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  1. Copied Straight of out the readme. -------------------- Intermittent Crashes -------------------- The game may freeze or crash to a blank screen if you play in one level for extended periods of time. This was typically seen when playing the game between thirty and forty minutes without transitioning to a new level or movie. We recommend that you save the game often to avoid losing progress if you encounter this issue. If this occurs, we recommend that you defragment your hard drive and set your Page file settings to allow Windows to manage your virtual memory. Please consult th
  2. I think the RotS commentary would have worked out better if ALL of the talkers had been there at the same time, instead of having a bunch of separate groups and then someone editing them all talking together. We would probably have heard a lot more relevant stuff and them actually talking about the moobie instead of throwing in random comments.
  3. This is all just from personal experience, so it might be extremely limited. 1. (simplest) D6, most definitely. No crazy dice needed, no real dice rolls needed, everything is designed to be as intuitive as possible. It simplifies everything so that basically all movement is calculated the same, dmg, etc. 2. (most complete) GURPS. Designed for any setting with any weird psionic, technological, magical whatever. Tons of sourcebooks on lots of things to back it up as well.
  4. I actually just finished an assassin character, a dark jedi with a charric with some serious upgrades. It was quite a bit of fun, though when I didn't have any tanks around, it was a real pain to run, shoot, run, shoot.
  5. Thank you Obsidian for finally getting around to giving us patches for it. Some of my faith is restored in that I have discovered the true problem: you don't lie to us, you just don't understand the difference between a couple days (or wvr morgan said earlier) and a couple months. This is just uninformed and (some other word about my ignorance) speculation, but I'd guess that it might have taken so long in the fact that nvidia appears to be hosting the files. Apparently they didn't want to shell out the bandwidth themselves. But honestly, thanks for finally getting around to releasing it.
  6. Alright, I can see "coming soon" having a bit of leeway on time because of its vagueness, but "a couple of days" doesn't quite give that same slack. Besides, how hard can it be for LucasArts to get this patch out of the way? Evidently(assuming Obsidian is telling us everything, which I'll give the benefit of the doubt and say it is), there isn't particularly 'nething wrong with the patch to cause them to send it back. And I can understand why they wouldn't release the patch: the community seems fairly unhappy 'neways, so it wouldn't change a whole lot whether it was released or not. There
  7. I say Spurs win it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Duncan and the Spurs always choke under pressure though, unless Robert Horry and Brent Barry come through with their three-pointers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> eat crow <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey, Parker choked big time. Duncan made something like 20% of his shots. Why do you think Horry and Barry were playing major minutes instead of Parker and Nazi Mohammed(not sure about the spelling)? So I was partially right. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'm pretty sure at least his name isn't spelled nazi
  8. Channel One Suite played by the Blue Devils(a Drum Corps). My high school marching band is playing the same piece next year.
  9. I know they've done almost the same thing with the Baldur's Gate game, like the Tutu mod(search Google if you're curious) or perhaps "The Big Picture" stuff. It plucks BGI out of its engine and gives it the BGII stuff like monks, higher resolution, new journal, better weapon proficiencies, kits, etc.
  10. I wouldn't. I mean, why would I pay twice for something that should(or should not, in which it would not be rereleased 'neways) have been in the original.
  11. Actually as previously stated, the music and movies were too big to include in this patch and will be released in a second patch in a few days. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank You very much guys for the patch and I'm also looking forward to the second patch for the movies and music. Keep up the good work, for the time you guys had to developer KOTOR2 you did a great job, please don't give up Thanks again! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmm, "a few days" you say... kinda like "coming soon"?
  12. Well, I had hit the point of despair, thinking that no patch would come and that LA and Obs had abandoned the community, but fortunately, not so. Even though it irked me that it took so long, everything is better now that that is done. I want to thank you a thousand times over for finishing the patch and releasing it, and it has restored my hope in LA and Obs. THANKS TONS!!!! (everyone, don't mind leaving a "thank-you note" here for them. Let them know it was definitely worth their while :D )
  13. dabbling in KOTOR2 for a 2nd time, kinda holding off for that patch that *might* come just dled RtCW:Enemy Territory. Even if it wasn't free, it is still REALLY good.
  14. BGII by FAR. It was a ridiculously good game, deep plot, pretty good engine(for its time. i didn't notice 'ne bugs either *ahem*), lots of sidequests/nonlinear play, quite long, a lot of development, etc. It's also much more difficult than either KOTOR or KOTOR2
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