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If they were to re-destribute KOTOR 2 with all the cuts added, would you pay another 50$?  

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  1. 1. If they were to re-destribute KOTOR 2 with all the cuts added, would you pay another 50$?

    • Yes
    • No

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Yes, if the re-release was polished and presented the game as it should have been--higher resolution movies, music, alternate endings, etc. That would include the Atris sub-plot, with as many of the other loose ends tied up as is possible for an open-ended story. How many people have the theatrical release of Fellowship of the Ring sitting right alongside the Extended edition--bought before they realized some plot points weren't quite clear because of cuts?


I keep and replay games I like. If the change is significant, I prefer a re-release over a number of patches/downloads because inevitably I'll reinstall on a new hard drive. Trying to recover patches for an older, orphaned game isn't fun, if you've long since lost the CD you burned them to, and the dev no longer even lists it, let alone supports it. Been there, done that.

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If it were to happen (fat chance of that) it should retail at no more than 29.99 or less. If you were to hire someone to paint your house and they left after finishing 3/4 of the job, would you pay them the same amount again to finish the job they never finished correctly in the first place????

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Not ALL the cuts, per se. Some are best left off (like DS Female Revan and Carth's scene of redemption in Kotor I), but I would like a few cinematics here and there.

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Full price again? No. I wouldn't do that for any game. That's just gouging.


The typical $20-30 for an expansion-like product/gigantic content patch, yes.

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I would, I may not have a bunch of money to spare but playing KotOR II helped me relax and forget about the other stuff going on in my life which, at least for me, is worth $50. Its like a good but long story you read or watch.... even with all the missing stuff. I didnt even see a problem with the game untill I read the missing content on here...

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No, I wouldn't pay full price for simply another version of the same game.


But I will tell you what I would do. I would return my present version in exchange for the newer ... completed ... version. I think that would make more sense.

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