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  1. I'm in a kind of limbo... I finished the game, and decided I'd go for NG+ when the expansion came out. Not that I would be looking to change things up in my choices or style of gameplay, but I really did enjoy the game that much. So when I started that everything seemed fine ... and then I put in patch 1.10. Whatever they did in that patch hosed my game (seems only to affect NG+ ... CDP is aware, but no patch for the patch is available yet). So my choice is to wait some more for the fix to continue NG+, or just to go on ahead and play the expansion post-Wild Hunt questline. TBH, I'm kinda
  2. Has anybody tried killing Falanroed after she's been possessed by the dragon? That'd be the ultimate cheese for the dragon fight... although I think it may be impossible as she's scripted to walk off screen and disappear.
  3. Among the "backer" headstones is one from Malcolm Reynolds: We have done the impossible, and now we are mighty. So appropriate!
  4. Is there any way to replay just the slideshow after the game is done? Unfortunately it was very late when I finished the game, and I nodded off a couple times while it was playing, so I don't missed/don't remember some of the endings. The last save that the game will recognize is just before the battle, which I don't want to replay again without seeing where and/or if I went wrong. There is another save (game complete) in the save folder, but it was obviously meant to be used by the future expansion, because the game doesn't recognize it; it's as if it wasn't even there.
  5. My Hiravias can now cast 17 first-level spells, without using any wearable items or any spell boosts during level-up... whereas I am playing a druid, who feels quite slighted by his measly 4. Because I didn't really need another druid, Hiravias spent most of the early game on the bench, until Twin Elms opened up and it was time to start his personal quest--so I don't know exactly when or how this happened. It may be during the leveling up process, as it keeps increasing as the game goes on. But it's kind of funny, actually--with my own character I find it hard to use all 4 spells of any ti
  6. @Oerwinde How about the first three: Terror from the deep, UFO defense, and Apocalypse? I really appreciate it.
  7. Been here almost 10 years, so I'm guessing my request was overlooked. Have always wanted to play the XCOM games, if they are still available....
  8. Updating Dark Souls 1 is a simple process, and once you switch from GFWL to the Steam beta, all of your save games and progress are just as they were before you made the switch. They are saying, though, that GFWL will only be 'live' until February; and they strongly recommend you make the switch before then, because your GFWL setup will no longer work. There appears to be no difference in the way the game starts up and works, but I haven't played enough lately to judge the speed or consistency of multiplayer connections. The DSFix graphics mod works as it did before, but the DSC connection
  9. Count yourself lucky--I can't get the newly reinstalled game to run at all on my Win 7 machine. It ran perfectly fine on WinXP. I've played it through several times and wanted to run through the restored content at least once, but I can't even get the vanilla game to run; it crashes right after character creation when the first video tries to play. The only thing I haven't tried is disabling CPU cores ... after spending several days hassling with this thing, it's probably more trouble than it's worth at this point.
  10. Huh. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I've got to wonder who has cameras set up like this so they conveniently catch all the footage.,,
  11. Sigh. I switched to Chrome. I don't like it, but I suppose I'll learn. All it has to do is load my pages correctly, after all. And it mostly does that I guess. FF has screwed up my sites so badly I can't read half of them or open links; and I don't have the patience or time to spend on reverse engineering a POS interface that somebody apparently thought was a good idea, but nobody can remember asking for or wanting. Way to go, Mozilla.
  12. You horrible cold-hearted person, you! I've been hearing the same thing from my daughter... (but unfortunately for her settlement, she let them in. Yes, within minutes they ate all her stockpiled food, and the rest were soon history.).
  13. That video looks a bit staged, if you ask me. No dog would calmly sit there with such a thing over her head when it was so easily gotten off, unless she was told to. That said, I did see a version of what I think was the same dog... in which she had her head legitimately stuck in a box, and the poor thing bolting off across the house in terror (only to land in the back yard swimming pool--not very funny at all). So far I haven't been able to re-locate the link, but the clip was part of a video montage. Maybe this family wanted to recreate the incident in a less dangerous way.
  14. If you're talking figuratively about a punch as 'slings and arrows' (i.e., the inevitable consequences of an ill-considered action), I think the hardest part of parenting is knowing--or rather deciding--when to stop jumping in to take the arrow to the knee yourself. Yeah, you told them and they didn't listen, and here it comes. Jumping in to deal with the damage is so ingrained it's second nature--first, because you've already been there done that yourself as a kid; and second, protecting your kids for the past 17-18 years has become your existence. You've got as many scars as The Nameless
  15. Nah, mine are 30 now--I can look back and laugh, and overall I think I got my money's worth for all the gray hair. My point was that it's a good theory that you can pass on your own collected wisdom and knowledge, but that often doesn't work because the young often don't/won't listen (although on some level I do believe they hear). And in fact I recall my grandmother had said the same thing, about the impossibility of putting an 'old head on new shoulders'.
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