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  1. Me too, my 21" Dell CRT monitor can easily do 128x1024 at 100 Hz, but when I enter the game the resolution menu stops at 85, what gives? Has anyone managed to get TSL to take a new look at the hardware resources available to it? 100 Hz is no problem in other games...
  2. I noticed this area on the map when wrapping up Nar Shadaa, it's north of the dock flats and west of Vogga and his warehouse, it looks like an area that was planned to be used but then left alone, connected to by two unopenable doors. Will this corridor be reopened by any of the restoration projects? (picture attached) It's not the same place Mira took the Exile and drugged him/her? I thought that was in the flats, where you later meet/fight the Jedi Master.
  3. Riiight, I didn't notice my CON being yellow, I did only have 17 CON after all... Thanks guys.
  4. I just gave my Guardian/WM an 18 in CON to be able to use the "Enhancement D-Package" in my noggin, but it is still shown as red in the equip-screen, what have I missed? Do I need more feats?
  5. I have a 25Mbit broadband connection but I can't get more than 92 Kb/sec, not even if I download them one at a time from that NZone-place. I tried yesterday as well, same speed limit for me. It takes 35 minutes for each file, sometimes it even times out so that the download window just disappears at 70% completion, what is this? Is there any other mirror or website that offer these .rars?
  6. Yes but it still contains things that are important if you've done a clean install, which I have. But it won't run, doesn't anyone know why?
  7. I tried patching the game but the patch file said "No update since file contents do not match". It's a fresh install! Anyway, disregarding that I tried launching the game anyway and now the resolution is fixed at 1280x768 widescreen pressed together into 4:3. Everything is squeezed together and the bottom of the screen is inaccessible to the mouse. If I go to the Video settings the resolution list is empty and set to 60 Hz. What is this?
  8. Can anyone help me? I'm trying to autopatch from the In-game updater but the LucasArts FTP just stands still for ten minutes and then the window tells me the patch isn't there anymore. So I manually download the "sw_pc_english_from200424_to210427"-patch and run it and it says this; So what are my options?
  9. GhostOfAnakin said: I agree wholeheartedly. Although this is Obsidian here, I would love a "Neverwinter Nights"-style inventory, with four to five pages and a weight limit, decided by your STR. You could also have NWN's "magic bags" that add more space and alleviate weight through, say, counter-grav storage jugs, purchaseable through merchants. Getting the chance to move around armor and weapons and get a feel of their shape, thumbnail depiction and sound (when dropping it in a slot, like in NWN) really did a lot to the game immersion of NWN, I have to say.
  10. So it's both a legal and tech-evolving problem to Lordify KotOR, that's typical. Yes, imported faces would be a nice touch. Also, didn't the three classes have different body builds in KotOR? Scoundrel being slim, scout being normal and Soldier being beefy? I liked those distinctions, especially when I played through for the second time. I always like to play extremes, first a petite blonde LS Jedi Consular girl, then a towering DS dark-haired guy. JamieKirby: I don't believe them "rushing" the game out has any impact on the incompatibility between KotOR 1&2, as was explained here
  11. Update: I got it! Straight from Jorran after he returned to his camp. I found out something important, too. I saved before talking to him at the camp, I got the lens fixture and two random crystals, sometimes one power and one color, sometimes both color. After about 50 loads and no Cyan (saw one Orange, though) I got a little suspicious. I checked my inventory; I had one purple crystal, one green and one Cyan. Neither purple nor green came up in the reloads either. So I added two and two together, ran back to the Ebon Hawk and put my cyan crystal in the starboard hidden compartmen
  12. If I save before first talking to him I can reload and the color will randomly change, which is the point of this whole thread. He only keeps one crystal in his list so if you need two you'll have to get the other from somewhere else. Thanks for the tip, MetaDigital, I'll try the saber-drop points too. The rare green color is Veridian and it looks ugly to me. Like pea soup instead of the emerald of the green proper. I seriously can't use silver, it makes the eight edges of the blade sprites shine so brightly the whole lightsaber looks like an IKEA rice paper lamp. All eggs
  13. Hmm, the E-mail notification system seems screwed up on this board, no matter how many times I click the notification-box I never get any. I've run into some trouble, I think. I got my first Cyan-crystal from the Duros guy on Telos, only took about 30 loads this time, phew. Trouble is, he seems to be the only vendor that has random color crystals. On Nar Shadaa I went to both Geeda and her Duros-competitor, both of them have saber crystals but only the power crystals change randomly, the color crystals stay locked at yellow for Geeda and violet for the Duros-guy when I checked, no mat
  14. Thanks. I did manage to get one Ballistic Shielding overlay (15% vs) and an underlay with a similar disposition against bludgeoning (+3), it worked very well. I took down all five of the handmaidens with 15% health left, using improved force barrier and a mandalorian melee shield. It felt good to not have to "cheat" to win, like pushing the girls off the mat or such. Sarth Frog, you say? I'll look into it, always fun to pick up tricks from others.
  15. Very interesting. Thank you for the thorough presentation, Nightcleaver. Is AC affected by DEX? Because I'm trying out a Guardian-build based on STR so my DEX is 12 and will stay there, would it be foolish to use the "+X vs. bludgeon"-upgrades if I'm not a DEX-guy? Should I stick to the %-ers? (Of course, I may just be able to afford putting one of each into the armor. Hope so.)
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