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  1. You know its a grand failiure when the original film they edited to pieces is both better AND funnier all by itself.
  2. No kidding. I just wanted him to admit it. Since the guidelines state that alt accounts is now a no-no I have no problem revealing that Tic-Tacs more commonly used account is Hildegard
  3. This has already been posted in another thread. Please do not clog up the forum by posting old news or things that are already covered in other threads..
  4. Every time you recieve an official warning from a moderator, you will be sent a PM declaring that you have been warned. We moderators see a small meter underneath your postcount that tells us your warn level 0% / 33% /66% and 100% At 100% you will either be subjected to an extended(longer than 2 weeks) period of moderation(your every post needs to be cleared by a mod before other users can see its there) or your account will be suspended (semi-banned)
  5. 1. Its a method of slowly but surely annoying mods and admin to the point that we will put you on permanent mod status or perhaps disable your account completely. The only people actually IP-banned thus far have been commercial spammers. If you just behave, there will be no problems. And if you get a warning due to a misunderstanding then please PM the moderators so we can resolve the issue. 2. He/she will have to introduce itself personally later on. And he/she is a replacement for Shadowstrider, yes. 3. Excellent.
  6. Thats so unfair. I slave all day locking threads, pruning them, PMing naughty posters, skimming through threads I have no interest in just to see if theres naughtiness going on and all I get is this crummy "MODERATOR" sign
  7. IGN's report of OE developing K3 was a hypothetical prediction of what might happen in the gaming world in 2006. There are no indications that OE will develop it and no indication that Lucasarts are interested in a third sequel.
  8. Thread locked due to derailment and spam. IF you want me to reopne and prune it, give me a PM, Pixies.
  9. Now this is fun but quite spammy and we dont want the Devs to actually believe that this is a major issue, do we? closed for now.
  10. IF you ever need mod help then just give me a shout
  11. On behalf of all of us on this forum I thank you for your efforts
  12. Would you like me to create a new thread for discussing writing games and for arguing the economics of the industry?
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