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  1. I think a problem occured in my internet connection and that's the reason of my multiposting. I made 3 clicks as I've thought the post hasn't gone. If there is a mod around, s/he can delete my remaining posts apart from the one about the topic. I've tried to delete, but edit option doesn't provide deleting option, only allows to empty the post.
  2. I have no knowledge of the reality of this, but if this is real, this is a big pity for Afghanistan and the Afghans who claim to be Muslims.Such an action is strictly forbidden in Islam and the practitioners of such actions are threatened to be tormented in hell like the citizens of sodom and gomorrah. I don't know if this news is real, but unfortunately, there were and are lots of sects in Muslim countries claiming to be ways or tariqats on Islamic ways, but in real, they are sects having no relationships with Islamic rules. Like pedophilia, homosexuality is also strictly forbidden in Islam,
  3. My knowledge of satan is mostly from Islamic religious sources as I doubt the other ones are confusing satan with evil jynns. Even most of the Muslims claim that they have seen satan if they see a bull like thing or something with horns. In Kuran sstan has two names. The real one directing him is 'iblis', but 'shaitan' is also used to point him. However 'shaitan' is a wider term as every creature may turn into a sheitan if s/he acts against the orders of Allah. In one werse Allah says ''Allah sends both human and jynn sheitans to his Prophets to test them.'' This is the proof that both hum
  4. don't look to the eyes of a stranger from iron maiden
  5. Today I experienced a major disappointment about skiing. Assuming that I will go, I broke my diet and ate a lunch, however, telepheric was broken, so I wasted my time via playing some games on computer, looking at pictures, and checking some movies. And then I started surfing the net.
  6. Assuming that I will go to skiing again, I broke my diet and ate a complete lunch, however, telepheric was out of order and that was a big disappointment. As I broke diet in lunch, I have also had a complete dinner with Adana Kebab, Kabak Dolması, some Yoghurd Soup and Lemon Flavored Natural Water. Then also ate some chocolates with some natural water again. I will return to my diet tomorrow. For chocolate thing I can say that it is not as bad as you imagined. Dieters are not always saying the truth. I believe that the energy in chocolate isn't half of bread as you don't feel like
  7. That post of yours make it obvious that you preferebly believe every brutal fairy tale which is made up to make people think that Ottomans were barbarians cutting people and abusing their countries. An objective and honest historian can easily recognize that it is a lie that Ottomans have brutally invaded Europe. It was a no-no situation and if they didn't invade Europe, Europe was to invade them. After Ottomans got control, women and other citizens of Europe got rid of the problems like being burnt alive for witchcraft blame or being murdered to say the earth is round and turning around.
  8. Sounds like a deplorable attempt. I cannot deny I feel hunger, but from my former experiences, it is almost impossible to lose weight without feeling hunger. The time needed for the stomach to decrease in volume is at least 17 days and during that time, hunger and urge control not to eat is inevitable at least for me.
  9. Do you mean they helped both the earth and spaceship? But there was no such a scene, moreover the ship was shook at the second explosion took place and shockwave came. There was no clue of rectangulars during those. Only on Jupiter and on Europa after the one in the orbit vanished suddenly. They were morely offensive and threatening. They killed the Russian astronaut and only triggered the explosion of Jupiter to prevent the spaceship landing on Europa Moon.
  10. I've watched '2010:The year we make contact' movie. Movie was average in my opinion with some illogicalities. -Jupiter is represented as if its turning into a small sun thatbhas no negative effects on earth. In fact such an event would cause disasters on earth as not only the magnetic waves of the explosion which triggers the reaction of H2 burning on its atmosphere but also its changed and probably increased magnetic field would damage the balance of the planets which whirl around the sun. Such an event may cause the planets to collapse not only with asteroids but also with moons. -Th
  11. I've continued my attempts of losing some weight. For lunch:A big cup of chocolated milk with some chocolates. For dinner:Abig cup of chocolated milk with some banana-yoghurd aromad cookie style biscuits.
  12. To make my strained lateral right knee tendon, I didn't go skiing today. And during the day surfed the net between meals.
  13. I think discussing the reality of non-Muslim countries which have worse applications than Muslim countries with you makes no sense as you are very ignorant against my examples and you are blindly focusing only on Muslim countries probably to blame Islam as if those countries are perfectly applying Islamic rules. I must leave you with your Islamophobia not to experience worse dialogues with you as you seem happy with it with showing no attempt or desire to get rid of it. I make links to only the ones that I find logical and scientifically provable and as noone has proven any of them to be
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