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  1. If you talk to T3 before you get to Telos you can uncover a message from Bastila.
  2. Well, it's been a while since I played KotOR I. I'm playing modded KotOR II now. I didn't and don't use Flurry until Master level. Even a normal attack is better than non-master flurry. But, thanks for the corrected information!
  3. 7Zip = I use this on my home workstation because it doesn't gunk up the registry like WinZip and other un/archiving programs do...
  4. I used Critical Strike in KotOR I because that was one of the beginning "free" feats for a Scout (which I almost always played). In KotOR II, I believe Power Attack is a "free" feat for a Sentinel (which I almost always play). I try to use whatever "free" feats I have because I don't like wasting them. Unfortunately, in KotOR II, the game is so easy that it doesn't really matter what you choose because your enemy is going down anyway. "
  5. I like console games because you can play them without worrying about whether or not you have the right drivers installed to play the game or installing a driver to find out it just foo-barred another game you were playing. I like consoles because you can get a complete gaming machine for about the price of a new video card for your computer. I like computer games because if the developer/publisher messed up, there's likely to be a fix from the dev/pub/fans that will ease your angst. I like computers because you can use the computer for a lot more than a game console. This may be
  6. I use Power Attack until I get Master Flurry. In KotOR I I used Critical Strike.
  7. So please tell me how Kreia crapping herself into your party is subtle? After all, your argument is that KotOR II is subtle.
  8. I'm curious, when did the "accelerating expansion" theory fall and what observation led to this shift of opinion? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, you are correct. It's the other way around. :S The local groups are behaving like there's more mass than can be observed. Explanation: Dark Matter. The expansion is going faster than anyone predicted (except for Einstein). Explanation: Dark Energy. I have some reading to do...
  9. The last I heard is that the universe appears to be slowing down overall, whereas locally, the universe is speeding up. It is the slowing down with the lack of observable mass that made us postulate dark matter. It is the local part speeding up that made us postulate dark energy. Don't worry. I am sure they will change their minds yet again in the next hundred years or so. What's a hundred years when we're talking about events that will occur billions of years in the future?
  10. Your insistence that the game is subtle implies that you have to search out things in the game. The fact that Kreia basically craps herself into conversations that she has nothing to do with means that it isn't subtle. The fact that I have to spell this out makes me wonder if you really understand what subtle means. Now, if you had said that the game isn't all Black or White and required you to actually seek out conversations instead of spoon-feeding the plot to you, I'd agree up to a point. I'd even agree with you that the dialog that we get is better written than KotOR I (though mass
  11. In one of the many lightsabre threads that have been floating around, Eddo mentioned that a black lightsabre would be rather cool. Well, this would be cool to me, too, because it would match my outfit 99% of the time. For some reason, Eddo assumes that a "blacklight", such as the ones used in Halloween parties, produce a "black light". Unfortunately, a "blacklight" produces ultraviolet light, which is beyond the visible spectrum for humans, but could be visible to other species. One way around this problem would be the lightsabre I mentioned in that thread: a dark matter lightsabre. No
  12. Well, I'm not interested in Kreia's "backstory" so I have no interest in influencing her. I mostly left her on the ship until I noticed that she added an experience bonus, and then I realized that I could negate the bonus by leveling up with a massive glitch in the game (where you can't even die (so I had 0 VP for about 17 levels)).
  13. Excuse me, but KotOR II is not subtle at all. No other game that I have played involves a character that you leave in your ship *cough*Kreia*cough* who somehow manages to inject *cough*herself*cough* into what you're doing because said person doesn't like a dialog choice you just made. And what was so subtle about Atris opining on what the Handmaiden was doing? For that matter, what was subtle about G0-T0 requesting an upgrade? What subtlety exists in a game that absolutely insists on making you watch cutscenes that have everything to do with the cut portions of the game for the ending?
  14. Bastila + Force Speed = Much faster Taris time. :D
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