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  1. Fried Ramen and an energy drink called a Big Ol' Can of Whoop Ass. The saying on the can is priceless. "Revitalizes attitude and restores faith in mankind."
  2. :kinda- wouldnt let me instal my graphics driver so i quit. :Yes :Links and such please, i dont do software and hardware... :i dunno....
  3. ok, i have a forum i am working on, but to do a skin i need to do css code. i dont do coding.... lol. :"> i was wondering, (seeings as this forum is the same type as mine) if anybody knows how to change the logo bar. and how to find some skins for it....
  4. I attached my DxDiag file to this post. thank you guys for the help..... and its mote of a black screen of death not blue. or a just straitup freeze. DxDiag.txt
  5. so like what should i do, prop it up? or look into water cooling?
  6. i live in a small town in grand rapids. aint happining.... im probably going to have to go to a friends house... as for fionavar, lol it just freezes when im doing stuff.... i dont know....
  7. its fine after i reboot metadigital. it just randomly freezes....
  8. I have a really nice laptop, but it keeps freezing. All of my techie friends say its either windows xp media center or my video card. I really hope its not the latter. My video card is a NVidia Geforce 7600 GO and i havent downloaded the latest drivers yet because my internet is slow and it would take 8 hours. and my dial up disconects about every 2 so i am pretty much screwed. I have to keep starting all over. My laptop usually freezes when i am playing games or watching movies. any input would be helpful...
  9. As to getting rid of the blue from hell, you'd have to download some skins for windows xp home, or whatever you are using.
  10. use a proxy search engine... i cant think of one off the top of my head but killergames.net used to have a really good one imbedded on their site. Its sole purpose was to go around the school's filter. But eventually you will get caught. But then again, we never did.......
  11. Chaotic Nuetral would be the only D&D alignment that would allow you to do whatever you wanted....
  12. I ;ove cats!! i wish i woked with these guys. Man, i hope when i graduate i get a job with obsidian. Game Design careers can die quickly when your unimployed.
  13. we had a meth presentation in my school the other day and the guy used fioavar's avatar as a lesson thing... thought you all otta know.....
  14. so then it does x-ist? and for the 360? And why cant invisible people ask gaurds to attack. if i was invisible id do it....
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