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  1. I agree with Darth Hades. Vaapad is only a completion of Form VII (Juyo) which already existed, but was incomplete. Mace Windu, with help from Sora Bulq, took Juyo and finessed it into a complete and original lightsaber form. So yes, in that way, he did create it. The mention of Vaapad in Darth Bane: Path of Destruction is an error that was missed and should not have been. As the author, Drew Karpyshyn says, "I meant Juyo, but it was a late night when I wrote that and didn't catch it until it was too late. That's one mistake I wish to God I could change. So when you read it and see 'Vaapad,' just pretend it says 'Juyo.'" And that pretty much verifies what DeathScepter said. And I couldn't agree more. Visit this page and it gives great information. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Form_VII:_Juyo_/_Vaapad And yes, Wookieepedia is mostly canon. We won't allow things to be posted unless they can be reference or sourced to a valid work of canon. Sometimes things can get through, but sooner or later they are always found and corrected.
  2. The crystals that the Jedi use are primarily natural. Even though some Jedi have preferred to use synthetic crystals. Also, there is nothing that keeps a Jedi from using a color other than blue or green except for availability and abundance. Adi Gallia was a Jedi Master and member of the High Council, but she used a red blade and implemented a back-hand fighting style viewed by most other Jedi as unorthodox. Though the Sith are known for using synthetic crystals, it is certainly not a creed stating that they have to. Many Sith have been known to use natural crystals, and there have been some to use a "Jedi" color. Exar Kun, for example, used blue. But the preffere crystal of a Sith is the synthetic crystal. For one reason, because they happen to be more powerful, and perfect (free of irregularities), than the natural crystals associated with the Jedi. And also because during the crystal creation process, a Sith can use the Force to channel his/her emotions (hate, rage, fear) into the crystal itself, making a potent weapon against the blade of Jedi. After such hard work, the Sith could care less what color the crystal is. It just so happens that the majority of them end up as red, but any Sith would most likely settle with whatever color was produced during the process. On the other hand, a Jedi can use the same methods as mentioned above, and create a synthetic crystal, but using the Force to channel good qualities. Luke Skywalker used this method to create his green crystal on Tatooine in Obi-Wan's hut.
  3. Hmm, that's weird. I've never had anything like this happen. I would try visiting TeamGizka like Hassat Hunter said. Also make sure you have gotten all the bug fixes from online.
  4. Sith Lord is simply a Sith title equivalent to Jedi Master. Both titles apply to both male and female. Besides, you don't see any Jedi Mistresses walking around. PS: Lumiya gave herself the title of Dark Lady of the Sith after both Anakin and Palpatine (along with all his clones) were dead. So, does that help a little?
  5. It is very peculiar that I have played this game countless, upon countless, times and I have yet to ever see this bit of dialogue from Mical. Where did you find this?
  6. The one I have the hardest with is . But everyone else pretty much comes right on along when I need them to.
  7. I've never seen any of this. Everytime I've ever gone, Kreia would just suddenly spawn out of nowhere once I entered the rebuilt enclave. <_< mm, oh well. I'll try it again sometime.
  8. Darque, your avatar reminds me of Jean Grey from the X-Men movies. Even though the basic theory may have already been in the works for many years, that site still felt something similar to some crap Weekly World News would spit out their ass. This is why I love this forum!
  9. Thought for the Day: As I stated before, the excuse of who was exiled for what goes out the window when you look at the source of the information. Kreia is the only one who tells you why both she and Arren were exiled. But could you be absolutely sure that she was ever telling telling the truth? If she is Arren kae, and she did not want you to know it, wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that she would tell you a lie? Plus, the story of Kae being exiled for becming pregnant and giving birth does not fit in to the era that these games take place in. Many Jedi during this time frame have been married, and have had children. Sometime multiple times. Also, the information that you receive from other sources almos discredit, completely, the information Kreia gives you. Mical tells you that Revan had many masters, "Master Kae, before Kae left for the war." He never once mentioned that she was exiled, either it be for getting pregnant or any other reason. Now follow this next part closely...Brianna tells you that her mother, Arren Kae, went to war; and it was while fighting in the war that Arren fell in love with Yusanis and became pregnant. Then, shortly after having given birth to Brianna, she is believed to have died in battle. Never once do Brianna tell you that her mother was exiled, never once does she tell you her mother was, in the least, scolded for have gotten pregnant. For both Mical and Brianna, you only know that Kae did go to war. But only after having already gone to war did she meet Yusanis, fall into love (or lust) and get pregnant. And then she is believed to have died. No disgrace is ever mentioned (unless you count going to war as a disgrace), and no 'Exile of Master Kae' is ever mentioned. I'm sorry, but even if Kreia's story is true, the order of events in which she told them is very faulty, and would already discredit it.
  10. That's why you download cracks... :ph34r: Just kiddin'
  11. I just had to go and check it out. And sure enough, it has! I wonder........ Even with it being wiki, it is good that no one has said for certain that she is or isn't. On sights such as that, where the community can be involved, it is always the best option to leave speculation open until some final word is given. I have a firm feeling that with the release of the KotOR comics, and the future release of the inevitable KotOR3, more light will be shed on this subject. And that light with either confirm the theory, or dissprove it. But until that time, what ever the canon decision is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the matter. But I still feel they are one-and-the-same. :ph34r:
  12. I'm glad there are others who believe like I do. I have one more thing to add though. Many argue the facts by stating, "The facts say Yes, but the community has decided No." I have a HUGE problem with this. And that problem is the word community. 1) If the facts support this theory, then why does it need to be disputed in the first place? 2) Since when has the "community" ever decide what is canon (despite the evidence) and what is not? StarWars - Wiki once used this as their standing argument to debunk the theory, but it has since been removed. They now only use the "grounds of exile" (Why Kae/Kreia were exiled) argument. But, as can be seen above, that argument is also faulty and unreliable. Besides, I firmly believe that there are more in the "community" who support the theory than there are those who do not.
  13. I was also going to mention the exchange of words between the exile and Atton. I can add to, "She may have been good-looking once..." with, "It takes some hard living to make creases like that." I, at first glance, thought this to be just some comic relief. But when looked at from the whole perspective, it is a wink from the writers. And if anyone has really put any amount of thought into the game, they would readily see that Obsidian is above thowing random mess into the story just for the heck of it. ******************************************** Also... one of the biggest arguments used to derail the Kreia=Kae Theory is the manner of exile they 'both' supposedly received. The argument is: Kreia was exiled because every student she trained was viewed as a failure. Every one disobeyed the council and followed Revan to war. And her most promisingpupil became the Dark Lord. Kae was exiled because "the shame of her birth was revealed". What you learn is that she fell in love with the Echani general, Yusanis, and became pregnant. She eventually gave birth, and was exiled from the Jedi Order. She later died in the War and no remains were ever found. The biggest problem with this base argument is this.......Who told you this information? KREIA! ******************************************** The part of information about Kae falling in love, and becoming pregnant by Yusanis, and dying in the Mandalorian War (with no body being found) can be learned from both Mical and Brianna as well. However, everything outside of this limited information is learned from Kreia, and Kreia alone. However, something comes to mind when I think of this... PC: "You have been lying to me from the very beginning." Kreia: "Yes, from the moment you awoke..." And isn't it also curious that Kae is Revan's only master noted to have fought in the Mandalorian War. Not only that, but she is also the only to be firmly noted - by name - to have died. Then, standing before the Jedi Council, Kreia was roughly greeted with, "I thought you had died in the Mandalorian Wars"? Just look at the information, and put two and two together.
  14. Even with the lack of 'personailzation' and little bits of detail that, in the long run are well worth it, it seems that Obsidy is really putting on the coal with this one. Everything just looks cleaner and smoother than TSL. And the time they are taking to make NWN2 might be a testament to it's eventual quality. Had LA given them they time they desired for TSL, it could have come out so much better than what is out now. Just looking at these NWN2 screenshots tells me that. I might be the only one who thinks so, but oh well. I think it looks pretty good. I love the town screenies. It kinda looks like a place I would actually like to visit. Oh, and I like the fog effect. It adds character quality to the environment.
  15. I don't if this should be posted here or in Obsidian General, but I just took a wild shot. I am nothing of a software genius, but I have looked at the new Alias release of Maya 7 and it looks really, really sweet. Some upgrades that have been made are, what they call, "floor contacts" and "Full Body IK". And that's to name a serious few. But these two alone help make animation so much more realistic. You can go to the Maya 7 demo page here and check it all out. Getting a bit off-topic, the future developer in charge of K3 should really make use of this seemingly great software and its very good upgrades. This way, people could have realistics actions, more action, freer expressions, and different body types and animation. Something that was supposed to be solved in TSL was to keep you from running into "clones"...but I ran into countless people who looked exactly the same as the next; sometimes in the same group. Oh, well. Maybe that had more to do with the engine than the software. But I thought I'd post anyway and maybe show you guys something new. Anyway, post as you see fit. See ya.
  16. Fan polls don't decide what is and isn't in a game. If Obsidian meant for Kreia to be Master Kae, then why should there be any disputing it. Everything to support the idea seems to be pretty much in place and I think it is a great backstory. Revan was Kreia's Padawan. He trained under many masters, but Kae was his most influencial. When the characters speak of all the masters Revan trained under, Kae seems to be at the forefront of information. Also, Kreia was his first master. Then, he traveled to others to learn all he could from them. But in the end, returned to Kae (oops, I meant Kreia). Kreia had a troubled history with the Jedi Council. More than likely, her views were far from what they wanted them to be. She even stated that every padawan was viewed as a failure in their eyes. And we know that Kae didn't listen to the Council very much, either, because 1) She followed Revan to war, and 2) She had an extra-marital affair with Yushanis...resulting in Brianna. Look at it this way...If Kreia isn't Kae, then how does Mical recognize who she is? If they are not one and the same, then why do the Masters recognize her and state that she was supposed to have died at Malachor? Kreia never said she fought in any war, but Mical did say, when listing some of Revan's teachers, "Master Kae, before Kae left for the War." Also, why would Kreia not want you to train Brianna as a Jedi. She would have prefered to have the Jedi bloodline die out with Brianna. It may be possible, that after much internal struggle, she views herself as a failure and did not want her daughter to follow that legacy. Or perhaps she did not want the exile to open her up to the Force because her intention, all along, was to kill it. Thereby possibly killing Brianna in the process. So she urged you, the exile, to keep from it; hoping to protect her only child. Kreia might be twisted in her views of the Force, but she is not evil. I feel that she does have a heart, and feels compassion for others, and was only trying to protect her daughter from either a legacy of failure or possible certain death...if she is Arren Kae. But there are things that supports both the theories that say she is, and the theories that say she isn't. But until any official word says otherwise, I'm going to assume that she is.
  17. It is my understanding, but probably wishful thinking, that Jolee finally came back to the Jedi Order. However, when the more recent Sith threat (Sion, Nihilus, and Traya) arose, he and Bastila went into hidding with the rest of the Jedi. It makes sense to me. I have a feeling that Revan wants them both to help restructure, and strengthen, the Jedi Order. Now that the threat in K2 is finally gone, they can get to work; with the help of the K2 party members (now Jedi) and those many other lost Jedi we never saw nor heard about.
  18. Yes, you can - and I have, plenty of times. <_< But yes, that was with the XBOX version. I never tried it with the PC version because I have always entered the code when playing it. If you can't do it on the PC version, then I wonder why they changed it?
  19. Yes, it is. But you get more XP points by entering the code.
  20. To begin with, had a spaceship made of metal really crash-landed on Mustafar, it would most certainly be long gone in a span of 4,000 years due to the intense heat and constant volcanic eruptions. The buildings on Mustafar seen in Episode III are still there only because of they were protected by a generated force shield. A 4,000 year olf space battle ship would not have had this. Either LucasFarts had no logic in making this decision, or they did but didn't care to use it. It maked little-to-no sense, and the actualy character (in and of himself) really has no purpose of being in the game. LucasFarts needs to really get their asses on the ball. So far they have done nothing but dig themselves into a deeper and deeper hole. And their move to Presidio has yet to show any signs of improvement to the company.
  21. Yeah, but even then he doesn't say much. He's just too boring to be a character worth having. I take him along just because it is required. I never use him on any of the worlds I go to.
  22. If you have cheats enabled, just open the cheat console by pressing "~" and type: d_hk47_01 and press enter. My big question is, what does the HK Droid Protocol Pacifist Package do? I usually find it before everything else, but am never able to install it on HK-47. I'm guessing it was meant for the Droid Factory/Planet.
  23. Yeah, I'm not too big a fan of the Influence system. It's good, in a way. But in other ways you can't really focus on every individual character, but still work with the business at hand. I got pretty much all of the main story with the first play-through. But only after I sat and thought about it for a while. I never really did get too much out of Bao-Dur. I persuaded him to be a Jedi once, and only once. But I can sum up our entire conversations with this: Bao-Dur: Yes, General? PC: Never mind. And that's about it. He is my second to least-favorite character. The worst being G0-T0. I hate that droid with a passion.
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