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  1. I would love to see a sequel or spiritual successor to AP. (probably prefer a successor). Different publisher... ideally if it was all in-house, but I realise this may be unfeasible due to money etc... Perhaps a little bit less action-oriented. By that I mean, more undercover work, manipulation, not always just stealthy or combat. Anyone remember a game called Spycraft many many years ago? That was a pretty interesting game - it had a mix of analysing evidence, satelite pictures, (not enough action though). Perhaps an open-ish world would be good like VTMB (sorta), or Daggerfall.
  2. I am still on my first playthrough and I am thoroughly enjoying the game. My only gripes are it takes ages to load up to start with and to load levels or checkpoints. I usually go an make a cup of coffee. (I have a fairly beefy machine that plays Crisis on max settings, but AP seems to lag a bit. Still when it loads it's awesome.) Occasionally if i die or load a checkpoint there are no enemies and i can't continue, but i just reload and it's fine then. Opening the PDA takes awhile, as does loading the computer or Exiting the Safehouse or Opening the Weapons Locker. (well you get the idea).
  3. I... don't think we have Best Buy in the UK... at least i've never seen one. But then I have to drive 60 miles to find my nearest Game shop too. Anyway... i've pre-ordered from Amazon... long long ago, i think before Christmas! I haven't looked to see if they have any pre-order bonus.
  4. I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed II many many many long months ago. It finally arrived on saturday. Huh why can't I play it? The DRM requires constant internet connection. If my internet drops for a second, i get kicked out of the game, then i have to wait 5-20 minutes in order to load the game (accessing the ubisoft's servers, if i even can for a couple of hours / days.) My internet connection is not that great due to living in the middle of nowhere. Anyway... my point for this other than being a rant (apologies all) this DRM is really quite bad. I have Alpha Protocol on pre-order and if i
  5. I've downloaded it, but i'm waiting for the update for USM first. :D
  6. Chip on my shoulder, p1ss3d at the government that's (betrayed me? / hung me out to dry? said 'bugger orf?). Well basically, hmm... merciless, look out for myself and try to make enough money to live comfortably. But that's only if i can't have a secret volcano base and plot world domination.
  7. He is actually Batman, but now his secret identity has been revealed!
  8. How do you impale a stormtrooper? I'm used to pcs.... not these new-fangled consoles.
  9. The Wait is Over? It's more likely KotOR 3 then since nobody's been waiting for an MMO. >.<
  10. I enjoyed it. Perhaps even more so because i got it for
  11. I'd probably write about Jaina Solo becoming a pirate after her brother's done in. Pirate Jaina, arrr!
  12. Hmm... who could be right... random punter that played the leaked version or the team who are working on it. Hmm, i'm a bit catty today, sorry.
  13. The Navy really separates the men from the boys. And not with a crowbar either! Take care, matey.
  14. Yeah, they finished season 3. There's also season 4 airing in Japan currently. Woohoo! Time to hunt the rest of season 3 and look forward to season 4!
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