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  1. Couldn't find another topic about it... Does anyone know all the lightsaber forms and what they do?? I think that it should be 7 different forms...
  2. 'Cause he's gay, he's screaming like a girl, he's for no use, and he's just an irritating organic meatbag...
  3. It is indeed. And it almost never work. (No matter what I search for, it still finds some topic about the crystalcave...)
  4. I don't think that it's in the PC version, and the only things it can do is some useless things like deleting characters and stuff, I've never found it though so I don't know...
  5. It's not a glitch... it's an easter egg, the programmers put it in there intentionally, just like the Cheat Node in KotOR 2... when I found it the first time, I just wondered why Zaalbar was following me around the ship and a Clone-Zaalbar was standing right next to him, then I found the Galaxy Droid and thought something happened to my Xbox, then I shut it down. It was VERY freaky...
  6. The Carth must be eliminated... I mean, he's even more paranoid than me (and that's not little!). Why wouldn't I be surprised if he wer schizo too...brain-damaged and anorectic etc.
  7. My guess is that Obsidian had to skip that part of the game 'cause if they didn't they wouldn't have made it in time for LucasArts' deadline... They had to skip the whole ending sequence.
  8. Guardian/Marauder, with the Juyo form, then it would be no fight.. it would be a slaughter, and that is funny... Two red lightsabers and zoom and 4 persons were dead... Oh man, I laughed as h*ll the first time I did that... :D
  9. Two single black lightsabers, darkside of course...
  10. Mandalore never takes his helmet off. he can't become a jedi...
  11. Anyone besides me that noticed that the mandalorian standar is shaped like the Star Forge?
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