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  1. I'm sure that advances in personal shields and body armor is what caused the eventual death of the physical projectile weapon in the Star Wars universe.
  2. I'll be happy as long as the NPC party members are a lot more interesting and interactive. I liked the influence system, but I think that there should have been more dialog rewards along the way as your influence with a particular party member got higher.
  3. I found it kinda odd that there's a cutscene where G0-T0 stuns Bao-Dur's remote, says something about not destroying the planet, then...The planet gets destroyed when you defeat Treya anyway, with no further explanation. Is there something there that got cut from the final ending?
  4. Carth's whining had me wishing throughout the entire game that I could have murdered him brutally in the streets at any given moment. Anyway, I think the Disciple is younger than Atton, but that's just the impression that I got.
  5. Guardian/WM was my combination of choice. You can really shred stuff, and you end up with more force points than you know what to do with, especially if you work up to Master Force Body. I'd imagine a Guardian/WM/Marauder could also be a fairly effective force user if you gave it the necessary stats. I never did. I had 40+ strength, though. Didn't miss once when I fought Nihilis, Sion, or Treya, and damn did they ever go down fast.
  6. My vote's for Bastila. The dialog with her was much better.
  7. I agree on all counts. I also think it would have been nice if there were more alignment/influence rewards for actions throughout the game. I was pretty disappointed when certain actions (freeing the Ithorian that was imprisoned by the Exchange on Telos comes to mind) gave no reward at all.
  8. Visas' skin doesn't look like boiled leather.
  9. That makes sense. They might be trying to force romance with Visas for the sake of continuity. It'd be important if there might be a sequel further down the road. Imagine the nightmare they'd have to go through in order to build *that* history as the game goes by.
  10. It's not force sex, you just "look upon one another," or whatever. No intimate relations were even implied. I chose the Handmaiden as my object of affection. I saw no direct evidence of any romance, but apparently Mira assumed we'd hooked up because we both looked like we'd been in contact with a power coupling recently due to the whole Jedi thing. The three half-naked duels also apparently has some significance to the Echani, but all I ever got were hints. No grand "I love you" scene, which was disappointing. Then again, I didn't carry the Handmaiden around in my groups all the time.
  11. I always figured that he got in a fist fight with a siberian tiger.
  12. The way in which Revan and Malak converted so many Jedi to the dark side gets touched upon in KOTORII. Nothing specific, but definitely interesting. EDIT: After finishing KOTORII, I'm more impressed than I expected to be. All the whining here led me to believe that there really wasn't an ending, but the game felt like it wrapped itself up nicely. Sure, they could have done a better job, but it's not half as bad as people make it out to be.
  13. I'm of the opinion that Mace would have won if not for Anikin's interference. Claiming that Sidious could easily toy with someone as powerful as Windu just seems foolish when you consider the way that he died in the sixth and final movie. Sidious wasn't a god, don't make him out to be. He might have been manipulating Anikin at the end of the fight when he knew he'd lost, but I doubt that he'd have come out on top if Anikin hadn't jumped in.
  14. I prefer robes. My favorite force powers are all armor restricted. >.<
  15. Heh, yeah, since I got my lightsaber I've eaten through everything with far too much ease. It's fun, though, honestly, after spending so much time dealing very little damage.
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