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  1. Still pending? I just remembered this and was worried I had missed something.
  2. Well, it seems like it has resolved itself for me, fingers crossed. First I had one crewmember that healed and three that didn't. Then, after completely healing that one and visiting my new ship's deck, the remaining ones suddenly started healing. I did have healing issues before switching ships, but those might have been because my surgeon was injured. My bad for not documenting it so that I would remember better.
  3. Same issue. I have my resting slots full and more sailors on shore than sailing because they don't heal.
  4. I'm involved with this, so it's a bit advertise-y, but there's a Kickstarter of an action movie themed co-op shooter: Killing, My Friend. Its roots are in classic mods like Action Quake 2 and Action Half-Life. Some might remember those old mods or their later derivatives. Even Max Payne took some inspiration from Action, I think. I also remember some Alpha Protocol dev saying that he had worked on AQ2 when I invoked that mod while complaining about planned unlimited ammo or something like that. Anyways, the link speaks for itself. I have loved Action series for far too long to be very obje
  5. I don't have a strong opinion about the matter, but I voted for all for same time with delay. I can wait and it will be simpler that way.
  6. Ah rangers. This has been discussed before so I can't say I didn't see it coming. In my mind, the range is primarily a scout/hunter/special forces guy who is good at surviving and being efficient with with minimal equipment. Tends to use light and practical armor and weapons that are easy to carry around and maintain. Can cover lots of ground even on difficult terrain. The ranged-oriented I can live with because I guess they are practical hunter's weapons, but I never liked the animal companion being the central class feature. I guess when the focus is in combat, it's easier to make the ranger
  7. The way I see it, Obsidian has a pretty good track record for evil options. For example, I generally play the good guys and couldn't bring myself to do an evil playthrough of KotOR 1. Too much bullying and kicking dogs. In KotOR 2, however, I did an evil playthrough and enjoyed it. I would trust them on this.
  8. Hmm, non-space opera space sci-fi rpg maybe. Bit harder sci-fi, but still doen't have to be afwully hard, just little bit more about the science and slightly more man vs universe themes than usual. If there was space travel, it would be bigger deal than "click on the star map and there you are." Maybe a colony on an alien planet could be an interesting setting.
  9. Still planning to go Orlan Ranger first, or maybe Cipher. Probably will have my typical general polite good guy personality I tend to affect in first playthroughs. When I do play evil, I like to prefer "end justifies the means" guys when the game allows it.
  10. Heh, first time I played Arcanum when it was new, I got overwhelmed when I got to Tarant and quit soon after. Combat and interface had a lot to do with it. Can't blame Chris Avellone if same thing happened to him. I only finished the game this year. I also don't think he should keep making the videos if he's not enjoying it. Those videos probably wouldn't be very fun to watch.
  11. Revisiting Ultima IV. As a kid I never got too far. My grasp of English wasn't good enough and I was afraid to go in the dungeons. Mostly wandered about in the countryside, killing things. I remeber getting a couple of the eighths, though. Probably through sheer preserverance and a gaming magazine hint article I had. Well, I intend to finish it now. Leveled up much faster by finishing quests, at least. I don't remember minding all the combat as much as I do now. Gets a bit tedious.
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