I want a romance, I have RL - if I want to run around with a warhammer, smashing goblins in an old Mine, sacking a town or rescue kids from a monster using divine magic, I play a game. [/edit])


Like in MotB: No hatred among party members :)


No epic stuff, no fast leveling.


Prettier PC choices, esp. Half-Elves (no more pig-faces, please), Elves (which do now have one new, acceptable because non-alien-like model), Gnomes and female Dwarves. Also please allow us to use some "normal" options for the genasi, such as normal eyes, hair or skin colour.


Like in (most of) MotB: No forced companions.


No stupid 4E draconians.


If I play a Drow, I want to be hated.


If anything is forced upon us like the Hunger in MotB, do not frustrate average players with it to make them use cheats.


No world destroyer epic final boss.


Like in MotB: Ties to the FR and its history, make the unusual stuff seem normal (as it should be for the characters in this world).


It would be nice if the revisited stuff like the Crossroad Keep could be integrated such that the choices of a PC in the OC would matter...


Well... I'll play it either way, it's just a matter of ok, good or superb :o

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I personally prefer romances that is along the lines of Asian kind where it is mostly expressed with subtle actions and expressions than declaring lulz lines something like"I is luv you! We is go nearest stable 2 go make babies'!", hollywood style of conveying WAFF (Warm and fuzzy feeling).


In short, I don't really enjoy Western romances, even in fantasy books. No offence, differences in culture appreciation I guess.

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Hmmm... A party of drow...



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Obviously, the Returning Frost Dart must, er, return.


Apart from that, if we are having jungle adventures I'd say:


* Big rubber snakes a la the first Conan movie, preferably in temples, guarded by cultists drinking from cauldrons full of limbs


* General Apocalypto style craziness


* Poison gas, rolling boulders, Aztec-style temples, blow-guns


* The ability to paint my character in black and white zebra-camouflage, a bit like Conan when he's fighting the Big Rubber Snake


* If we can be merchants I want a haggling mini-game based on multiple factors / skills / attributes / kama so I can choose to become uber-merchant and sell dead beetles for immense sums of money


* A more realistic romance / marraige option where your 'lover' leaves you, takes both your horses, your best suit of armour and boils your familiar before claiming your castle too


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^ Adding to that, a "Merchant Venturer" prestige class, a bit of a dialogue / lore based rogue with fighter powaz to reflect his rugged out-doorsy retail environment.


I'm thinking a bard but with an abacus instead of a lute. Every party needs one.


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Romances are probably ill-advised, considering there won't be much of a central protagonist. Obsidz can make all the noise it wants but at the end of the day the PCs are going to be combat stat sheets without any sort of detectable personality, just like in IWD. Which is fine, I'm glad they're getting around to this, better with D&D than AP or Aliens (we'll still see about that one) But let's not kid ourselves.



- I will join the chorus of people wanting new base classes and PrCs. Just a few would be nice, preferably representing those classes that don't already have a natural "step up" (I'm thinking mainly the druid. A monk PrC might be cool, but they're already pretty fancy plain)


- Big one: An interesting villain. Kreia was good. The King of Shadows, not so much. And MotB went all Torment, which is fine, but still, a good story needs a good villain. As far as D&D goes I was never really enamoured with the Yuan-Ti, but I think Obsidz could work something out well enough. There are plenty of economic power player antagonists to throw around. The Iron Throne, The Knights of the Shield, the Zhentarim (of course) and the Thayvians, plus any number of thieves' guilds and pirates all come to mind. Chances are we'll only see any of these as stooges or fodder to be cut down, but one can hope.


- Oh, wouldn't it be nice if we as players got to tool around with FR canon, but we'll probably never get that. Obsidz have done very well with what they've been given so far, I expect them to continue.


- I'd like to hold out hope for an third xpac. I'd like to think Atari is desperate enough and NWN2 has done well enough to warrant one, but... the "connecting 3E to 4E!" business makes it sound like a bookend, a ligament, the end of 3E. NWN got 3 xpacs, NWN2 might as well get the same. Best Obsidz get as much out of it as possible before Atari carts the IP off to MMO land or into some lesser studio's hands, or both. I'm sure there's still more to give to the modding community as well.

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"NWN got 3 xpacs"


Got 2 - SOU, and HOTU. You might be thinking of the the official module package disk they sold; but I wouldn't call that an expansion.


And, I doubt the yaunti will be the 'main villains' at the end of the game. Only BIO seems to have the tendency to advertise their main villains. L0L


If there is a 3rd expansion, I hope it continues SOZ. End of Zehir, should have you reahc level 20 and have to face a super end big bad dragon to give you a whooping welcome to epic levels.




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1. More head models please. Please.

2. I have high expectations for the economic model. Mix politics and cunning into it. It's what I've always wanted.

3. Option of naming my trading empire "Big Oil"

3. A separate summary screen for economic/info on guilds, how friendly other guilds are etc/deals made would be nice. Esp useful to summarize main characters you'll deal often with from the guilds. For example guild masters, local lords/ladies, council members or whatever.

4. Dialogue structure where other party members can be selected to make responses, using their social skills.

5. More head models.

6. More clothes and option to colour/dye them. Selling of the outfits for 1gp was good, with option to enchant them. Maybe even a special city tailor shop that players unlock when they have enough influence that does nice custom jobs/more selections. Could have nice tie-ins with quests and rewards.

7. Explore idea of patronage for artists (the tailor above?) or certain businesses, cities. Your "home" city may have a higher opinion of you because of your deeds than others that suffered from your trading policies.

8. Option to negotiate trade embargos with other guilds against enemies. Blockades.


Quest suggestions:

1. Shapeshifter assassins replace your horses and attack your party in the wilderness.

2. Quest where people loot your gear from your parked horses and you hunt them down.

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More head models.

More hair models.

More weapon models.

More armor models.

Rework some tint maps so some of the cooler armor models can be recolored.

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Oh, and proper spellcasting for Assassins and Blackguards.

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- I'm pretty happy of classes as they stand now, especially with the non-vancean casting classes added in MotB. However, more base and prestige classes would still be welcome. Personally I'd like some sort of fighter mage base class for low level fightermagering fun and swashbuckler sounds fun too. For PrCs at least the Mystic Theurge sounds fun to me then there's those PrCs geared for classes that don't multi-class that well otherwise.


- I don't think more races are really necessary, but wouldn't be unhappy if more were added.


- Improved animations. They could use some work. Combat animations are sometimes lacking. I dislike that springing uppercut move they like to make, whatever weapon they might be holding. That one'd make more sense with a lightsaber.


- New weapons. Double-sided ones perhaps, but in that case there'd better be good animations for them to counter the inherent silliness of something like double axe.


- Horses and some more exotic conveyances for that overland travel even if there won't be animations for riding them.


- No epic stuff, though support for epic PrCs would be nice.


New monsters and spells and stuff like that pretty much goes without saying.

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Oh yeah, Gainaxing ftw!

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

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Oh right we already have them! Ha-ha! ;)

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

- OverPowered Godzilla (OPG)



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All we need now is a scantily clad Raquel Welch... ;)

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More items that actually match colors.


If I'm going to be a darn bard, I've got to look cool. :lol:


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