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  1. I played as a Jedi Guardian dumb-ass. I have just finished the game and the only two party member i could talk to was Visas and Kreia... I lost Handmaiden becuse my loss on charisma, so she refused to talk to me during the whole game. And the rest to refused to talk becuse... I never got any inluence.. It was really boring When finished the game the ending sucked. I never got to know what Atton did. why he hate Jedi. I dident even se him or anyone in the end, exept Mira and Kreia. And what happend to Goto?Bao-Dur?AttoN?Handmaiden? Did they fall down with the Ebon Hawk? And how the hell can you fly away with that stupid ship when it fell down to the middle of the earth? And did it just pop up from nowhere wehn the whole academy started to.... be a junk bag. Over and out Who was that mystic cat face Sith Lord. Who attacked Telos. More then Visas master. I have much more to tell that was stupid but i wont ;P. My game bugged as hell to. Well the influence thing sucked really hard.. Much was good in the game but Kotor1. was much better.
  2. I have searched the whole ship after the override consol for the missle bay... But i cant find it. You know one of the proton bombs or what it is, one was broken so i should find a new one. I am in the Ravager with tha nasty sith lord, who speaks like well...
  3. Handmaiden,T3,Atton and Bau-dur showed up for me. But im gonna continue to do it until she dissapears. Handmaiden wont talk to me, Is this going to be in the whole game?
  4. When you face the vision of Kreia in the Tomb of Korriban. I chose to help Kria against all the "freinds". But when i have killed all the freinds. The freinds dissaper but not Kreia. I can talk to her again and it happens again.... Exept she is whiter in her face. IS this a BUG?
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