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  1. My guess is that the ShipBuild() function was just used for checking an internal engine condition to determine if the current build of the game engine was a development build or a release build. This was probably intended to make it possible to block out certain custom debug statements in scripts (see k_inc_debug.nss) in the release version of the game to prevent any debug printouts from remaining by mistake. In order to change this you would likely have to recompile/build the swkotor2.exe binary with the debug define set, which, of course, you can't since the odyssey engine source code isn't opensource. The scripting functions you are interested in, such as SpeakString() and AurPostString() (and debug text, such as the console text, being shown on screen) are most likely only accessible in the debug build of the executable, and are excluded when building a release version to save resources and memory. I won't pretend to know how Bioware or Obsidian have organized their code, but many programming languages have easy mechanisms for excluding chunks of code at compile time depending on if a define is set, which is often used to get rid of debug specific code when the final release version of a project is built.
  2. Actually there was. Bastila had that feat as standard in KotOR1, though it didn't do anything but sit in her feat list looking pretty. Here's a screenshot of it: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/1327/ba...ditation8lf.jpg The only thing you can "blame" Obsidian for in this case is to not have removed Bastila's creature template from the first game in the TSL data.
  3. The lower screenshot on the back of the box is of a situation not possible in the game either (Handmaiden in the party with a female Exile). Game makers tend to do this often for some reason.
  4. "At Duro, when basilisk war droids rained like meteors onto the orbiting cities, and when the Mandalorians set fire to the Xoxin plains on Eres III - the fires that still burn."
  5. You will get the Visas scene when you are either 75% towards lightside or 75% towards the darkside, or when you've gained 50 dark/light alignment points regardless of direction, or when you have found 3 of the Jedi Masters.
  6. Looks like a bug to me. Seems like they forgot to set the negation flag for the conditional check that makes sure you only get darkside points once when you pick that conversation node. Thus both the "give darkside point" variant and the "already said it" variant are blocked out from the start.
  7. She showed up just in time when all the grunt work was done to finish off Mandalore herself and take credit for the victory. After all, Mandalore (the new one) still claims that Revan killed Mandalore (the dead one) and took the helmet in K2:TSL. But granted, K2:TSL did rewrite the events of the Mandalorian War quite a bit from how it was described in the first game. Not just the Malachor V battle... (K1: Massive fleet battle won by Revan's forces due to superior tactics and battle strategy. K2: Scrape together all the damaged Republic ships into a fleet, man them with everyone Revan wants to get rid of, and use them as a decoy the Mandalorians couldn't resist. Then crush them all with a gravity bomb.) ...but also the war in general, where in K1 the Republic forces more or less crushed the Mandalorians once Revan was put in charge of her third of the Republic fleet, while in K2 the fight was portrayed as much more evenly matched.
  8. Yes, they are using the insignia of the Black Rakata (the warrior caste) for some reason. Perhaps Canderous collected some souvenirs on the Unknown World before they left. Maybe the Mandalorians thought it'd help them create an Infinite Empire of their own with some inspiration from the past...
  9. Using a straight SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(), "...") for debug printouts in an OnModuleLoad script (like a_ebo003_load is) is unreliable since the player hasn't necessarily been spawned in the area yet when that script is running. GetFirstPC() will not return a valid object at that time. (GetFirstPC() do however tend to return a valid object in OnModuleLoad when you reload a savegame within that module, rather than enter it from another module.) If you delay the debug printout with a few seconds to give the player time to spawn it should appear when you enter the Ebon Hawk normally too. In addition, since the OnModuleLoad isn't an "OnEnter" event, the value returned by GetEnteringObject() wouldn't be reliable to use there since there is no entering object that's relevant for that event. It would likely return an invalid object in most cases (except, I guess, if the player just before has been the last entering object of another event that sets that value. At least that's my guess as to why the container gets spawned some times rather than never.) I assume that script was originally designed to be used with a Trigger, where it would have worked fine, and they forgot to change it when they used it in OnModuleLoad instead.
  10. This is how I've done it in all my games so far since it seems to make the most sense for some reason 1) Quick stop on Dantooine. Speak to no-one, don't enter Khoonda. Just head straight for the crystal cave and pick up the Exile's crystal. 2) Go back to the Ebon Hawk and pick up Visas. 3) Nar Shaddaa. 4) Dantooine (the rest) 5) Dxun/Onderon 6) Korriban 7) Dxun/Onderon redux. Dantooine Meeting 9) Railroad to the End.
  11. Those "Chronicles" completely contradicts and wrecks the story of the first game as well. I'm willing to bet that the person who wrote them has not played either of the games. I wouldn't pay much heed to what they say, regarding the KotOR series. They may provide some interesting backstory to previous events for people like me who has not read any novels/books or seen more of StarWars than the movies and a handful of games. Though it's of course possible that they are as accurate about that EU background info as they are about the game story.
  12. Perhaps more was planned at some stage... But personally I don't mind some things being left unexplained or not being elaborated upon. That kind of flavor just shows that the Exile isn't the all-knowing center of the universe through whom everything must happen.
  13. Perhaps they felt it was too evil to let you brutalize your own party members, something about the protagonist being more evil than the antagonist(s)... If you really desire to choke the poor guy though, it shouldn't be that hard to modify the Disciple's dialog to unlock that option, you just have to edit the conditional script that blocks it out. Try unpacking this file and put it in your override folder, then trigger his "Comment on darkside looks" dialog. Then you should be able to choke him, provided that you know any of the Wound/Choke/Kill powers of course. (Can't say what state the animations etc for that dialog branch is in though. I always play a lightsider so I couldn't test such a thing, so try it at your own risk Just delete it from your Override folder again if it causes trouble.) --- I'm glad they didn't put the form learning in the final game though, that would have made no sense at all. As the Jedi Masters say when you fight them, learning such a form would take decades of hard and dedicated training. The Exile can do it due to her...special... condition, but your party members shouldn't be able to. Sure, she already hyper-accelerates their experience gain and power through her force bonds, but the forms are one of the special things that makes the Exile unique. All the others have some special attacks, powers or feats, so you got to leave something for the Exile to feel special about.
  14. I always spare Atris and let her quit the Jedi and try to get her life back in order. Seems like the best thing to do. Nothing would be served by killing her (except perhaps Kreia's will). Being "bitchy" is hardly grounds for execution to a lightside ex-jedi. Besides, when you force her out of her delusions by defeating her at the end, she seems a lot more reasonable. Maybe she'll be okay again in time. I leave it up to the Queen and let her execute him. No need for me to do her dirty work, and there wasn't really much else of an option if Onderon was going to stabilize again since he was too well connected. One does tend to become more pragmatic than your average cloistered idealistic jedi when you live through a war and the fallout from it. I usually clean out both the Exchange and the Serroco in the refugee sector. Should leave plenty of space for those poor refugees. Besides, armed thugs on a testosterone high that tries to kill someone for opening a door have noone but themselves to blame. Had to be eliminated to give the Ithorians some peace. The Exile (my version at least) isn't gullible enough to trust the word of a ruthless gangster that's already tried to kill her twice, that he'd leave the Ithorians alone. If the Jedi Masters hadn't forgotten to pack their brains when they departed from Onderon and Nar Shaddaa they would certainly have still lived. But as it stands I can't say that my lightside Exile was all to sad to see them gone. With their misinformed, fearful and near-panic response to the Exile they nearly doomed the galaxy to death. Perhaps she'd have incapacitated them and tried to reason with them first if given the opportunity, but Kreia's lifeforce-drain did the trick just as well, and spared the Exile from having to dirty her hands with doing what was necessary for the good of the Galaxy (if they'd not see reason).
  15. All party members have some kind of comment when you enter the Central Droid Controller with them on G0T0's ship. As I see it, it is connected with all the droids G0T0 can override and control planetside on Nar Shaddaa. If you have high enough awareness when examining the swoop droid and the Pazaak droid for example you'll discover a small module attached to them with a transmitter/receiver. I assume the "spy droid" in Vogga's warehouse has a similar module attached, and that so did the cleaning droid attacking you if you do the Bith Scientist quest. G0T0 uses all droids on Nar Shaddaa as his eyes and ears, and there has to be millions if not billions of them in a place like Nar Shaddaa. Since droids are so commonly used for every imaginable task in all places in a city, this would make G0T0 nearly omniscient to all that's going on on the moon. That's why G0T0 didn't know what Visquis was up to at the JekJekTarr for a long time, since it was one of the few places where there were no droids.
  16. Coolest item: A tie between the Carbonite Projector and Cryoban Grenade. Best Item: The Exile's personal saber crystal (when its full potential is reached). (And by contrast, the most pointless item has to be the Killstick, but fortunately you can't get that one without cheating. )
  17. That's true, don't know enough about the "standard" culture within the Republic to know when they concider various species to be adult. It's easy to think of things in terms of ones own culture as universal. After all, the Jedi Order appear to be training kids as warriors as soon as they are old enough to hold a training lightsaber.
  18. Too much information... This is a game forum with minors present (at least judging from the content of some posts, no offense meant if someone feels this pertains to them). While kids discuss things like eating habits at kindergarten nowadays we should probably at least attempt to stick to the illusion of political correctness and stay on topic. That said, I don't get the impression that the Disciple is romantically interested in the Exile. I see it more as Hero Worship, she's a role model that he admires greatly. Someone who impressed him so much when he was a kid that he couldn't forget her.
  19. Unless the Republic uses children soldiers he could be at youngest 28-29. Though I prefer to think of him about 5 years older than that.
  20. Concidering the StarWars tendency of things being more powerful the older they are, and how the "ancient masters" always could beat any contemporary champions in their sleep, Kreia would win. But then you would have to define "win". Win what? A straight fight? The one who has the most peons when they die win? Who was best at spinning complex webs of plans and manipulating others? Who would win a game of chess? They are a bit hard to compare though, since Sidious/Palpatine is very much a Sith Lord until his death, while Kreia by the time you meet her is a former Sith Lord (and former Jedi Master before that). So in terms of who was the most powerful Sith by the time they met their end, it would be Sidious since Kreia wasn't a Sith when she died.
  21. The console is on the far short wall and looks like one that's used as wall decoration all over the place rather than a standard computer console, but this particular one can be used. Though I would have preferred it if you had been allowed to dump G0T0 at the last bomb site, since he (it?) by his own words carries a rather powerful proton core. A heroic sacrifice to save the Republic...
  22. A lot can change in 4000 years though, so the KotOR era Jedi Order wouldn't necessarily have the same code and rules as the Movie era Order would. And concidering that the Jedi Order was down to 1 Jedi Master (the Exile), a handful of neophyte apprentices and a redeemed Sith by the end of TSL (assuming you play lightside of course), they could pretty much have changed what they wanted when they rebuilt the Order. In this case I prefer to believe such things has changed, since the Disciple certainly both looks and acts older than 17 in the game.
  23. I believe it is a simple oversight on the developer's part. There are no scripts attached to that dialog that grants any skill point bonuses. You can either fix this with a 3rd party mod to the game (it's not very hard to fix yourself if you know how to edit the game data), or hope they'll change this in an upcoming patch.
  24. It's pretty much a matter of speculation since the game gives little clues. What I imagine is: Exile - 38 or so... was old enough 10 years ago to be a full Jedi Knight who helped in training new recruits and experienced enough to lead troops to war. Looks 10 years younger than she is, since it's hinted (by Mira) that she stopped aging physically when she was cut off from the force. Mira - 25 or so... she was fighting at the end of the Mandalorian wars 10 years ago, though it was hinted she was fairly young at the time. Visas - Hard to tell... I imagine her to be around 30, or just below. Don't know if Miraluka have a different lifespan than humans. Handmaiden - Comes off as fairly young, judging by her manners and how her half-sisters treat her. 22-23 or so? Bao-Dur - No idea, don't know how long the average lifespan of a Zabrak is. I'd say he's about about middle-aged or just below, however long that might be. Kreia - 60-65 or so... It is hinted that she might be younger than she looks, since at least some of her creases and age wrinkles are actually Darkside disfigurations (as hinted by the Disciple). Still, old enough to have been a Jedi Master, Council Member and then a Sith Lord for at least 5 years. Atton - I'd guess about 35... Old enough to have been a Republic soldier in the mandalorian wars. Disciple - Fairly young, about 22 or so... That would have made him a 12 year old kid back before the Mandalorian started and he was (briefly) trained in the force by the Exile at the Dantooine enclave, when he developed his Hero Worship for her. T3M4 - 5 years old. He was built on Taris just prior to its destruction 5 yeard ago. HK47 - 7-8 years... Built after the mandalorian wars ended and at the beginning of Revan and Malaks campaign as Sith. G0T0 - Younger than 5 years I'd guess. While Telos was bombed to a radiactive ball before Revan was dethroned by Malak, I doubt the Republic would have the resources to waste beginning to restore Telos while still at open war with Revan's Sith Empire. So I'd say G0T0 was built shortly after the war ended to aid the Ithorian restoration project on Telos. Mandalore - I'd say around 55 or so. Don't know if Mandalorian lifespan is longer than the average human though. He's a veteran soldier who was fairly high in the mandalorian ranks during the Mandalorian War.
  25. If that's what was planned at some point then I'm happy they changed it. Atris and Kreia fit in their current roles perfectly, and it would make no sense for Atris to be the End Boss, just as it makes no sense having her fight Nihilus (Nihilus wouldn't fight her, he would drain her to death on sight and that would be the end of it). I think Kreia is perfect as the end boss since she's not the typical antagonist, and she fights you because she wants you to defeat her, not because you have chased down the Big Bad Evil to end their terror, as most games tend to have you do. And I think Atris is perfect in her role, showing the human aspect of the Jedi. Someone who has suffered loss, feels betrayed and has started to doubt the teachings she has been fed since she was a small child. Still, they are all she knows, so she klings to the illusion of being a Jedi even as she is dragged down the dark path by her own emotions as much as by the influence of the Sith Holocrons she has gathered. ---- That said, a game and its story can change a lot during development, as development tends to be an iterative rather than a linear process. The existance of scraps from a previous iteration of the game does not mean that it would fit in with the current state of the game and story, and thus it's very hard to look at such scraps and for certain say that "this is what they had envisioned all along!". It's a bit like having a jigsaw puzzle where a third of the pieces are missing and the remaining pieces can be configured in a multitude of ways and still produce a picture, though a different one for each way, if you use your imagination to fill in the blanks and manufacture the missing pieces... to use a poor metaphor. What I mean to say is: Atris may well have been the end boss at some point, though I seriously doubt she was anything like the Atris we meet (and ultimately confront) in the final game. Characters, their personality, names, role and place in the story can get changed around a lot during development.
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