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  1. I think a problem occured in my internet connection and that's the reason of my multiposting. I made 3 clicks as I've thought the post hasn't gone. If there is a mod around, s/he can delete my remaining posts apart from the one about the topic. I've tried to delete, but edit option doesn't provide deleting option, only allows to empty the post.
  2. I have no knowledge of the reality of this, but if this is real, this is a big pity for Afghanistan and the Afghans who claim to be Muslims.Such an action is strictly forbidden in Islam and the practitioners of such actions are threatened to be tormented in hell like the citizens of sodom and gomorrah. I don't know if this news is real, but unfortunately, there were and are lots of sects in Muslim countries claiming to be ways or tariqats on Islamic ways, but in real, they are sects having no relationships with Islamic rules. Like pedophilia, homosexuality is also strictly forbidden in Islam, an Kur'an clearly tells the story of Prophet Lut in different verses, who was sent to the people living in sodom and gomorrah. I advice you not to believe people performing such actinons and still claiming to be a true believers of Islam religion. There are also people claiming that Prophet Muhammed(S.A.V.) had a wife or wives being in the age 9 and trying to legalize pedophilia with such fairytales. They are nothing but a bunch of people trying to distort the image of Islam or legalize their nastiness with tales having no root to Islam religion. Prophet Muhammed has never married Hz.Aisha at that age and she was having menstrual cycle when she married Him, this proves that she was at a mature age. Throughout history, such sects have occured and the governors of their ages acted immidately against them. Fatimis during mid ages can be a good example. For instance today in Turkey a sect is there called 'Alevis', again claiming to be a road of Islam, but they are not practicing namaz pray or other basics which Allah(C.C.) orders in Kur'an. They play musical instruments while praying via dancing, some of them take Hz.Ali as the prophet of Islam, and yet they still claim to be an Islamic sect. None of their actions are Islamic and so they are anti Islamic. In one of His speeches Prophet Muhammed(S.A.V.) said 1400 years ago that, when it is close to doomsday, Islam shall be divided into 72 sects, and only one of them shall be the true path, which is the path of the people applying the sunnah of Prophet Muhammed(S.A.V.) and the first believers around him. Such sects are those having the path to hell with practices against Islamic rules or including new praying inventions which have never been practiced during Hz.Muhammed(S.A.V.)'s time. Such praying inventions are called Bid'at and their practicers shall go to hell as Hz.Muhammed(S.A.V.) said so when He was living was being directed by Allah(C.C.).
  3. My knowledge of satan is mostly from Islamic religious sources as I doubt the other ones are confusing satan with evil jynns. Even most of the Muslims claim that they have seen satan if they see a bull like thing or something with horns. In Kuran sstan has two names. The real one directing him is 'iblis', but 'shaitan' is also used to point him. However 'shaitan' is a wider term as every creature may turn into a sheitan if s/he acts against the orders of Allah. In one werse Allah says ''Allah sends both human and jynn sheitans to his Prophets to test them.'' This is the proof that both humans and jynss may turn into shaitans with their acts, but the shaitan we talk about here is iblis. In Kuran satan's being angel is both obvious or dubious according to your point of view. Islamic authorities were and are also divided into 2 arguing this if he was an angel or not. A verse says ''Allah ordered angels to prostrate to Adem, but iblis didn't do it, he was a jynn.'' In my opinion this verse obviously says he was both jynn and angel because if he was not an angel, he would say ''I'm not an angel, so I'm not ordered to prostrate to Adem.'', but Allah asks him for his reasoning for not to obey His order. This questioning also proves he was an angel, if he was not, Allah would not claim that satan disobeyed Him. And finally satan is punished for not obeying to Allah and to claim superiority over a creation of Allah despite his limited view. Allah didn't send satan to hell immidiately, but after satan's demand of living until doomsday and trying to deceive humans until that time to take with him to hell, Allah allowed this and said ''You are allowed to live until doomsday and shall be a test over the sons of Adem'' According to some sources satan's real physical appearance also has been changed after that and has turned into an ugly or horrorful and bad smelling body.In Kuran satan's future is not a governor in hell. After doomsday, he shall be tormented in hell eternally with all of the creatures including jynns who deserved to be tormented in hell. Allah knows everything. When He asks something, it is like a procedure as He knows what you shall do with his endless wisdom. He gave us free will to test us, but he does not completely manipulate as he tests us. Otherwise He would not give us a free will. His allowing of evilness or murders or even teases about Him does not show His weakness, He does not need to punish everyone everytime the person commits a sin. He gives His orders, makes some punishments(like the destruction of sodom and gomorrah) or allows some miracles(like the division of moon for the pray of Hz.Muhammed) as examples to us for His existence, and then tests us. After doomsday, an eternal life shall start and every creature shall live what they deserve according to the rules of Allah in heaven and hell. I believe in all of the cases Allah knows what shall happen with his endless wisdom, but does not interfere as He tests His creations. For instance He was aware of Hz.Adem's and Hs.Havva's(Eve) eating from forbidden tree or He was also aware of iblis's(satan) entrance to heaven, but He didn't stop them via possessing or manipulating directly, because He gave them the orders and waited to see how they acted after that. All of His punishments and rewards are determined in Kuran according to our actions. According to Islamic belief, satan has the power to telepathically talk to us as if he is ourselves(hard to discriminate) or whisper things with the help of his creation. He is not from flesh, as he was a jynn, he is created from fire(from the poisonous part of fire) He has the ability to shapeshift into any creature including humans but this is a rare or unrealized case. I believe that most of the time, some jynns are confused to be satan in both Muslim and non-Muslim cultures. Islamic sources also say that Allah may allow satan to show some signs of power to test humans. For instance Prophet Eyup was tested with it during his time, satan was able to spread diseases on him or cause natural disasters like a fire or wind destroying his farm. Coping with satan is both impossible and easy. Islamic sources says satan has the ability to think and act very very quickly beyond the limits of humans. It is said that he is able to run around the earth in one second, he may think millions of cases in time you are able to think one. Allah says no human is capable of coping with satan unless they demand help from Allah via praying and via acting according to Islamic orders resourcing from Kuran. In this case, coping with him is so easy despite his some superiorities.
  4. don't look to the eyes of a stranger from iron maiden
  5. Today I experienced a major disappointment about skiing. Assuming that I will go, I broke my diet and ate a lunch, however, telepheric was broken, so I wasted my time via playing some games on computer, looking at pictures, and checking some movies. And then I started surfing the net.
  6. Assuming that I will go to skiing again, I broke my diet and ate a complete lunch, however, telepheric was out of order and that was a big disappointment. As I broke diet in lunch, I have also had a complete dinner with Adana Kebab, Kabak Dolması, some Yoghurd Soup and Lemon Flavored Natural Water. Then also ate some chocolates with some natural water again. I will return to my diet tomorrow. For chocolate thing I can say that it is not as bad as you imagined. Dieters are not always saying the truth. I believe that the energy in chocolate isn't half of bread as you don't feel like eating or loosing weight when you keep eating bread, however even if you eat 2 chocolates, you may still feel hunger and lose weight. I was about 100kgs in 2007 and lost about 30kgs in 5 months with a strong diet in which I ate 3 or 4 chocolates a day with some tea before exercising(walking, running, weight lifting). I also took multi-vitamin drugs and calcium sandoz besides it everyday and at last got much thinner. Losing weight with carbohydrates like bread is too hard. Chocolate is easier, but you must resist hunger until your stomach gets smaller.
  7. That post of yours make it obvious that you preferebly believe every brutal fairy tale which is made up to make people think that Ottomans were barbarians cutting people and abusing their countries. An objective and honest historian can easily recognize that it is a lie that Ottomans have brutally invaded Europe. It was a no-no situation and if they didn't invade Europe, Europe was to invade them. After Ottomans got control, women and other citizens of Europe got rid of the problems like being burnt alive for witchcraft blame or being murdered to say the earth is round and turning around. Ottomans have never killed innocent people after wars or raped women as it is forbidden and is a big sin and no Ottoman Sultan who was also a Caliphe after Yavuz Sultan Selim would allow such a big sin in a Religious Empire. In the areas like south-eastern europe and middle-east where Ottomans ruled with peace and justice, citizens have leaved peacefully for ages and when this empire has fell, those areas have never seen peace but always seen slaughters which not only EU but also USA is unable to control or end. So I believe this empire was a great example and lesson to manage different cultures in peace for ages. The Armenian Genocide or Greek Massacre tales are only lies to provoke and keep alive nationalism amongst those people and the other minorities of that empire. As your tendency is to believe those lies, I am not thinking of wasting my hours to persuade you and prove you wrong. I will give only a few examples proving that such tales are only lies. --Prof.Mc Carthy is an objective historian declaring that the tales made about Ottoman Empire are only lies to make them seem brutal and to provoke the minorities it consisted of with pseudo-nationalism. --This site sums up everything about the stages of making a lie believable. If the blamed country is politically not strong enough to form a side amongst Wrold Countries, and if your government has a gobal power and moreover has profits on the losses of that opponent country, then you are ready to produce fairy tales about that country and its past. The citizens of your country, knowing 'nothing' about that opposed country apart from the false propoganda you make with your media and education, are ready to believe or shall inevitably believe the lies you produce and I think you are an example of such a citizen. As history repeats itself, I can say for certain that when Turkish Republic gains global power, all of those lies shall suddenly be proven wrong and you shall be illuminated with truths. Even your media shall type the truths as your government this time shall desire to be allies with that country they lied about in the past. Until that time that illumination is possible only if you want it, and such a desire is not seeable in your posts. I am surprised how you can say such a thing. Obviously you have no knowledges about the orders of Kuran except the lies you read from Islamophobic sites. Pedophilia is forbidden in Islam and there is 'no' verse in Kuran allowing it. The ones resisting to perform it even after being Muslim are the ones who could not get rid of their nasty cultural traditions being remnants of their pagan times. No girl at least having 3 months of menstrual cycle is allowed to marry with. The example the ones using as a proof for marrying non-menstrual girl is a dubious claim probably made by the Islamophobia producers during the few ages after Islam. Their source is not Kuran itself. Only a dubious hadith which itself cannot be proof as it does not say Hz.Muhammed had sexual intercourse with the mentioned women. Only says he married them to prevent them from being enslaved by the non-Muslim citizens of Meccah at that time, as in their pagan religion non-Muslim Arabs were enslaving little girls and using them for whatever they want. Hz.Muhammed, to prevent this, has married a few woman and according to some Islamic Authorities, He did not marry Hz.Aisha until she was about 18. The claims saying He did are the desperate struggle of half-Muslims who try to justify their old bad habbit, pedophilia. All I will say about that issue are those and making generalizations from the actions of few is not appropriate as in this case I can make generalizations about Christianity via using Mormonism, which is a sect. I think noone must make teases about the belief of the other. This also is an order in Kuran, saying, ''Do not curse or swear on the Gods of others, as this may cause them to curse or swear on Allah.'' That's why Muslims and Christs lived peacefully under Islamic Empires. After this thread I have a doubt such an order is valid for Christianity. I think you didn't read the post completely in which I typed this. My opposer typed a post claiming that I am in Istanbul. After my remind that I'm not in there, I'm in Sarikamis, he said ''You mustn't change your location.'' as if I have to type my locations according to his/her demands. All of the police researches about murders starts with similar conspiracy theories about the suspects. Can you claim that they are illogicall too? Then such an illogicality is necessary to find the real murderer.
  8. Sounds like a deplorable attempt. I cannot deny I feel hunger, but from my former experiences, it is almost impossible to lose weight without feeling hunger. The time needed for the stomach to decrease in volume is at least 17 days and during that time, hunger and urge control not to eat is inevitable at least for me.
  9. Do you mean they helped both the earth and spaceship? But there was no such a scene, moreover the ship was shook at the second explosion took place and shockwave came. There was no clue of rectangulars during those. Only on Jupiter and on Europa after the one in the orbit vanished suddenly. They were morely offensive and threatening. They killed the Russian astronaut and only triggered the explosion of Jupiter to prevent the spaceship landing on Europa Moon.
  10. I've watched '2010:The year we make contact' movie. Movie was average in my opinion with some illogicalities. -Jupiter is represented as if its turning into a small sun thatbhas no negative effects on earth. In fact such an event would cause disasters on earth as not only the magnetic waves of the explosion which triggers the reaction of H2 burning on its atmosphere but also its changed and probably increased magnetic field would damage the balance of the planets which whirl around the sun. Such an event may cause the planets to collapse not only with asteroids but also with moons. -The explosion of Jupiter is not damaging the spaceship flying away from Jupiter which was an only laughable scene. -HAL was being easily persuaded with no strong reasoning. -Moon Europa was wrongly shown, with forests and that alien rocky thing standing on in the end. In fact Europa had a smooth and icy surface.
  11. I've continued my attempts of losing some weight. For lunch:A big cup of chocolated milk with some chocolates. For dinner:Abig cup of chocolated milk with some banana-yoghurd aromad cookie style biscuits.
  12. To make my strained lateral right knee tendon, I didn't go skiing today. And during the day surfed the net between meals.
  13. I think discussing the reality of non-Muslim countries which have worse applications than Muslim countries with you makes no sense as you are very ignorant against my examples and you are blindly focusing only on Muslim countries probably to blame Islam as if those countries are perfectly applying Islamic rules. I must leave you with your Islamophobia not to experience worse dialogues with you as you seem happy with it with showing no attempt or desire to get rid of it. I make links to only the ones that I find logical and scientifically provable and as noone has proven any of them to be wrong, you have no right to blame me if I start to believe that they make some sense. For what? Why should I lie about my location if I am not in Istanbul? To make you not to have a simple gaze at the locations of your opponents before you post about them? That makes no sense to me. What is your overall point of mentioning this? I see no point. As they don't know Islam forbids 'honor killing' and as they represent that news as if 'Islam orders honor killing' they are obviously illiterate about basic Islamic knowledge. Do you claim that they are not? What is your supportive proof for that? What do you mean via solving the roving bands of homos problem? As you may see, they are not hanged or killed for being a homo. Do you advice us to be homos ourselves to solve it as you call someone who is 'not' a homo 'a biggot'. Your definition of bigotness seems to be limited to being a homo or not. You cannot force people to approve homos or to be homos. You are expected to show respect to the ones who are not homos and who does not approve being a homo if you are expecting respect from them, otherwise no such a person respects to your opinion of supporting homos or being a homo and you have no right to ask for it. I think if you reread my posts with the provision of the reality that I don't support terrorism, the image you formed in your mind about me shall change completely, but I'm not sure if you are willing to do this as I have never understood why you thought that I support terrorism since our first dialogue about 4 years ago. If you wish to find, you can easily find my 3 or 4 year old comments which were against terrorism at that time as well. For the testicle thing I can say that about four years ago what I said was USA and the allies of that country have well developed technology which makes them able to see even the hair follicles in the testicles of the people. As I have read and linked some theories about 9/11 at that time claiming that CIA and FBI allowed that to form a reason to invade Iraq, Afghanistan and to allow Israel to perform bigger slaughters on Palestinians, I thoght it is logical to think that it was an organized action. There were visual proofs to that theory as one of the buildings near the two towers were being destroyed despite the reality that it had no damage from the crash. It was exploded by the bombs CIA and FBI agents located on it to form a more tragedic view of chaos. I believe they would easily stop those terrorists before they have entered the plane, or simply shoot the plane. No logical person may think that the typer of that comment supports terrorism.
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