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  1. I don't know what you guys are talking about, go-to was the freaking coolest charaacter in the game. In fact everyone, but go-to should have died. They need go-to v2.0 for the next game! jk go-to sucked. Anyway I wouldn't have killed any of them except Hannhar hands down no contest
  2. Did Kreia say "true sith" or "true sith empire"? I haven't played the game for a while and there could be a really big difference there. and uh... couldn't revan just have used the star forge ships to attack the sith empire? Why couldn't thet have just left Revan as a tradional sith like he was meant to be in k1? Was it really that necessary to glorify him?
  3. i thougt it was a good game even with its flaws, liked it better than k1, the last few levels could have been A LOT shoter, but i still actually liked the ending...
  4. wtf was the point of GO-TO?!, but that remote Bao had comes in a close 2nd if it counts as a character. lets see, i thought hannar was stupid, Bao was boring, never used vias or t3. i did use mandalore a lot and some HK too
  5. I'm scrictly console guy and I haven't done any serious upgrades to my computer in a LONG time and can't play any newer games like KOTOR on it, unfortonatley a Voodoo3 just dosen't make the cut these days lol, but I would imagine that the PC would be better. Although I do prefer an xbox controller to a mouse and keyboard or any computer controller for that matter. Now a computer with a saudered (sp?) xbox controller...
  6. No way, I didn't mess up the game and sure wouldn't pay for it again. They have already gotten enough money out of me for this game.
  7. I'd say the bartender in the Nar Shada cantina, we talk the same way.
  8. Revan- the guy with the scar and shaved head Exile- the Jesus guy
  9. Bao-Dur had the most generic voice I've ever heard in my entire life. Oh, and I never used him past Telos.
  10. No, that was some zabrak who was attacked on a dreadnaught, I think he may have been a bounty hunter too.
  11. "OMG, anime, somebody please, shoot me in the head <_< There's way too much anime in the world." (quote button isn't working on my computer right now) couldn't agree with you more
  12. I was a completely DS male for almost the entire game, but when the big decision came I chose to go LS.
  13. I can't remember my other games, but the moxt recent was level 27. I got to level 50 once with that korriban glitch (I was bored), and the game got really hard after that.
  14. 1.Kreia 2.HK-47 3.Mandalore Bao-Dur had to have the most generic voice I've heard in my entire life and I didn't really like it. I didn't really like Visas's voice either, it made me feel kind of sick, I don't think it was bad, but I just really didn't like listing to it.
  15. I say Revan, if I found out Revan died I would be like "NO!", but if I found out the Exile died it would be more like "Huh, well sucks for him."
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