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    Being not a but THE gentleman
  1. Bloody hell Xard, I bet you got killed by a moose or died of a drug related death.

  2. Yeah, it was, for like five minutes. Then you came online. :shifty:

  3. Maybe the moose really got you this time.

    2008 was a good year.

  4. I've been away for months... looks like you've left for good. :(

  5. Go shave your back, Xard. :shifty:

  6. Even if you were a gregarious drunk you could never be a gentlemen let alone THE gentleman, Xard. :shifty:

  7. Happy New Year.

  8. Merry belated Christmas mate.

  9. Xard

    Prop 8

    Thanks for providing perfect opening for "attack"! Individual rights can mean many things - what if rather limited set of rights of libertarians isn't the whole truth and is build on hopelessly idealistic view of human nature, just like communist one? Lack of regulation? Well yeah, individuals in market can in my view **** things just as well as goverment. We're all humans. Big words. Ever considered, even for a moment, that you might be wrong sometimes? What if market isn't the perfect, solipstic, ever itself repairing wonder machine that gets automatically ****ed up when snake - goverment - slithers into the paradise? I can be c*cky but when it comes to economics you take it to wholly new level, especially with all your "rationality" spouting when you follow switz school which doesn't actually have hard science and maths behind it! Thanks for admitting your own bigotry (I've never read Marx and barely any Chomsky btw) when it comes to your sources; the libertarian fallacy about this crisis being due to goverment has been vindicated critically in many different places here in Finland; I've read finnish economics (not of the keynesian-type btw!) admit it was failure of market many times. Some people have balls to do that due to not having their entire ideologies at stake. And it is entirely reasonable conclusion - except for the ideology of "MARKETS CAN'T BE WRONG GOVERMENT DON'T WORK HUR HUR ALL HAIL GURU". It's also funny how this whole libertarian thinking relies on notion of "perfect market condition" which is nothing more than theoretical supposition utterly removed from real life. How one can build one's worldview on la la land of perfect flow of information on utterly correct balance of supply and demand is ridiculous. Ain't gonna happen. Some english links here and here. You guys really hit low point when attacking Act from 70's as cause behind current crisis... but hey, it can't be the market! It was the goverment, some way or another! So how *exactly* is UN trying to violate your rights? Yeah, you work 12 hours a day to bring money to your family, fearing for illness of any serious sort that would immeaditly demolish your meager financial standing as you can't afford health insurances in these hard times. Then you get laid off as apparently company could make even more profits with shift to China and use of child working power (not that something as politically incorrect as last part is found from any papers!). At the same time you ready to tell news for your wife (and fearing you go all Hollis Brown on her and kids) the CEO gives himself nice, "little" raise in form of options as he is so goddamn good at keeping growth on. My my lad, you should've just worked harder! American dream is just around corner for you! curse these taxes, I don't get anything for paying them! I don't know, isn't it self-deception to build moral standings on amoral, even predatory system utilizing little green papers? wow, talk about remembering what you want. I never got around answer (or whole forums) due to various reasons that aren't exactly your (or anyone else's ) business - I never said "NO I CANNOT ANSWER YOU =( " uhh, what if you're also providing healthcare for yourself with the same payment? Libertarianism is only rational and consistent when taken to its extreme anarchistic variable and even there you end up with dilemma of freedom that "plagues" all anarchistic philosophies. So, you want moral ground for taxing, progressive taxing and social justice and rights as well as reason(s) why you can't build morals on money and "ownership" rights alone? Fine, you'll get them tomorrow after I come back from visiting some family members in pre-Christmas visit. "How noble libertarianism, in its majestic equality, that both rich and poor are equally prohibited from peeing in the privately owned streets (without paying), sleeping under the privately owned bridges (without paying), and coercing bread from its rightful owners!"
  10. Xard

    Prop 8

    not sure what you mean about this, but you told me that if your government would not implement your form of oppression (which you clearly stated that you wanted to enforce certain behaviors) you would go somewhere else where the government would. What "certain behaviors"? Not breaking laws by, for example, commiting homicide? Paying taxes? i wasn't resurrecting a many months old topic, i was resurrecting your hypocrisy. And I was merely explaining why I never got back to debate. But with you always running in circles with these same old matters like true pure hearted libertarian should (making as much noise as possible in process) I guess it'll never end. because the UN advocates oppression within its own constitution. the UN wants a socialist world, that is, as i've stated on many occasions, evil by any standard. while the US practices it, at the very least we have a document that does not. that our government chooses not to abide by said document is something i truly detest. Ahh yes, the great evil of "socialism"! Let me guess you still believe this current economical crisis is due to "goverment meddling with business" too? "The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and achieving world peace." Interesting. How one can see any of these aims as oppression is rather intriguing. And that mischievous working class back in the 19th century, they were surely evil lot motivated by want to oppress those pitiful well faring folks. Isn't it rather interesting libertarian nutjobbery always arises among the people with good to great income? I've never heard of poor, barely surviving black woman advocating evils of social justice. Have you? "Socialist" = oppression = evil this is still basis of your views. "Oppression" = taxes, "redistribution of wealth", social justice I'm correct again, right? Thus my verdict about this all ultimately being about morality of taxing and esp. progressive taxing is correct. Heck, I remember you demanding me to give moral backing for taxing so don't give me that "not sure what you mean about this" crap. You're free of course to point out where I went wrong with your views.
  11. Xard

    Prop 8

    you tell me despite the jokish tone I've become increasingly open to reincarnation in past months
  12. Xard

    The Music Thread

    David Bowie - Breaking Glass You're such a wonderful person But you got problems oh-oh-oh-oh I'll never touch you
  13. Xard

    The Music Thread

    First I thought it was meh Now I've been listening it non-stop for whole day like true junkie
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