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  1. Xard

    Prop 8

    Thanks for providing perfect opening for "attack"! Individual rights can mean many things - what if rather limited set of rights of libertarians isn't the whole truth and is build on hopelessly idealistic view of human nature, just like communist one? Lack of regulation? Well yeah, individuals in market can in my view **** things just as well as goverment. We're all humans. Big words. Ever considered, even for a moment, that you might be wrong sometimes? What if market isn't the perfect, solipstic, ever itself repairing wonder machine that gets automatically ****ed up
  2. Xard

    Prop 8

    not sure what you mean about this, but you told me that if your government would not implement your form of oppression (which you clearly stated that you wanted to enforce certain behaviors) you would go somewhere else where the government would. What "certain behaviors"? Not breaking laws by, for example, commiting homicide? Paying taxes? i wasn't resurrecting a many months old topic, i was resurrecting your hypocrisy. And I was merely explaining why I never got back to debate. But with you always running in circles with these same old matters like true pure hearted liberta
  3. Xard

    Prop 8

    you tell me despite the jokish tone I've become increasingly open to reincarnation in past months
  4. David Bowie - Breaking Glass You're such a wonderful person But you got problems oh-oh-oh-oh I'll never touch you
  5. First I thought it was meh Now I've been listening it non-stop for whole day like true junkie
  6. Xard

    Prop 8

    I recently read article on homosexuality on science magazine and basically it boils down to A) with women it's pretty much no genetics at all and instead choice and enviroment. B) with men it seems to be more "hardwired" but no one knows how However, judgin from the article and numerous controversies I think "gay gene" and such is just more reductionistic, materialist bull**** like, for example, "god gene" or "god spot" or "god circuit" or whatever one prefers as explanation of religion. Oh, and as for someone being gay once and for all as it is hard wired: too bad hard wiring d
  7. Xard

    Prop 8

    my suggestion, actually. the UN is evil, btw, if there is a such thing as "evil." the UN caters to evil sorts such as xard: those that want to oppress and will go anywhere to get oppression forced on people if his country won't sign up for the oppression. at least, that's what xard told me in another thread. taks I thought we were debating about "immorality" of taxing before I left internet completely for couple of months. And with random_n00b it had something to do with morals overall. Resurrecting many months old topic would've been more than silly. What make
  8. I'm encouraging myself to do encouraging things As well as getting seriously fed up with Lennon's Happy Xmas (War Is Over). And other Christmas songs.
  9. oh and I listen a lot to same stuff. Because it's ****ing awesome Syd Barret - Here I Go
  10. Xard

    Prop 8

    It's not as bad as the Arkansas Unmarried Couple Adoption Ban. It's only a proposition. You know, if you chaps signed up to an international human rights treaty you could avoid a lot of this by people appealing to the external court. We've been getting a lot of stuff like that through the EU. but UN is evil and hurt mah sovierintyyyy =(
  11. Well, you've certainly managed to take the conversation somewhere..? I hope the top 20 and 50 thing was meant to be ironic. No, I'm dead serious. I'm quite... unorganized person over all, but I have this perverse thing for listing stuff. All time best movies, all time best singles, all time most influential artists, most idiotic thing I've seen this year etc. Well of course. But you're missing the point. Innovations (whether it be wah-wah pedal or subverting typical song structures) in that era were numerous and there's a lot things about which you could say "never heard an
  12. Well, I've been reading history of imperialism lately and British Empire actually was quite decent for gigantic empire. You guys did do a lot of good things too. French guys where the ****
  13. "any other colonial power"? British were good guys in many aspects when compared to french, who could be complete ****. But I think Germany et al followed more british way than french way... who knows point taken
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