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  1. Yeah I thought as much. I guess theres just far too many topics and even more replies on this subject. I got bored looking for this info! :">
  2. Hi guys, I'd just like to interject here a minute and bring to everyone's attention a recent article in the official Xbox360 magazine. The article is predicting with some degree of certainty that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III will be released late 2006. There are some scans floating around the net. The links to them are below. Here and Here The scans were provided by someone on the game banshee forums recently, if this has already been posted here I do apologise, I had checked but perhaps not thoroughly enough? Anyway, what do you all make of it? Its quite intriguing however I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.
  3. That would be some development, and I'm sure lucasArts would be willing to give the developers plenty of time and money to do this " It would be interesting though, did anyone ever manage to retrieve all the endings on Silent Hill, made the game worth playing plenty of times.
  4. As long as the developers (whoever they be) don't get some silly idea about such an excursion being worthwhile. I suppose anything could happen really, I mean there is a possibility that the sith academy on Malachor V could yield the PC for the next game. e.g. You start off as a student at the academy and you could quite easily be 'enlightened' or you could carry on embracing the dark side. I know its unlikely but you never know...
  5. I found that extremely odd as well, surely not all the Kath hounds that had thrived on Dantooine in the first game, would have been either eradicated or "domesticated"? One thing that really frustrated me in K2 was the "change/unequip weapons" shortcut within the actions bar. Its a nice idea but at times when there was a heated battle and the framerate started doing its stuff I often found I'd suddenly change from a double bladed-lightsaber to an advanced mining laser So, yeah I would definitely prefer the weapon changing system to revert back to that of K1 for the third game. (Also, what ever happened to the 'transit back to ship' tool?) I also never want to visit Malachor V again but I guess thats probably been said a lot around here already =
  6. like all sports games, very repetitive... at least imo. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> "Great...Pass...by.......Rob-bie Fow-ler"
  7. I recently started playing champ manager 4 I should never have bothered, it has more bugs that TSL <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You Should Play Football Manager 2005/6. From the creators of the championship Manager Series, CM4 is drivel you can't even play multiplayer on it.
  8. Whillst we're on the subject I hate Greenday...didn't used to, but they've spawned a load of other teeny bopper bands dressed in a punk outfit like Good Charlotte and are also massive sell-outs.
  9. Either that, or shes a hypocritical old battleaxe
  10. They may get to choose, in the same way a new pope gets to choose their title perhaps.
  11. If you say so, but yours is presumptuous. Due to the fact that you will not hear anyone else's take on matters, you may say you do but how can you claim to know what Tolkien did or did not do whilst writing LOTR, he may have changed it considerably by the time he was nearing the end its speculation and as such we can only assume that KOTOR 3 could quite easily wrap plot holes up in the same way Tolkien MIGHT have. If things don't make sense in Kotor 3 then I will hold my hands up. For now we just have to take what was said in Kotor II and think on it. Also why do you play any games at all if you can imagine any better? like you have just stated.
  12. Thar be some pretty good stuff (except Pearl Jam, can't stand them ) I would also add in The screaming Trees, Flipper, Pixies, Led Zep, Postal Service, Deathcab for Cutie, Placebo, etc etc....
  13. Just because the game finishes, does not an ending make. You are confusing a stopping of further progress with a written and directed conclusion to a story (remember a story needs a beginning, a middle and an end!) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well it wrapped things up in a sense, it might not have resolved too much but why should it? I mean Kreia more or less pushes the Exile's hand towards helping Revan which ever way he/she might choose. creating more sith to aid him or in fact go himself or even keeping out of the way (going into exile). You should use your imagination. I do agree that it could have been done in a much more professional (and less rushed way) but it doesn't mean that the events haven't transpired and would quite easily work if there were to be a follow on plot. (Consult LOTR:Two towers for a similar ending, with gollum in two minds eg.)
  14. What I don't get is, how can there be more than one Sith Lord under Traya in K2? I thought that Sith only came in twos. Or so we've been led to believe by the sacred Ewok himself.
  15. You keep telling yourself that, if it helps. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There is an ending its what is known as an open-ending, or more commonly known as a cliffhanger. If there wasn't an ending we'd still be playing it now....
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